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  1. I had the same problem and set up as you, my detached ex garage, now railway room is being supplied by the same method, via 2 consumer units. My Virgin Media router is situated in my living room, which being diagonally opposite my garage, so installing any cable connection or Wi-Fi booster system wasn`t an option. So after some investigation I ending up buying 2 TRENDnet TPL-408E2K/UK Powerline sockets off Amazon for £38.00 and I`ve had no problems since I installed them some 3 years ago. Although they do lose connection very occasionally, but are very easily reset by a small button on the unit. To work efficiently they do need to be plugged directly into their own socket outlet at both ends, not into an extension lead, so I use one socket of a double, the other having the extension lead plugged in to power the computer equipment etc. I`ve just done a speed test - house 95Mbps, railway room 65Mbps, which for my general purposes ie searching, emails, youtube etc is ok. But if you are planning to use your computer for gaming etc, then that may be a problem. There are many other types of these adaptors on the market, be aware some claim they are able to transfer a maximum of xxx amount of Mbps, but in reality they do fall well short of their figures. Hope this helps
  2. I`m not denying that it’s very convenient to have these contactless cards for those quick purchases, but I do have some reservations into their use. You should not be able to use the same contactless card for more than say 3 transactions or above a set total money limit without having to enter the PIN to verify you are the legal owner of that card. It’s far too easy for the criminals to steal a card and use it until at some stage they asked to enter the cards PIN, which by some strange coincidence that they seemed to have forgotten, by which time they have accumulated quite a large amount of goods, normally in form of cigarettes and drink.
  3. The importance of hand washing, especially after going to the toilet. Long may that continue.
  4. Didn’t they say something along the same lines at the beginning of WW1? But it lasted another 4 years!
  5. Reminds me of that famous quote almost at the end of the 1966 world cup.
  6. There appears to be plenty of salad, vegetable and fruit about. It`s these items and others that can`t be stored for a long period of time that the stock-pilers have left untouched.
  7. What isn`t helping with the panic buying and stock piling situation, is the fact that during every government broadcast for the last couple of weeks and even in yesterdays broadcast, the time of 12 weeks has been mentioned for periods of isolation. No doubt it will be mentioned again today. But I would like to know just when this 12 week isolation period will officially start from, so an end date can be realised.
  8. Just heard on the lunchtime news that Boris is now considering closing all the UK Ports, Airports and Eurostar? in order to try to contain this virus. Well I would have thought that this should have been his first course of action, 2 months ago. With most of Europe now in lock-down just what countries are those entering the UK now coming from? And I very much doubt if any are now being placed into the 14 day quarantine that the boat people were subject to. With the virus only being active for 14 days we may have had a chance to contain it. Too little, too late. We are an island and as this virus can only be passed from person to person this would have been the obvious way to contain it. But we British are just too nice and we don`t really want to upset too many of our foreign friends by locking them out. So we are now paying the price.
  9. This may give the local councils a chance to clear up all the discarded rubbish. Providing they have the staff to do so!
  10. This NHS Staff shopping happy hour is a complete joke and publicly stunt. This morning my Son-in-Law who is a Paramedic went to his local Tesco Extra for the priory shopping hour only to find that he couldn`t even access the car park and that was an hour before they opened. He returned home empty handed! He did expect, knowing the situation on previous recent occasions he tried to shop there, that the car park would be full. But he hoped that Tesco would have recognised that fact and had somebody at the car park entrance to turn away any vehicles that did not contain any NHS Staff, until such time the NHS happy hour was coming to an end. How does Tesco expect the NHS Staff to get their shopping done, when they can`t even access the car park? I wouldn`t be surprised if many of the other well known supermarkets have the same problem with this car parking problem, until they do something to resolve it the NHS Staff will continue to suffer.
  11. If and its a big if, there were a ban put in place by the Government that prevents this exhibition from taking place, I would assume that there would be no question of being able to claim a refund on your advanced exhibition tickets. But the problem comes trying to get your money refunded on any pre-booked hotel and travel tickets, where the condition of purchase, due to the cheaper price being paid, is that there are no refunds or date alterations will be entertained. I just wonder how sympathetic these companies will be, given these exceptional circumstances to give refunds. Hopefully the Government will put in place some legislation to put pressure on these Companies to force them to give full refunds.
  12. If you look on the right hand side, above the purple box that tells you the promo number you will find the words "HAVE A PROMO CODE?" if you clink on those words, a seperate box appears that you are able to enter your promo code. If it`s accepted, then another ticket price list appears, that gives you your subscriber ticket prices - its the 2nd LINE DOWN, NOT the top line as that is for normal price adult tickets! Hope this helps
  13. I would try in the first instance Ticket Factory, but I must admit that the chances of getting a refund for the price difference are very small indeed. You`ve got to be absolutely certain after you entered your promo code and the new ticket list came up, that you actually clicked on the 2nd line down - subscriber ticket and not the top line which is the normal adult price. I have just purchased my ticket for Doncaster and I almost made that mistake of clinking onto the top line for an adult ticket believing that was for a discounted subscriber ticket. It is very misleading to say the least.
  14. The exhibition dates in the header title would be useful
  15. The Exhibition dates in the header title would be useful
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