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  1. I'm putting my money behind Heljan on this one. Bachmann have had an open goal for years and have ignored it, for them to announce now as a spolier to Heljan is a tad underhand in my view and for that they do not have my support in this one.
  2. zigzag

    Master Neverers

    Mine arrived today and Ive had a quick look through and even with such a cursory view I can confidently say these are the finest books in my railway library, quite simply wonderful.
  3. My punt at the surprise item would be some form of DCC controllable uncoupling mechanism. Hits the technology spot and also a play value, as well as being extremely useful.
  4. zigzag

    Master Neverers

    I saw proof copies of these volumes at the SVR this weekend and I have to say they are very very good, whether they are worth £130 is another matter, a sub £100 price ticket would be far more psychologically acceptable. I do wish the initial special offer was still valid now that proofs are available for inspection, £95 without seeing anything was alot to commit to a blind purchase (yes there were some images on the website but those could have been cherry picked).
  5. Id like to see the main loco announcement being kept quiet until its almost ready to hit the shops, keep it all 'hush hush', is what I say. Id also like to see some form if dcc uncoupling. Would be useful and would bring back a play/action element that Hornby and Triang were so good at when I was a child.
  6. Well its now 20th December and I STILL HAVENT HAD DELIVERY. Utterly ridculous. APC said they would return the parcel to Locomotion on 7th December, yet yesterday they have contacted me to see where/when I want it delivered to, they are an inept shambles of a company. Had they told me on the 7th they could deliver to another address then I could have arranged a delivery to work, now with the the Christmas shutdown looming that option is off the cards. Locomotion agreed a few weeks ago that APC could deliver to a neighbour, guess what - APC tried to deliver to me but didnt try the neighbours, and then said they had made too many failed deliveries and would now return the parcel to Locomotion. Yet they havent returned to Locomotion. All through this thread neighbours are taking delivery, but APC are inconsistent in their policies. All the depot advised that as they could only deliver to me and could not specify a time between 08.00 & 16.00 was for me to take a day off work to recieve the parcel. Its 2017, we are in the age of online shopping, who takes a days leave to have a parcel delivered. Poor service all round. Locomotion should have dealt with the courier and dispatched a replacement to me as soon as APC couldnt deliver.
  7. Id love to see them announce the open goal that is the flush fronted peak which has been staring them in the face for years
  8. That is so annoying, both neighbours of mine are retired and would happily take delivery for me, yet the depot were insistent that they wouldnt leave my parcel with them, nor deliver to my workplace, why do people use such archaic couriers. Given the total intransigence of the courier I cant see how Ill get my model (I cant go to depot to pick up even at weekends as have other commitments on Saturday mornings - kids football team, which I cant let down).
  9. Doubt it. I had a card through the door from APC saying tried to deliver. Have spoken to APC to try to rearrange delivery - they will only deliver between 08.00 & 16.00 M-F, will not give a specific time for delivery, will not deliver to a neighbour as it has to be signed for, will not deliver to a different address (APC must be cheap because they certainly arent good). They suggested I go to the depot to pick up, thats miles away and why should I waste my time and petrol going to collect something I paid to be delivered. Even more annoying was the table full of models at Warley, could have got one there, be enjoying it now, and saved the £8.50 delivery charge. Really not sure how Ill get my model now. Not happy to say the least.
  10. Saw the 3D print at Warley today, looks great, but I noticed the price is now £229 and Im sure it was eithr £189 or £199 when first announced, so that aa 15% increase before its even hit the shelves, probably down to Brexit :-)
  11. Have to say the car parking is again a mess this year, no stewarding, the grass is very wet and I fancy a few will get bogged down in it, the venue would really be better off at least converting the grass areas to cinders if they cant afford to tarmac it all. Because of teh car perking I dont think Ill be back next year.
  12. Ill see your 14th June 2011, and raise to 23rd May 2010
  13. Are there any plans to increase production runs so that a product is available all year round and not just to those who are able to pre-order
  14. But hasnt this person just left to form his own consultancy business
  15. I would have bought a Great Goodbye Bittern, really want this loco in this livery, but with the errors re the numbers on the Great Gathering loco I have no faith that this will be corrected, and so have cancelled my pre-order. Once again very little info from Hornby on this. Hopefully they will corect the errors and hopefully the locos will as alluded to above sit on teh shelves so that I can see what the prodcut is like and then place an order, rather than gamble £160 on a loco that may have errors on it.
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