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  1. you can use IR sensor, better still use a new block current sensing, telling the loco too slow downand then to stop when entering the next block, this can be part of the main block. all locos will stop in the same place, mackenzie railway uses ir sensor and chadwick railway will be useing current sensing as stop markers
  2. It is not all ways the back to back of the wheels are the problem, it could be the tread is too wide causing the short on the crossing, you could use a dual frog juicer this will solve the problem.
  3. Hi Richard Now I am confused, I have checked the wires from the contoller and booster with the tags I put on them when I built the layout and they have not been changed and worked ok then, so I tried switching the wires over and to my suprise it worked. How did this fault happen? when controller Firmware was upgraded? Many Thanks I would not have thought of that. Bryan
  4. maybe I did not express me self correctly? you are correct that you do not need to disconnect a three wire stayalive, but ESU manual do advise if a two wire stayalive is disconnected when programed
  5. you can install a dual frog juice for a diamond crossing these work well I just fitted one I had a issue with some locos
  6. I have had a problem with a Hornby loco will only work in one direction this turned out to be the decoder if turned in opposite direction it would show a short and tip the controller, there is a problem with some of the county motors they run fine on dc and have problems with dcc? it would run for a couple of miniutes and then burn out the decoder it was found that the ampage would spike up to 1.5 amp most decoder are 1amp max rated, could not get new motor so sent back to Hornby for repair.
  7. I have a problem now that i did not have in the beginning? I have a controller and a booster running my layout I can run up to 20 locos at the same time, from time to time I will move stock across the two sections ( controller supply and booster supply) this worked ok when built now it will not let me run a loco across this section, The controller turns off not the booster supply as if there is a short? I have upgrade the softwere from time to time and added more dcc items ( signals ass decoders)
  8. I had this problem when I upgraded my softwere the loksound v5 decoders would not work, the problem turned out that you have to turn on railcom and railcom plus otherwise they do not work, you can run the loco on the programe track and change cvs and no response on the main.
  9. Hi with esu decoders I been told that you need the three wire type stayalive unit? connections red white and black, you got positive negative and signal wire. the signal wire is to turn the stayalive unit off when you programe the decoder or it could damage the decoder
  10. Thanks for your comments, The gaugemaster decoder does work ok with railcom turned on, I have run some loco's fitted with loksound v5 decoder they will only run on ECoS wih railcom turned on and there seams to be no problems, these are different to the old ones, they are not fitted with relay for volt free contacts
  11. Thanks John It is stated on it that it is meets NMRS standards so I will give one a try, will post results later. regards Bryan
  12. Does any body know if Gaugemaster DCC30 Prodigy DCC Accessory Decoder will work on other dcc syestems ? ECoS? if not can you sergest a simlar one with volt free change over contacts?
  13. I have got around this problem it works for Diesels and steam loco's by fitting a micro motor, they are 12x6mm dia no bigger than a capacitor and they are silent running. these will fit in a coach or dummy unit thanks to all who read this Bryan
  14. I have some old 3.5 lokosound decoders, I would like to install in a non drive units? I have tried in a steam engine with no motor, the sound works all but the chuff/ chuff when you turn the speed up on the leading loco. is there a way to get it to work? the drive on loco has long gone.
  15. Hi Izzy It was not Gaugemaster it was a friend I know who plays with electronics in his spare time Bryan
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