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  1. Good evening Tony, A flawed design, not enough armour above the centre cylinder. But seriously, is it me or is the tender flat sided, should it not curve in at the cab end. I think you should chop off the streamlined fairing.
  2. Good evening Willie, thanks for the comprehensive reply, Firstly, You can't prove that Home fleet dark grey was Widley recognised as the sire of the term Battleship grey. I'm quite happy to stand by by it being a generic term that existed before Home fleet Dark grey and after it. The majority of the population in the 1930's will have never even seen a Battleship. People were not so well travelled at the time and the picture quality on the wireless was terrible The first time my 2nd WW great uncle, who thought in the Indian Army, saw a Battleship, was HMS Warspite, he had to go
  3. Good afternoon Tony, I don't have any problem with it, it is by far the most dominant way that people enjoy the Hobby. In fact I benefit from it, being able to source and build kits that theoretically disappeared decades ago. In reality, they are still available and in as good condition as the day they were boxed, all those years ago.
  4. Good morning Tony, all the evidence suggests* that the majority of people who would call themselves railway modelers, never take the hobby any further than buying things, though a good proportion have a sort of intent to produce something that never happens. I don't think that has changed much over the last few decades, be it kit based or RTR. * Re the various magazine surveys that have been discussed on this thread in the past and the continuing supply of unbuilt kits coming to market. Many of the latter when sold now, will probably remain unbuilt and will eventually c
  5. Good evening Nm, apparently they would have sunk a lot faster if 15 to 20 heavy calibre shells were used instead. My Great uncles ship, HMS Tiger, was hit by 21 shells, though only sixteen I think were of a heavy calibre. She fortunately didn't sink by the rule of thumb, though he witnessed HMS Queen Mary go down with her propellers still turning.
  6. Good evening Willie, a couple of questions please. Can you produce any evidence of the Hush Hush being referred to as being Battleship grey in the 1930's and what version? How many ships can you name that required 15 to twenty hits for it too be disabled or be sunk? Forgive me but It sounds like some silly computer game. My Great uncles Ship certainly wasn't sunk by that rule of thumb. Re Iowa and Hood. It's not a question of a specific vulnerability in an Iowa class ship, one that would upset the gunnery and armour table fanatics. Yo
  7. Hood wasn't sunk by plunging fire! That's what I indicated when asking the question, did they just run out of time?. However, you could argue that Hood should have been prioritised over Renown, the Hood having more flexibility to have been transformed into a true modern fast Battleship. As successful as the Renown rebuild was, you still wouldn't want it to go toe to toe with Bismarck. As regard the Illustrious, I would have favoured building more Ark Royals, the latter could carry more aircraft and were easier and faster to build in larger quantities.
  8. Good morning Tony, It's fair to say that on completion, rather than flawed, She was outdated as regards the current Royal Navy thinking . However, so was every other Battleship or Battlecruiser in the world, including those building, or planed to be built by Britain's Naval rivals. If you look around at Hoods contemporary's, there was nothing else that could match her combination of protection, speed and firepower. Nothing else was as big, nothing else was as beautiful. No wonder She was known the world over as the mighty Hood. The Washington Naval treaty and its succes
  9. I almost forgot, I was listening to these rather fabulous podcasts the other week, released by the Orkney Science festival to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the loss of the Hood. They are well worth a listen, I can't understand why they have so few views, they are well worth the support of anybody interested in Hood, ship building, nautical archaeology or Naval history. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyB3iMCnMF_LKPlgk_UxttGZG10A7dUH The archive film of Hood is superb.
  10. Good afternoon Tony, Rodney had good protection but inferior protection to KGV and was more vulnerable to the Bismarck's guns, she was also in pretty poor condition compared to her sister ship Nelson. That is why she was taken out of service before the wars end. Nelson served to the end of the war in the BPF. KGV gets a bit of a raw deal in the final battle in popular books. Almost as if only the magic of the 16'' guns could kill Bismarck, it being a 'super Battleship' and all. KGV's 14'' guns were quite formidable weapons, being more powerful than Hoods 15'' guns and
  11. Good morning Glenn, a dark grey, possibly blackish at the time of her loss.
  12. Good morning Tony, there is no doubt that Hoods deck armour was vulnerable to plunging fire, other Battleships had a similar problems, Bismarck for example. However, the problem of weak deck armour was not relevant to Hoods destruction. At the ranges that the battle was fought, Shells from Bismarck were not plunging in away that could have pieced hoods decks, indeed they would have skipped off an exploded outside the hull, such as the one that started the fire on the boat deck. Bismark must have defeated Hoods side armour and turtle back by going over or under the main belt. Hoods
  13. Good morning Tony, Hood was not a Battlecruiser in reality, just in name, she was no more fatally flawed than any Warship, non of which are unsinkable.
  14. Good morning Phil, exactly, I would add to that, the shade of grey used on the Hush Hush is quite well understood. There is little value in comparing it to anything else that might be grey such as a Battleship or an Elephant. The Bufferbeam was never red on Hush Hush, neither was the hull below the water line on HMS Hood, at the time of her sinking. You will see both inaccurately painted red on many models.
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