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  1. Reminds me about an article i read many years ago about a birdwatcher claiming he had seen a rare bird but at a very long distance, quite a few twichers arrived many agreeing that it was and they had seen it move, it turned out to be a plastic bag in a tree
  2. The books were Yorkshire Steam published by The Yorkshire Post
  3. I have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that when i spotted at York in the late 60's early 70's the signal box had a Stationmaster Metal Sign on the door from the footbridge, i wonder if anyone can confirm this.
  4. Excellent service as always, ordered from them yesterday morning and received parcel from them today.
  5. 70002 worked light engine from Leeds Balm Loco to Hull Docks and back a couple of weeks ago, does anybody have any information. Thank you in anticipation.
  6. Saw 2 x 68's top and tailing a Kingmoor to Hull Docks working on the 30th of October on what seemed to be bogie flats with 3 / 4 bright red boxes on each, to far away to be sure. Does anyone have any information and or pictures. Thank you in anticipation.
  7. Hi Peter. Just found this thread, wow your modelling is unbelievable. There was a wooden kiosk on the grassed area to the right of Leeman Road bridge that sold Newspapers, sweets and probably cigarettes, i remember buying sweets there after bunking York shed in 1969, it was still there when i moved to York in 1976 think it went in the 80's. i would have thought it would have been there in the 50's, i would imagine hundreds of Railwaymen .would have passed it everyday. Graham
  8. Back in the 80's i had a Prototype Models card kit based on Heckington Station building not sure if it's still available also had one of their signal box kits, not sure if it was Heckington.
  9. I lived near Scarborough until work took me away in 1976 i have some spotting notes from the early 70's will try and dig them out . Think the 08's arrived after i had moved away.
  10. The 4th shunter seems to have a different roof profile to the 08. Class 11 ?
  11. Scarborough came under York District and always had York shunters , can't recall seeing a fuelling point there unless it was in the Gallows Close goods yard complex.
  12. Back in the mid 70's an 03 worked a Scarborough to York passenger train as far as Malton where a loco from York took over, consisted of two coaches after the booked DMU failed. Think it's well documented , can't remember the number
  13. Advert in August Railway Modeller PC90 coming soon. Nearly fell asleep typing this.
  14. Realised my mistake after i posted, now amended, some R&R speakers are 8 ohm others 4 ohm, believe the V4 uses 4 ohm
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