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  1. Thanks micklner, now ordered A1/A3 chimney from Brassmasters. Regards. Graham
  2. Please get in touch if you have one, don't mind paying a bit more for a damaged Bachmann V2 body providing the chimney is ok.
  3. Now Sorted Thank you to all who replied. Graham
  4. Great picture of a line that should never have been closed, slight error in your calculation Rob, should be 56 Years not 61. Graham
  5. Steve. The station at Cliffe was actually named Hemingbrough, probably to avoid confusion with Cliffe Common or possibly because Hemingbrough was a bigger village , there are some photographs of the station on Ebay looking at them it would seem that it was in fact a small station Regards Graham
  6. By tilting the angle of my laptop screen and using my magnlfying glass I'm getting 65859. Information on BR Database site is confusing York engine yet in store at Thornaby 09/09/63. Picture on Rail-online shows it at Winning in 1966 and Shed Bash UK has it on South Blyth Shed on 9th July 1966
  7. Excellent service from them, I ordered 4 of the new Parkside PC90 Hopper wagon kits from them last week and they arrived the following day and free postage.
  8. I seem to recall a model shop in Leeds in the 70's in one of the Arcades , Empire Arcade ?
  9. Hi Rob. What a cracking photo of Royal Oak South, what's weird is I drove past this location yesterday evening after a day at the coast and pointed out to my other half that a lad I went to school with lived in one of the semi's that backed onto the embankment near to the junction, thinking about it last night I remembered i went to his house circa 1968/69 and saw a Brush 4 on a day excursion to Scarborough. Regards. Graham
  10. Back in late July in 1967 I was on a bus from Filey to Driffield to visit Driffield Showground, passing through Bridlington I looked towards the station and saw a class 03 Diesel Shunter in one of the bay platforms. My question is was a shunter outstationed at Bridlington from Dairycoates for the summer season.
  11. Great Service, ordered a Peco Point last friday arrived yesterday ( monday )
  12. Ivatt's 4MT Mucky Duck for me. Oh to late
  13. Hi Paul. I bought some chinchilla dust today what glue have you used in the yard area ? Graham
  14. Reminds me about an article i read many years ago about a birdwatcher claiming he had seen a rare bird but at a very long distance, quite a few twichers arrived many agreeing that it was and they had seen it move, it turned out to be a plastic bag in a tree
  15. The books were Yorkshire Steam published by The Yorkshire Post
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