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  1. Not reaaly, I has having trouble joining the solids in AutoCAD so was looking for an alternative. I'm using 2011, thanks for joining it together I'll have a look at it tonight. Cheers
  2. Thanks, I gave that a go. Still no joy. Even when I create just a box from scatch and used the check option it didn't confirm that the solid was ok. I have attached the file, if anyone wants to have ago. Chute-03.dwg
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by "visible bodies". MikeTrice - The orginal model is created in AutoCAD, but I'm having trouble joining 3Dsolids parts into one part so I can export it out as an STL to bring into Chitubox. I thought I could bring it into Blender to join all the parts together, but from what you have said as long as I can bring in the parts I can export it out. Which would be great. I might try to bring in the parts one by one and see what happens, hopefully blender works in a co-ordinate system so the parts will join up.
  4. I'm using Chitubox, yeah I'm not sure. What I've found is if it is not one complete solid, then not all the parts get exported out. Worst of all its random which parts are exported out. Even tried putting all the parts onto the same layer with no luck. Makes it frustrating
  5. Hi Nice build, just an off subjuct question what did you use to join the base boards together? Cheers
  6. Wow, I'd realise you had to go to 6 significant figures on the calculations.
  7. Well finally got the vacuum pump and did that make a difference. Thanks for all the help and insight into casting, just have to work on the moulds and things should start to work out. Cheers
  8. Hi I'm trying to model this part and usually I would just do it in AutoCAD but some reason I can not join all the solids into one part before creating an STL that I can slice. So I thought Blender might be the go. I have not used this program before and going from the comments it seems like it might be the way to go. My only two options for importing in Blender are STL and FBX, The model is on different layers, also it's in real world dimensions (I usually scale down before I export out). My questions are When I import the FBX it says that version 7000 is unsupported and use 7100 not use if that is something I can change After I have imported the STL I can not see it. Is there are zoom extents? How do you create a solid object so I can export a new STL file? Or is this more complicated than I think and need to change the way I model in Blender Cheers
  9. Wow, that's pretty good, might even be able to open up some of the radii that I'm using.
  10. I hear what your saying and I'm open to any ideas, since someone may come from a different diection that you have not thought about. When you stare at something long enough you just don't see the obvious sometimes. Anyway, I have had another go and adding bit extra than just a loop. I'm not liking how to join the two loops so you can enter and leave each loop. Got out the lego bricks and tried a few different grades and loco and with a SD30 and 5 wagons on a 430mm radius 3% seams ok not very prototypical but a fall back position if things get tight. Still need to take into account the transitions on the curves and how things will fit together.
  11. The module idea may be the go. I'll have another go and see what turns out. My current layout is a dogbone shape with 1.2x1.2 m ends with a 600mm wide centre piece joining the two and so far reach hasn't been a problem, but I'll keep that in mind.
  12. So the total length of dumper includes the indexer and switchrooms, the smaller rectangle is if I remove the switchrooms and just leave the indexer. The dumper does two wagons at a time, so I could change it to one wagon which would reduce the indexer and building. Running the wagons in pairs would allow me to have a rotating bar rather than a coupler. There was a guy in the US that did rotating couplers but not anymore. I've worked the grades at 3%, but I'll test that with the locos since I'll be running them in pairs. Yes, I did think about my arm length and thought if I didn't have any points in those locations shouldn't have any issues, famous last words. I thought about a two shelf layout with the dumper on one and the loader on the other, but the helix would have to bigger than the space I have. If the dumper was above the loader then I would a closed system for the ore, then I would need at least 500 to 600 between the shelves. I also figured out that I will need at least 27m of track to run a rake of 200 wagons (maybe not on this layout). If I just ran 10 wagons I'm up to 1.4m not including the locos. It doesn't really lend it's self to a point to point layout. I need a bigger house.
  13. Hi The space I have is 4.0m x 3.0m, however I need to keep with 1.2m on the walls, it's HO, Australian, iron ore. The cyan rectangles represents the footprint that each structure will take up, it allows for 50mm around each one. At the moment is just a loop, but I would like to be able to sort wagons off the main loop while the trains go around. I have re-drawn it, to make more sense, the previous was a bit confusing. The more I look at it, the worse is gets, considering I still need to get the scenery to work also. Just not enough space.
  14. Well it's time to change the layout, after researching car dumpers and ore loaders my orginal layout is not big enough to accommodate both on the same layout. So I have come up with this, however I was hoping to make more interseting from an operations point of view. So idealy, I would like to make it modular but using 1200x600 insulation foam. I'm looking at trying to reduce the footprint of the car dumper to give me more space. But at the moment I just can't see it. I have looked at making it a T shaped layout with a background to seperate the two, but it just looked wrong, from above anyway. Any thoughts would be great. Cheers
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