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  1. Thanks for that, I'll see if I can hunt down the wheels first, because knowning me I'll break them when I try to remove them. CD motor option sounds interesting, will look into that. Cheers
  2. Hi I have this motor and would like to have a go at cleaning it up, it seems I have to pulll the wheels apart to pull the motor apart. I was going to use a gear puller, however I'm not sure which wheel comes off, If anyone can enlighten me that would great. Cheers
  3. Went the local hobby store to see if they had motors that would suit with no luck, so I asked about pulling the motor apart and was basically told no because it would break the magnetic field. So as stupid as this sounds considering they had to put the motor together, was he for real or just taking the piss? Also for lubricating plastic gears can you use Inox?
  4. Hi I'm trying to find last gears that connect the wheels to the motor for this motor, can anyone recommend a replacement instead. The motor works fine, seems a shame to scrape it. Cheers
  5. Thanks, that worked I'll start having a look for a motor and see how it goes Cheers
  6. Well, I got it seperated, nothing broke. Hooked it up to power and the light came but not the motor. The motor was a bit hard to turn by hand so mybe something has caught up inside. Can you pull these motors apart or should I look for a replacement. Since I'm this is relatively new to me, what sort of motor do I have? Also and it might be a bit hard to see, but is there a trick to seperating the bogies? Cheers
  7. Thanks, I tried pushing those in , but nothing was happening didn't want to break them but I'll give that a go. Not sure if ti runs yet the guy I bought it from wasn't sure, it may just turn into a good little project.
  8. Hi I have this ALCO C415 by Mehanotehnika that needs some TLC, however it does not want to come apart. I managed to find some instructions that says there only one screw holding it together, but there are some tabs that I have found at both ends but there is still something holding the body to the chassis in the middle. I do not want to force it just in case I break it. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  9. Gold, you missed your calling, you should be in stand up
  10. Hi I have posted a topic in the wrong section, how do I move it to the correct section Cheers
  11. Hi I'm printing this wagon and I'm getting the bump. It look's like the ridge line is being pushed outwards, it occurrs very20mm. I'm printing it on an Anycubic Photon and the model is printed vertically on a 10 degree slope. I spoke to Anycubic and they send a replacement for the z-motor, but I'm still getting this ridge. If anyone has any ideas that would be appreciated Cheers
  12. Yeah, I asked in an earlier post to move it to Scenery, Structures & Transportbut nothing happened, can I move it myself?
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