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  1. Thanks for the replies people, yes I do stick to the policy of buyer beware so I did think about keeping the Clayton and purchase a new motor but just had email from Ian at Gaugemaster who are now Heljan agents but haven't any class 17 motors at this time but if it cost £30 for a motor and postage I can get a discount one for the same cost.
  2. Just purchased a preowned Heljan Class 17 Clayton from Hattons the green D8600, they did say that the motor was noisy but I went ahead and purchased it. Done a 3 hour running in at half speed and plenty of lub to try to quieten the motor to no avail.This morning I decided to fit dcc decoder to try it out on my layout after ten minutes running at half speed total seizure of motor, and the front left hand front window fell out. Heljan quality going down the tubes Clayton going back to Hattons, hope there 0 gauge is not the same for 2021.
  3. Thanks to all who replied to my question about Parkside VEA wagons, I have ordered 2 and purchased LMS BP02 buffers what a great addition to the the kit and my other wagons .

  4. Thanks gentlemen for your advice I've ordered 2 VEA wagon kits to assemble but can you tell me What metal buffers do you use I have been looking at Markits white metal.
  5. Thing about buying some to put under Hornby VEAs Railfreight wagons are they easy to put together and robust enough.
  6. Has anyone used this company for the purchase of MODELTORQUE replacement motor kit for Lima motors.
  7. Thanks for that Half full been wondering what that was hence I also found several AR1s from Digitraxs and autoreversers .
  8. Can anyone out there identify this box and what is does, it was amongest a railway layout which was broken down after its owner passed away. I purchased a job lot so I have no idea what it is. It has two buttons and leds and two small push buttons. I have had this kicking around for 8 years so I would like to know before I bin it.
  9. I now have the body off and it's a Hornby decoder that has 7 straight connections don't know if it can be programmed as I want to change the lights to show red not white.
  10. Thanks Smoke box I didn't pull front down hard enough to release body off the front first.
  11. Thanks for your quick reply Iain I should have given more details the set is all non powered I have modified the front car to be towed and has kadee fitted but I want to get rear lights to work with dcc decoder, the lights come on when I use 9volt battery white and red when I change battery terminals round and for some reason white lights occasionally come when towed around I the layout. I have tried programmin track on my Lenz 100 but just get error 2. Do I have to undo connector with spring on to release the body which I have started to do.
  12. I have secondhand Pendolino set by Hornby but don't know how to get body off dummy car as I wish to see if a dcc function decoder has been fitted or not.
  13. I have taken out Zimo sound decoder and put into another 09 no way was body going back on with lighting kit PCB as well I even had to take thick plastic sleeve off to get body back so lighting with be in o8 with normal decoder Thanks to all who replied to my posts.
  14. Thanks for the replies I think we will leave light instalation alone in future I hate hacking about new £100+ locos.
  15. Thanks for reply Roy but I used the stay alive cap in the space where dcc socket was going to do away with PCB and use diodes
  16. I have to admit defeat can't fit body back on with all the PCB and decoder inside will have to rethink what to do I take my hat off to those who have done it better men then me.
  17. Hi Paul the decoder is the Zimo MX645R and the express lighting kit is four function with cab light.
  18. I've just spent most of the evening until o230 this morning trying to fit body back on this Hornby 08 shunter it's fitted with Zimo sound decoder and sugar cube speaker and express lighting kit but with all the wiring I cannot get the body on. If anyone knows how to do it please let me into the secret otherwise it might end up being scrapped.
  19. Just finished installing a Zimo sound decoder with express lighing kit can get cab light and front light and rear light when reversing but no red lights as there is no function available as all allocated to sounds can anyone help with this as I know quite a few people have done this one which was a Paul Chetter from Digitrains project
  20. I have fitted Zimo sound decoder produced by Paul Chetter and a express lighting kit I can't get the red led to light because I need to remap function buttons to light them I have cab light and both front and rear white leds working when the loco is in forward or reverse can anyone help
  21. I had to send back to Hornby last year Sir Edward Elgar 5007 with mazak corrosion on chassis but was replaced by Hornby just the chassis no body damage.So far three class 31 with bodies sent back and 1 class 50. Haven't checked all my 31s of 50s this year yet
  22. Hornby Merchant Navy Bob and WC front bogies.I have just received a email from Hornby saying front bogies for locos are being modified and when ready will be shipped to UK. As my good friend Geoff said maybe being modified to plastic,Don't know when my replacement bogies will come so I won't hold my breath.
  23. No dog but front bogies have mazak corrision and have crumbled into pieces
  24. Hi Steve if you can check bogies to see if yours are mazak corrision free and email me with price Regards David
  25. Thank for replies why I need 4 front bogies is they have mazak corrision and have snapped in half or crumbling into pieces, I would be interested how many and what models and age are affected,awaiting reply from Hornby to give me a date for spares to come from China and pull there finger out so I can repair them for the owners
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