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  1. In my limited experience brown definitely works better. Any light from residual areas offsets rather than reinforces the green, that is unless you're modelling an Irish or NZ location! First time round I used green and quickly scraped it off and redid the job with an earthy brown mix. Don't ask the shade as I had some old pots of exterior house paint and blended a rather reddish brown with something more Mission brown in shade, trying not to overly mix them to get some variation. Neat thing with using the mica filled exterior paints which they sell here is they're acrylic, ver
  2. Hi, I've just caught up with the news about Gordon now, having been out of touch with him for far too long. Please send him my very best wishes for a full recovery. Colin Wilshire
  3. I suspect this is a false concern, at least as far as using modellers standard acrylic paint washes are concerned. Even commercial acrylics these days, the sort used for wall painting and trims, have moved to VOC free bases. I'd be steering clear of oil based enamels though. The benefits of providing a pigment covering (inevitably absorbing UV) would far outweigh the remote possibility that the application of paint itself might be deleterious. It is worth remembering that Acrylic paint is itself based on a type of polymeric resin which simply completes its polymerisation on applica
  4. Thanks very much, your entire set of comments were most helpful, I just avoided repeating them all in my reply! Fortunately I'm only interested in the 4-wheel variety. Pity though about the Brake Third as I imagine that'd not be the only 31ft coach missed by sticking only to 28ft 4 wheel offerings.
  5. Edwardian, could you kindly point me to where these issues were covered, I've not been following closely. Thanks, Colin
  6. Stephen, a truly fascinating article which at the same time places the debate here on the nuances of RTR 4-wheel coach lining and other fine detailing in an appropriate context! Given cost constraints, I suspect Hattons have come as close as any RTR manufacturer is likely to on such a complex project, given the holy grail of "totally accurate" cannot be fully agreed by the customers and is never likely to be. Colin
  7. Dave, to quote from the Hattons Blog about 1 year ago: "Hello ****, the versions that have lighting will also include an 18-pin decoder socket. If a decoder is then installed you'll be able to control the lights from your controller. I hope this helps." With no DCC control chip, how can the lights be controlled / switched?
  8. thx. I haven't looked yet but may well be the same for other modern toolings of GWR Tender locos.
  9. The latest King has all wheel pickups but after some time running became less reliable with occasional resets of the Sound Project. On searching it was clear I had no pickup from my Tender wheels but then I struck a problem with removing the keeper Plate to access the wipers. Getting this far was easy. Two screws, front and rear appear to hold the plate as well as 4 lugs for alignment. Two of these would not give even under moderate force, suspecting CA had been applied I dripped a tiny drop of acetone to free them but the plate remained in place. (PS I think it was not CA but just
  10. I've a related issue with my King (2017 release) where pickup from Tender wipers is poor to non-existent. Now moved to a new Topic as a reference for others. Colin
  11. Just a couple of minor detailing jobs and a tidy up of the underside electrical contacts were all that remained to be done. Westinghouse and vacuum braking pipes has been added to the buffer beams and Steam heating. The grossly oversized Hornby exterior brake rodding has been removed and replaced. The finished product: The phosphor bronze wheel wipers were tidied up to improve positioning and operation, replacement of brake rods was in progress at the time: And the finished Terrier went out for a run.
  12. And there I was thinking you were scoping out locations for your next Viaduct project when I came in at the latest post after a while away from here, C
  13. My various Ratio GWR Coach kits are being bashed (slowly) into Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway Company (ex-LSWR) 4 wheelers. This has involved a lot of cut and shut to recreate the Saloon and other compartment combinations favoured by LSWR, as I'm sure those of you following my Blog will already know. I believe wooden seats were not used on the LSWR, even in third so that's not an issue. WC&PR Coaches were noted for their comfort of ride in both 1st and 2nd Class (ex LSWR 3rd). Second Class was upholstered in Red / Black moquette. (quotes from Peter Stran
  14. Thanks everyone for help and comments, interesting options but as I have just a couple of the kits to hand and just 2 Compartmented 31" coaches to complete, shaving and cutting is clearly the order of the day. Colin
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