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  1. True, but not everyone who might buy this model is as skilled as you are at sourcing and then replacing motors, or would be as unfazed if failure did occur. Someone buying a new model has an expectation that the product will work as sold, and you can hardly expect the seller to promote his product with an alert like this "The cheap coreless motor in this loco may fail without warning, even burn out your expensive DCC chip but don't worry, it won't cost much to just slip a new one in!" Just saying that buyers should expect more from "RTR" manufacturers and that when reasonable expectations are not met then we shouldn't put on a brave face but call it out for what it is, shoddy workmanship. As Keith (Melmerby) said yesterday, OR "downgraded the original design", IMO, apparently without concern for the running quality of the revised model or for it's durability. We'd never accept that in a new car we'd bought, if the engine blew up. Why do modellers tolerate such poor workmanship then roll up their sleeves and relish the prospects of fixing the issues that should never have been there? It's beyond me!
  2. A timely reminder that "cheap" is often expensive. A recap- For those in search of a Dean Goods, first scroll back thru the pages of this topic. Many reports of poor running, "kangaroo jumping", motor short blowing DCC chip, screws left where they shouldn't be during production and blowing sound chip and other nightmare tales. Clearly from this latest post, the motor issue is still out there. It's the reason I relocated the expensive Loksound chip from the Dean to my Collett Goods. The Dean now being reserved for occasional light duties with sedatives supplied between runs!
  3. Brilliant work and video John, I've long been a follower here and discovering more background to your setting has added value. I'm envious of all your achievements Colin
  4. Of course not, my tongue was firmly in cheek; the 1932 run was surely a bundle more fun and atmospheric! Seriously though, I accept there are differences but even making allowance for the stop / traffic, the progress on the GWR mainline seems "modest" when considered over such a long time and the various investments which have been made. For example last time (2012) I had to go down to W-s-M, the weekday travel time Paddington to Bristol TM on an IC125 was little changed from the late 60s standard Diesel loco service when I regularly traveled up and down to Uni. Back then I could often catch a straight thru train to home; in 2012 it was an icy change and wait at TM for a local "Diesel Bus" on tracks. Ah! Memories!
  5. Precisely 88 years and 2 days later, the three early morning expresses for Monday 8 June are scheduled to complete the same leg in 58, 52 and 58 minutes.
  6. Add your own wheel wipers. see Barry Ten's Blog I've done several to this formula, works a treat
  7. Sorry, wrong! I had very good reason to use a "belt and braces" approach on this occasion. I've have a couple of recent instances when my PMs have not been read immediately despite the person being on line and posting. Clearly not everyone reads their alerts or PM mail as religiously as you expect them to, or perhaps they get a lot and choose to leave mail until later? For the issue in question I genuinely needed a prompt response and it helped me regarding to an order I'm just about to make. What is offensive to me is that you need to resort to sarcasm to embellish your erroneous point. Sarcasm is rarely amusing to the recipient so in using it you chose to offend. It is the sort of crass behavior which lowers the tone of this place.
  8. adb968008 "The tank tops don't align in your image" - I agree, and acknowledged this with my comment "but the tank leans to the right" Silly Moo and Truffy "I suspect it’s more a case of distortion caused by the camera angle" "Supported by the fact that the rails exit the frame at different angles! Any distortions caused by the camera not being square on do not affect the horizontal / vertical planes significantly for objects of similar distance from the lens viz. buffer, tank front and chimney. The effects are more obvious with the depth of field when viewing the track. The Buffer is very close to horizontal in the image frame, the tank top should also be horizontal which I and adb968008 agree it is not. There is a significant tilt down to the right. Similarly the chimney should be at right angles to the reference line of the buffer beam, viz. vertical and it very clearly is not.
  9. Sorry but I don't agree. Here is the original image unrotated, overlaid are 4 rectangles inserted dead square into the image: the bottom showing the relativity between track sleepers and buffer bar, it suggests the whole image is very slightly tilted to the left The next 2 blue rectangles sitting on top of the buffer bar shows that to be square in the image (hence slightly right when allowance is made for the slight tilt in the image) parallax affects the tank sides but the tank leans to the right The top red rectangle shows the clear tilt to the right of the funnel edit: with new image adding 4th rectangle to image
  10. Sorry @BWsTrains I decided against the individual tiles No worries, totally understandable on such a big area. It looks very good from this viewpoint. Colin
  11. Neal, Cyano acrylate monomer (CA) polymerises needing water as a catalyst. In bulk in a dry climate it can sit around for ages. Like yours, our location can be very dry, I usually provide a catalyst by breathing on the applied glue in situ to hurry it up! In a thin film it then sets quickly. Colin
  12. Business efficiency is my guess. In general your options appear to be simple, go to a "full Service" supplier at higher price or benefit from the efficiencies these measures bring shopping via Rails, range, price? In this specific case, I accept the above doesn't apply but the benefits of the Rails business model surely extend to include their ability to bring these models to the market in the first place. Effort which doesn't come cheap.
  13. Lovely work John but only one thing, the woman in the sunnies brings to mind that classic Monty Python line from "The Travel Agent" sketch where Eric Idle complains about British Tourists holidaying in sunnier climes.... ".........sitting in their cotton frocks squirting Timothy White's suncream all over their puffy raw swollen purulent flesh 'cos they 'overdid it on the first day.'" a perfect fit! Colin
  14. Hi John, That last photo of Brewery Lane is superb, I think I'll "borrow" some of those ideas for Heathfield and definitely for W-s-M Ashcombe Rd when WC&PR moves from the Virtual to the Real. Colin
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