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  1. AFAIR the gear driven design favoured by DJ also blighted operation of a good number of his 48xx, most notably when going downhill!. The Coupling rods were essentially cosmetic and necessarily loose fitting so that they didn't bind. You either drive by gear or coupling rod but not both, this then rationalising the use of plastic rods. HOWEVER, that then begs the question, "if the rods weren't ever designed to drive, are they acceptable to transmit force when the 2nd gear is removed? It would seem to be prudent to replace the rods with ones designed / intended for driving, don't Comet sell a sheet with all sorts of lengths?
  2. Hi Ben, I'm interested in what you've done as I have one myself, any specific issues or tips you can share, e.g which gear did you remove (may be naive question as I've not yet looked inside), any problems encountered. Regards, Colin
  3. TBH, I cannot for the life of me think why you can be asking that now, but I guess possibly on Ebay if you must. (Note: Tongue firmly in cheek) Then the new release EFE which I bought recently (after requesting a thorough check for bodywork deformations and operation) arrived safely and is a fine model. So much so I'm thinking of adding sound. The Topic on RMWeb for the EFE is:
  4. Hi Wayne, Where does this leave existing products like the B7 OO and soon to be availables like the B6 etc.? Will they be facing a change in Frog as well given the common denominator here is the Caster and casting. For my needs I'll be all for the current product form for simple turnouts. Colin
  5. No worries, your bad side looks better than my "any" side BTW, I'm assuming here that being viewed from left side the fireman's slacking off a tad? Colin
  6. Thanks, and as for what was involved at that "W.M" we need look no further than Mikkel's excellent model here:
  7. Interesting to compare the above with the 1897 25" Map below. The Cattle Dock was clearly a long standing feature, not expected to be in use IF a runaround was required for a separate passenger service. https://maps.nls.uk/view/104183729 Now reverting to Johnster's pointers for GWR BLTs, would there have been a weighbridge at the goods yard road entrance? If so, where exactly? Any photos? Also what about a loading gauge? There seems little room to position these to cover both the Goods Yard and Good Shed lines as they merge very near the exit line (see upper map) Insights on these two items will be greatly appreciated. Colin
  8. Funny thing really, the thread had sat undisturbed in a quiet sleepy corner of RMWeb for just under 2 years when I needed a simple answer to what appeared to be the original intent of the Topic. Since that gentle prod last week it's taken on a life of its own and 3 new pages, wandering well beyond the supposed boundaries. One of the joys of this place, most educational indeed. I've found more than I'd ever need on how / how not to design a GWR Branchline, which coaches would suit, what models might never see the light of day and most importantly not to stuff the platform full of passengers. And that's even before all the detours O/T
  9. Would this be because the myriad Welsh minor railway companies remained as such until Grouping whereas many other GWR Branch-lines came under GWR control much earlier in their lives, even if not originally built by the GWR itself? That would leave some 50+ years from the later branch builds thru to the early 20s. As to why Clevedon had no shed, it was a very short line, barely 3 miles with no stops from the mainline at Yatton and the nearest shed so would hardly warrant one.
  10. A great list, however it does span a very wide range from the actual, found almost on every BLT to the pure fanciful. There is no substitute for research when planning a layout and then some decisions can made as to where Rule 1! can be judiciously applied to add to the outcome. One thing I've observed is the power of assertions to take on a "virtual truth" if not checked / validated. The GWR Engine Shed Myth being a fine example. Look and ye shall find them sitting in all the 25" OS maps of the era irrespective of whatever anyone asserts to the contrary! Regarding Dibber25's point I reckon it is very hard to faithfully model an actual BLT setting - scale compression mostly rules that out unless the main features to be modelled are the station buildings / structures themselves. A few tracks, virtually no passengers and few trains coming / going makes for a poor reward for much hard work. So that leaves the majority of us with option #2 to enjoy.
  11. The vexed question of "Engine Sheds or not?" specifically on the GWR was discussed in depth here: and when the initiator rather uncharitably deleted his whole topic # was continued by me here: Always keen to have hard data to back up memories and assertions I went browsing thru old OS maps of a wide range of randomly selected GWR BLT locales and with hardly an exception there was a single engine shed to be found. Thus supporting the view from one contributor that it was the GWR default up to the 1920s or so. For the full details the interested can wade back thru the two topics. # Andy Y very kindly had the topic reinstated at my request and when the offending member deleted it again he was "Red Carded" - good one Andy.
  12. Johnster, you may consider yourself duly appointed as my "resident" Branch Operations Consultant. Sadly, the position is unpaid and does not include travel visits to Oz. All the same thanks for your many helpful insights. Regards. Colin
  13. Thanks to everyone, I've more than enough ideas and suggestions and consequently decisions have been made. Occasionally it's nice to give an old topic a prod and have lots of interesting input. As it wasn't my topic in the fist place, let it wander where it will. It is a broad field Colin
  14. Not much chance of either I'd say. Hornby had announced a 2020 re-release of the old toolings (R4549B /C) but then later pulled them from release (according to the Hattons listing). That doesn't auger at all well for any new investment in B-Sets any time soon (ever?). There seems to be much more interest (and money) chasing more modern stock. I just got an ad for the latest - BR MK2F Brake Second Open BR InterCity (Swallow) - DCC Fitted, discounted down to a tad over £80. That's nearly AUD 160 for one coach in a rake! STROOF!
  15. I recall the 2nd batch were 58' and bow ended
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