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  1. The GWR Beetle is very good. Is that a Parkside Kit and if so which one? I've built one but yours seems to have considerably more "kit" attached. Any chance of a half side-on shot to better reveal the detailing of the end / under gear? Colin
  2. Oliver, Thanks, the update has been welcomed widely but I find the wording of the release timing info confusing. It would be helpful if you could provide INDICATIVE release dates for each of the locos in sequence. You are clear about the locos needing to go back to production and the next two nearing approval but many of us will have the other 8 (or is it 9?) models where the prospective dates are unclear. Colin W
  3. True Baz, Regarding india, I reread Paul Theroux's delightful "The Great Railway Bazaar" after some 25+ years and he mentions that very thing.. Wonderful book for the railway traveller who's not yet discovered it. My original post was less about delays than issues of old stock and attitudes towards customers, it was others who led it down that path. However I do accept that the few trips here and there which we made are hardly the basis for a fair assessment. My latest comment related to how my observations were subsequently echoed by many others over the following year. Let's hope the new Decade brings better experiences to your rails, there certainly have been lots of exciting new arrivals to travel in. Regards, Colin PS, Interesting aside, my #1 Bridge Partner is a certain Barry O, also known as Baz rather than the more Aussie "Bazza"
  4. Hi Jeff, good to hear your positive news. I was looking back at KL(1) to see the original plans, specifically about the original viaduct when I came across this on p3 (June 2012) "...I'm hoping the project will keep me going for a couple of years - at least! Should be fun, especially as I enjoy building work of all kinds. Thank goodness for power tools!!" I don't know your setting location at all and regarding the viaduct, I gather the combo of Viaduct in KL 1 /2 with KS station is a construct as will be the reborn version. Fabulous setting all the same, Best wishes for 2020, Colin
  5. Just happened to look back here to see what grew out of the topic I started on my 2018 UK rail trip; it's an impressive 12 pages of issues you guys have raised in little over a year. Best wishes for smoother proceedings in 2020. Colin
  6. Having stumbled across this supplier from an RM member's blog, I explored their site and came across this important announcement flagging possible changes ahead: http://modratec.com/modforum/viewtopic.php?t=353 so for anyone interested....
  7. I'm surprised that there are Malls with enough available floor space in or outside. Our SC central spaces here are crammed full of competing coffee shops, phone case sellers and the like as SC owners chase to extract every last cent of rent. Outside the car parking is always crammed however big they make it by endless additions.
  8. That's terrible and it seems most unreasonable for an item to be supplied with no warning when so much is at risk if an "undo" is attempted. Dapol might well have VG reasons it's made that way but if so, need to advise users of the non-reversibility issue. You could try going back claiming that a "warning" of such damage IS a highly reasonable expectation for a customer to have in these circumstances. Sixty quid is a lot to blow due to this simple oversight on their part. I'm always inclined to push hard, Dapol do have a reputation to maintain and some goodwill will repay if they see you right and fix the issue. Colin
  9. All credit to Ron Solly who provided me with the key circuit which was the solution to my needs.
  10. In my version, number of Recalls is controlled in settings. It would be useful not to be scrolling thru too many if you only need 2 in some situation! I turn mine down to 2 when letting the grandchildren operate the system. BTW the current manual is available on line as a pdf which makes searching much easier.
  11. The PowerCab has on board short circuit protection, very sensitive in fact, but you want to avoid repeated resets of the controller. Maybe yours was a very old version which lacked that feature, how long had you had it? PS see early parts of this topic where as i recall others mention avoiding the repeated reset issue. Colin
  12. Usual health warnings apply about testing/ checking before use; DC Voltage across the Bridge outputs etc. I tested my circuit with a known 16V AC supply across the Diode inputs. Optionally you can add an LED or 2 + suitable dropping resistor in parallel with the buzzer. I should add that when the circuit shown here is activated my Powercab delivered ~0.7A thru the lamp so its not something you want to ignore for any great time either! A suitably noisy buzzer does the job. Colin
  13. Neal, I have a Bachmann 57xx fitted with sound and it barely needs a stay alive even over the insulated frogs on my system but I have a perfectly good arrangement installed anyway. I'll PM you links on some thoughts about what should work for you. Colin
  14. The NCE PowerCab reacts to a short too rapidly for an in-line fuse to be effective. Ron Solly kindly pointed me in the right direction and the issue is now fully resolved. In a nutshell, the NCE proprietary solution is a Festoon Lamp(globe) of about 10W that will restrict current to under the Controller trip level #. This simple device can be adopted to drive an alarm / warning light so that current can be disconnected from the track without having the NCE Reset. The configuration that I've built takes output from the PowerCab to an in-line switch then via the 10W lamp to the track. A Bridge Rectifier is wired across the lamp to produce a DC output which is only created when the lamp is lit and there is a voltage drop across the terminals. This DC output has a Capacitor (mine is 470uF, 16V) across its terminals as well as the required loads, in my case parallel wired simple buzzer and string of LEDs. It works a charm and the buzz makes sure you don't stress the PowerCab a second too long. # The NCE product is a bank of 6 lamps to cover up to 6 circuits which at USD 40 + O/S Shipping/ Tax is a very expensive overkill for my single Power Cab. My whole setup cost under $10 (of the Sunburnt Splendorous AUD kind). All this was built into a recycled UK style Power Board, the photos here are of a late trial version
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