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  1. Im looking forward to these. Ill renumber mine as Liverpool bank hall locos.
  2. Gorton crane at Stalybridge in 1963. Photo from Facebook.
  3. 1962, its a photo thats just come to light of a line I am modelling.
  4. I realise its not the clearest of shot but does anyone think these are bogie bolster e wagons?
  5. Im still keen to model the Gorton crane with its mess vans and im still looking for more photos and info on them. Ive stumbled across this shot in Scenes from the past - Cheadle heath to Chinley.
  6. My Mousa models 04/7 boiler on a Bachmann loco converted to EM using Markits wheels and parts. I wish I had known about these Mousa models boilers before I started my 04/8.
  7. Could someone who has Jeremy Suter’s contact details (who was selling photographs at the show) Please send me a message. Id like to purchase some more from him. Many thanks.
  8. Markits do a hex crankpin which allows you to use Bachmann rods without modifying them, ive used them on my j11 and o4 locos when modifying them to EM gauge. The J11 was very easy. Ive since stuck a Gibson nut over them to improve prove the look.
  9. To be honest Grahame Ive been waiting to see what this is like before I decide to go for one of your bodies as I will no doubt end up junking the chassis for a kit built as one as itll be EM gauge which is a bit of a waste I know. im looking more at the body and tender on this. Ive just never really liked doing lining but its not beyond me. Itll be grotty, ill be renumbering to the one which went down the bank at Mirfield. 60954 as I believe that was one of the last to visit Walton shed which I am modelling before someone realised V2s were banned on a part of the route so it has a bit of a story which I like.
  10. Ive been looking forward to this since it was announced as I want one or two for my layout. My only concern is ive never liked Bachman’s lining on BR green locos. The orange always seems to stand out. Unless more recent releases have improved?
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