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  1. Is there a way to get this for an ipad?
  2. The lower level reminds me of somewhere that was once a passenger station in its early years but became a goods yard later on?
  3. Does anyone recognise this location? Said to be Liverpool in the 1960s. The headcode on the Jinty is 9T34. I dont recognise it as Liverpool.
  4. Anyone remember a comedy sketch, I think it was Benny hill, with a level crossing where the man parks his car with mother in law in on the crossing, runs off, then there was a library shot of a blue intercity 125 approaching, you hear the crash, he opens his eyes and looks back to see the car in perfect condition and the wife or mother in law getting out but with the 2 coaches of the train placed on top of the train. I dont know who did the sketch, Im guessing it was Benny hill, it was late 80s early 90s, I know its not very tasteful, it must have taken a bit of time and money to set up, ma
  5. Very nice. HOP AB version please. If they’re easy to convert to other gauges say with 26mm axles ill take a full rake.
  6. Hoping you can still do the 04/8 boiler. I really like the 04/7 I have which is nearing completion.
  7. They are all on youtube and ive been flicking through them to find it. Nothing has come up but It definately has the feel of what I rememember. Although ive got a feeling this was more of a lower budget CITV programme.
  8. Im trying to recall something which I am reminded of every time I see those videos filmed from the front of a Lego train going around a garden or floor. 1980s. Had that similar fast sharp curves feel to it. may have been a sort of ghost train but more akin to a sort of indoor rollercoaster. I can't recall if it was a music video, intro to a kids tv show or what but its something I can remember from childhood and its bugged me for a long time.
  9. Bob Rowlands from Liverpool model railway club had his OO scottish layout Kinmore used several times in the filming of Brookside circa 95-96. The character Ollie Simpson had it in his garage. I remember when Bob was approached by Channel 4 at the Liverpool model railway show in the Albert dock for this.
  10. Also back to the original post, it was the closure of the Widnes CLC loop In 63 and opening of the chord from the St Helens and Runcorn gap railway in the early 60s which did away with the Workings via Ormskirk, Aintree Central and Halewood.
  11. My pooch and I had a look around the disused area around Ince Moss junction to Fir Tree House Junction today. Can recommend this book. Ive also recently been building the first of a rake of 15 Long Meg Widnes Anhydrite hoppers from Macgeorgie of this forums kit. This is a really nice kit to build..
  12. I always remember a childrens programme in the early 90s were it was set in the past and with giants. The giant lifts up a coach with people in it, when it cut from the set inside the coach with the actors inside the giant was holding a Hornby LNER celestory coach. Does anyone recall this?
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