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  1. British Rail Class 505 6 set at Stretford Greater Manchester by Keir Faulkner, on Flickr fb msjar_6set by Keir Faulkner, on Flickr Stretford, by Keir Faulkner, on Flickr
  2. Conversion to 25kv AC Manchester to Altrincham Line 1.2kv DC to 25Kv AC conversion by Keir Faulkner, on Flickr
  3. They used titanium tetrachloride which is very nasty stuff.
  4. Chris’s Swimming baths under construction. The decorative stonework, the coins, are cut into the Slaters brickwork rather than laid on top. Windows are next which Chris has laser cut, the steps were laser cut too. Placed on the layout.. The real thing back in 1967...
  5. Some interesting shots here.. https://topticl.zenfolio.com/p969397407/h81D11290?fbclid=IwAR2jKt1sNmtc2ACBh42mV-6ONWZ1V8PZ_0r4aD-9pB7gaaOls_KhD289j5o#h81d1121a
  6. b&r 115 steam north of Derby.
  7. Im more than pleased with them Tom, there will be more in the future too. Shot of Chris Hewitt starting on the front of Walton swimming baths last night. His usual method of Slaters English bond plasticard and counting the bricks on the photo. The prototype building was demolished a few years ago. This will be just the front of the building low relief up against the backscene.
  8. Screenshots from a B&R video of the Gorton crane passing through Stockport Tiviot dale behind 90152. Thats all we get to see of the coaches.
  9. 4 clean locos which are about to be sent off to Tom Foster for weathering. All have recently been converted to EM by myself. The DJH J10 I acquired already built but was OO gauge. The loco was easy to convert with new axles and spacer washers. The tender was a little bit more work as it has needed quite a bit of whitemetal material removing so the wider gauge wheels would fit. Ideally this needs a new inside frame for its tender. Ive renumbered it to 65177 a Walton one. The Bachmann 04s have Markits wheels, EM gauge 3mm axles, Markits hex crankpins which enable the Bachmann coupling rods to be used unmodified. Although the 1st and 3rd axles crankpins needed a bit of work for them to fit due to tight clearances. Both I have renumbered to Gorton locos and ones that I have photos of on Walton shed, 63713 and 63743. The Bachmann J11 another Gorton one which didn't need renumbering I just changed the tender crest for a smaller one. The J11 was quite an easy loco to convert to EM, 3mm axles, spacer washers,Markits insulated wheels, Markits hex crankpin nuts again which I like and again no need to alter the coupling rods. Bachmann tenders are Markits wheels put on to Bachmann axles. The 3 Bachmann locos have Zimo decoders and stay alive capacitors. All have had the wheel balance weights glued on and the wheels and motion painted black before they sent off to Tom for weathering.
  10. At the other end of the layout, sleeper fencing has started to be put in, again done on the laser cutter from card, there will be quite a lot of this on the layout.
  11. I really enjoyed watching the layout at the Shipley show. Looking forward to seeing it again in the future.
  12. The Westminster bank, first we cut a hole to give better access for track cleaning. The bank under construction by Chris in his usual method of plasticard. A more recent shot with laser cut windows done by Chris. A shot of the now demolished bank and the shops which will be built next.
  13. Update on buildings and scenery by Chris Hewitt. The water tower under construction. The structure is MDF the brickwork with its distinctive CLC style of 4 rows of brick headers and a stretcher was done by Chris on his laser cutter machine on to thin mounting card and glued on in strips in the same style as building model buildings from brick plasticard.
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