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  1. Looking forward to see more matey!
  2. Thanks, Nick. I finished 408 off tonight with a gloss finish to the bodywork, weathered/toned down roof and underframe, finished off with black headcode boxes and white tyre marks.
  3. And just under 2 hours later... Over the next couple of evenings, I'll finish it off with light weathering and black headcodes, as it was in service in 1999 on the north Wales coast.
  4. First job on the workbench tonight, a quick re-number for a Bachmann 37411... This one will become 37408 Loch Rannoch.
  5. That's a fair point, I suppose there'd have to be some land purchasing involved to accommodate it should it go ahead. Also where the line runs through built up areas, I imagine the path would need to run a different course to the line. When it comes to running a path next to a railway youll always have challenges when it comes to built up areas, cuttings, embankments and structures.
  6. As a local, re-opening the line would be a good idea. A positive effect would be to relieve some of the congestion on the bridges between the island and the mainland, but probably not as much as that. Public transport down the spine of the island is pretty poor, especially between Llangefni/Llanerchymedd/Amlwch, where there is a bus service every 2-3 hours in a working day. Though, I doubt the stations at Llangwyllog and Rhosgoch would be viable as the communities are very small. You could put Llanerchymedd in that category too. Amlwch is a bigger place than many realise, so on that basis
  7. Was working down at the viaduct today, and have to say, as I've said before, you've done a great job at replicating it. Its one of them places where you have to go there to realise the scale of the structures there, and youve got it down to a tee. To access it we had to walk past the retaining wall I previously mentioned, but was unable to take photos due to where it is.
  8. Really looking forward to this now! It's great that you've spent time and money in getting the models spot on. That shows great dedication to your work and means we're getting a superb up-to-the-minute model to run on our layouts!
  9. If the black doesn't quite match, possibly giving the PCs the same varnish as the coaches may sort it?
  10. Looking really good mate so far, looking forward to getting mine!
  11. I think the logos were changed the same time as the 'Improving your railway ' branding came on the scene, I could be wrong though. I think only a select few vehicles carried NR's 2nd logo. They've done the same error with the mk2 coaches also.
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