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  1. If the black doesn't quite match, possibly giving the PCs the same varnish as the coaches may sort it?
  2. Looking really good mate so far, looking forward to getting mine!
  3. I think the logos were changed the same time as the 'Improving your railway ' branding came on the scene, I could be wrong though. I think only a select few vehicles carried NR's 2nd logo. They've done the same error with the mk2 coaches also.
  4. With the logo, I think you'll find Hornby have used NR's first logo, rather than the new third logo that appeared around 2017 I think. The proportions of the logo were changed noticeably between the first and second logos, and then a colour change in the third. First logo... Second logo... Third, up to date...
  5. From what I gather, the sidings in Llandudno Junction will be cleared once bird nesting season is over, apparently Breedon Aggregates have the lease. Hopefully they come off, be something to keep an eye for at work.
  6. Is there any truth in what's been reported by the north wales coast noticeboard site that GBRf have the slate waste contract from Llandudno Junction and the Pen stone?
  7. Not a problem, Im glad to have been able to help. I can't seem to find much about the p-way hut at the Conwy end, the concrete base is there to this day.
  8. Just edited my previous post as you replied. It would probably be an idea to shorten it, yes.
  9. The wall runs paralel the down line(towards Bangor), about 5 metres away from it and runs for approximately 150 to 200 yards. It's a stone wall. At the viaduct end of it, there used to be a p-way hut. Here is the best photo(not mine, found on Flickr) of it I can find. The viaduct is visible on the curve. The height of the wall varies. Working from the viaduct end, it starts at about 3metres height for about 70 yards, then slopes up to approximately 5m high, then slopes down the ground level.
  10. I enjoy seeing places where I've been/worked being modelled. The retaining wall Im taking about rund adjacent to the post and rail fence seen just to the right of the road bridge. The tree that can be seen to the right of the fence is on top of the wall. We cleared the wall of vegetation last year, including removing all the ivy that was on it. The vantage point from it to take photos of trains is great, though it's firmly within railway boundary, so inaccessible to do so.
  11. Will be interesting to see if anything comes from this. Ive recently changed the motor on my pendolino (like for like) and with Hornby's own decoder they run poorly. I fitted LaisDCC decoder into it(had to hard wire) and it runs a hell of a lot smoother now. Just the squeeling pickups to sort.
  12. I have to say, what a superb bit of modelling! Ive worked at this location irl, and you've captured it very well. There is a retaining wall at the Bangor end of the viaduct, will that be included?
  13. Just a quick couple of photos of progress on @JackB95 67 and 153... A few touch-ups here and there, and re-do the 153's roof.
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