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  1. It has indeed been too long! A trip to Yorkshire is definitely on the cards.
  2. Platforms looking beautiful, Jack! Its definitely given me inspiration, although I have no Platforms on my layout, which could always change, of course.
  3. Both 60065 and 60081 have now been weathered... Very pleased with these locos. Both have had fan room lights fitted and the obstacle deflectors painted yellow, and they look just as I aimed. Next project? God knows...
  4. Grabbed myself a bargain 60081 on a popular auction site this week, and decided to paint its, and 60065's obstacle deflectors yellow as per the real things... I used Railmatch warning yellow with a dash of EWS gold and a couple of drops of white, and got a fair result. 60065 has had a black wash on the panel lines, which itself makes a difference, and 60081 will be similarly treated, before both are suitably weathered. 60081 has also had a Zimo MX600R decoder fitted and a warm white LED in the fan room, with a 2K2 resistor rather than the 1K currently fitted in 60065, which I'm planning to swap out.
  5. Another EWS/DB themed re-number this evening, turning a standard Hornby 60026 into a DB-branded 60065. Very happy with this one as I didn't need to re-spray the gold band, due to some careful removing of the numbers/lettering. Transfers once again from Railtec, and are of superb quality, as always. This one will be next up to be weathered in due course.
  6. This was one I seem to remember, which is one I got around 2005/06. R1045 Night Mail Express
  7. On the older 60s that use the contact and spring between the chassis and body, I just put a piece of insulation tape over the relevant contact to put the tail light off. Not so easy on the newer wired version. Cant remember the config on the 67s.
  8. That is a brilliant photo. Wouldnt be complete without the cant.
  9. Have you put the decoder on top of the loco's PCB? Sounds to me as if its too high not allowing the body to seat properly. I place my decders on a piece of plastic that I fit into the recesses at the 'empty' end of the chassis. This stops the decoder and harness from fouling the cardan shaft below, as well as providing an ideal place to fit your decoder loose or secured.
  10. Can't wait to get my hands on my 8. Is there any updates on these?
  11. Really looking forwards to these. Got the EWS and Loadhaul on order.
  12. Exciting announcements again! Interested in the CDAs and MHAs. Maybe some coal wagons in time, also.
  13. Mine arrived today, and are spot on. Their performance on the layout, detail and weight is superb. Well pleased.
  14. An unit that would fill a big gap in my fleet would be a 175, which in theory could accompany the class 180s. As far as units went, I'd say a new 153/155 would be good also.
  15. Ordered mine today, purely an impulse buy, but too good to miss. Can't wait.
  16. Enjoyed your latest video, thought the police chase intro was fantastic.
  17. The old dockside in Caernarfon, where it seems the old track was simply burried in to create the car park. You can make out most of the point, thanks how the ground has consolidated and settled around the rails and timbers over the years. I've seen a photo of a 2mt loco stood on the sidings here, with the castle in the background.
  18. The line was just built purely as a single line, so any pathway would probably need to be built on adjacent land I would think. A lot of the lineside is drainage ditches, as well the bridges(over and under) are all single track structures. This obviously means there are locations where the pathway will have to deviate away from the line, which is an 'is what it is' situation, and to be fair isn't a bad thing.
  19. From what I understand from a statement from Rhun ap Iorwerth(the local Plaid Cymru AM) is that the Welsh Government among others are developing plans for a multi-use path to run alongside(not necessarily parallel the entire way) the line which will cater for walkers, cyclists etc. The railway itself could in theory cater for commuters and tourists. It makes sense to have a heritage railway on an island that relies heavily on the tourism industry, but nothing says a commuter service couldn't run along side the heritage.
  20. A big step forwards for Anglesey Central Railway today as they announce that they have finally, after 6 years of negotiations with Network Rail, obtained a lease on the Gaerwen to Amlwch line. "The board of directors of Anglesey Central Railway Ltd. are pleased to announce, after 6 years of detailed discussions and lengthy negotiations with Network Rail Infrastructure Limited, we formally completed the legal due process on the 29 April 2021, and now are in a position to convey to you and state, Anglesey Central Railway Limited have a legally mandated and contracted lease for the rail corridor, designated The GLA Line north of Gaerwen, Anglesey, between Gaerwen Junction and Amlwch, for the period up to and including the 29 April 2120. We wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all members of Lein Amlwch and also to those members of the community of Ynys Môn who have given their unstinting support during this extended period of negotiation. We would also wish to place on record, and acknowledge, the support received from various elements of the commercial and industrial sectors of the community and couple with these the efforts of the Island’s political representative in the Senedd, who has been assiduous in advancing the case for the reinstatement of the operational railway." (statement from their Facebook page)
  21. These wagons are now available to buy, got mine on it's way.
  22. Been a quiet month or so on the layout due to different aspects of life, but a couple of purchases have been made. 66113 in DB Key Workers livery from Rainbow Railways, which was more of an impulse buy after the real one passed me at work in Penyffordd last month. And the latest one, 57307 Lady Penelope in Virgin Trains livery... This one's been a long time coming, but Im well pleased with it. It looks 'the bizz' hauling my Pendolino Both these locos, as well as my ATW 57315 have Illuminated Model's excellent headlight upgrade PCBs on their way, so looking forwards to get them sorted.
  23. Thanks for the feedback on the paint. The turquoise arrived today and as you point out it's a tad dark. I'll have a play with some yellow later if I get a chance.
  24. Ive recently started a re-paint of a 158 into ATW colours, and decided to gave a look around for paint. I paint in Acrylic, so Ive decided to look down the route of Vallejo. The two colours that I found are VAL966 Turquoise (Model Colour) And MA087 Dark Sea Blue. (Model Air) Not yet had delivery of these, but they seem to look good for match from what Ive seen.
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