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  1. To get the ballast right up to the platform edges in a nice neat straight line, I needed to figure out how to apply it. Because of the overhanging lip of the platforms it was not possible to accurately sprinkle the sand or add glue mixture in the traditional way. I opted to make some templates from card: I marked these with a centre line and fixed them in place using Copydex glue, then went about applying ballast in the tried and tested way. Once dried (overnight) I trimmed along the edges of the templates and went about removing them. The Copydex worked a
  2. I notice that in the US there are sheds and warehouses that have large doors for loading / unloading rail freight. Do these exist on this side of the pond, and would they suit my late 1970's BR Blue layout?
  3. Thanks for that, some pics would be great! Just had a quick Google search, the images are a bit corporate but it looks a big old place!!
  4. I should've recognised the name! Cheers. Very interesting pics.
  5. The siding in question, fourth from the right, is as away from the operational part of the railway as I can get in the space available. I imagine that the breaker's yard will have a road "off layout" to take away scrap metal.
  6. Cheers Graham, I will be playing a bit fast and loose with regards to realism - the era is late 1970's / early 1980's, so it's a "what if" kind of thing... The yard will be served by the siding immediately to the right of the intended space, there'll be a converted engine shed serving as a workshop situated alongside it. I'm pretty sure I can have the boundary of the scrap yard pretty close to the trackwork, my main concern is how close to the station and platform end should I go?
  7. That's great, very similar to what I'm going for! My merchant will have a siding serving it and, as you can see in the pic, I could encroach quite close to the platform ramps and the point work of the double slip - it's not a big deal, but I'd like to model it as reasonably believable....
  8. I'll be modelling a scrap merchant yard in the large gap in the foreground of this picture: I'm just wondering how far I can (relatively prototypically) extend the yard into the railway's "territory" - I've stopped ballasting at the point that I assume to be acceptable....
  9. Just a few quick pics of some rather belated ballasting and siting of platforms, just to see how they look. Will need to ballast right up to the platform edges and I still have third rail to fit. The glue is still wet in these photos, but I like the way it's going.... The large gap between the topmost line and the sidings is where I will be putting my scrap merchant yard, I have that all ready to go so it's just a matter of putting it in place.
  10. A scrap of cardboard with a strip of double sided tape is a good holder for small model pieces that need painting. Either by hand or spray painting.
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