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  1. For the last few months I've been dabbling in creating "Art" from debris found on my local beach / my own recycling, using a lot of skills I've learned via this forum, I might add - somehow I've ended up with the basis for a children's book, with quite a few publishers interested. Today I made a Facebook page to show my work on, please like or even better follow! https://www.facebook.com/Spacekinsart/
  2. I made some manual uncouplers by modifying the Peco ramps: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/24024-uncoupling-by-manual-remote-means/
  3. My first close encounter with a stream train! I really wish that my local council/media would publicise events such as this, I only found out by chance that this train was on its way to Margate after it had already arrived! Luckily it had a layover at Margate Station for a couple of hours, so I high-tailed it to Broadstairs to catch a glimpse as it trundled through. There was a comic moment when a scheduled service arrived at platform 2 at precisely the time that this steam train was due - several serious train spotters and photographers (who had set up camp in the "best" spot) were seen to have a blue fit! Luckily the scheduled train departed (seconds) before this glorious loco passed through Broadstairs Station. A great experience - being on the footbridge and enveloped in the steam and smoke as the bridge shook was wonderful! I captured it's visit in a short video and the above is a screenshot. If anyone knows of a database of steam train movement, please share it here...?
  4. I've seen instructions on how to make this material by but putting old kitchen sponges through a mincer or blender, as I have neither pieces of apparatus - can this be done any other way?
  5. Cheers guys, it's a complicated business isn't it!? I'm not the biggest fan of wiring and electrics, but I get by. I've dealt with Heathcote in the past, I was a bit put off by a surly response to an email query I sent (maybe he was having a bad day...)
  6. Hi all, I'm thinking of adding a simple automatic shuttle circuit board to my shelf layout. The issue I'm unsure of is - can such boards be programmed to follow a stop/go pattern of different intervals, IE not every 3mins etc.?
  7. This might not be that helpful, as it's not sleepers - but whenever I model concrete / cement I go with Beige, followed by several washes of Earth Brown - Revel Brand Acrylic. I find that concrete is rarely "grey" once it's a few years old, I would imagine concrete sleepers would perhaps require a more rusty brown finish.
  8. Update: solved it! I'm using "paint on" superglue and breathing in a bit too near the open bottle!
  9. Remind me, are you working in "OO" or "N" - I find "N" scale much more forgiving of homemade joints and buttresses! You could break up the lines with strategically placed foliage scatter, representing weeds sprouting from mortar cracks?
  10. It looks great, I'm not sure what part of the structure you are displeased with?
  11. I just had a literally eye watering experience when I applied Super Glue to the plastic head of a "berry" pin, has anyone else ever noticed this reaction?
  12. I use a pepper grinder, available at Poundland - produces nice variety of sizes and is a neat way of storing it - you have to break the coal up into chunks that will fit in the grinder obviously...
  13. I use this, I can't remember how much it cost or where I got it...
  14. It's a Crescent. You win the star prize, there is a pint "in the wood" waiting for Nearholmer at The Mariners Ramsgate....
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