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  1. 5BarVT

    Little Muddle

    I forgot which thread I was on and started doing Spot the Difference. :-) Paul.
  2. You may well know this from your timetable research; one of the Paddington Northern Lines parcels went via Thame well into the 60s. Paul.
  3. No and Yes! Missed the distant trees and the mountain. And the number of times I looked at and around the van with the distant trees altered . . . Kept me out of mischief though. Paul.
  4. I’m still short of both of them. Pesky Mr P! Think I need to give up - working tomorrow. Paul.
  5. Seems to have been freight Salop Goods to Styal and passenger Edgeley to Macclesfield. Hence cancelled possessions via Stoke. Paul.
  6. My gut feeling is that’s the plan. No inside knowledge though. Paul.
  7. 5BarVT


    And a very early one at that. Nice. Paul.
  8. I don’t (didn’t) know. The answer is also in plain sight! A full set of lever leads for the 1959 frame are available on the SRS website. From the west: Up Home, Up Intermediate Home, Up Inner Homes (the bracket in question). Second learning point in as many days, thank you! Paul.
  9. If it involves me it’s almost certainly to do with Signalling! Paul.
  10. I may have a slide of that signal, but it’s buried deep and not scanned yet even if I do. You sent me scurrying to my Signalling books and there is also a photo in GWR Signalling by Adrian Vaughan, and on of the bracket signal at Carmarthen and both show clearly some post visible. The official drawing possibly disagrees, but I suspect is to show the vertical dimension not the alignment. I’ve learned something! Glad you don’t have to change anything. Paul.
  11. Hi Simon, Agree with all of that from both a modelling and professional viewpoint. You’ve been taught well by those folk in Reading . . . :-) Paul.
  12. 5BarVT


    I like the occasional saloon. Although I’ve only been on the ScR LMS type, you really need a model of KDW150266! Paul.
  13. Been there, done that (recently). Lockdown made it ‘fun’ coming at a critical time! I wish you well, and the thread will still be here for reference as required. Paul.
  14. Glee definitely worth missing. Can’t comment on Pitch Perfect. Paul.
  15. I have angled tracks across my board joins. I have used similar methods to Chris but with countersunk rather than round head screws. One thing I have learned is that if using curved flexitrack it is better to ‘over bend’ so that at the join it sits naturally at something approximating the radius to reduce the stresses on the solder joint. Accurate location is important too - I use DCC Concepts dowels which are easy to install. I regularly run trains over at scale 40mph with no problems (that is my max operating speed) but have done faster with no issues too. There are pictures on my thread, drop a question on there if you want more information or closeups etc. Paul.
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