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  1. I can understand your wrath! 24 all at 60 minutes and England’s for the losing . . . which they promptly did. It felt like 13 against 17 with two of the 17 in white. Paul.
  2. More progress on the track support zone. I've done enough to be confident that the intermediate lifting flap will fit in, possibly either way round. Firstly, for Clive: And now for everyone else: Paul.
  3. Depends what era of signalling you’re modelling - could be considerably older than the NSE era. You could do a ground mounted shunt signal (preferably red/white not two reds) from the days when drivers sometimes had to play ‘hunt the signal’. Paul.
  4. Just realised how forward looking your layout is - Old line through Kennaway tunnel, new diversion built out away from the cliffs. It’s looking good. Paul.
  5. Charles Street? It wasn’t on the old main line that went under Springburn Rd, but the south side of the works where the line went over Springburn Rd to goods yards. My office was there for 3 months in about 1990\91 with the lines (then just sidings) between it and the works. Suitably non descript, but locationally reasonably accurate, especially to those in the know! Paul.
  6. From a sample of not very many, Pfizer gives a sore arm, AZ gives a headache. Paul.
  7. You don’t get jabs in the Trossachs, they’re called Jags up there. :-) I get mine at the races on Sunday. Paul.
  8. During fog and falling snow, to the bothy you must go! Actually, I was an inside man for most of my career. And, anyway, there's no such thing as bad weather for being outside, just the wrong clothing. Also applied to cycle commuting in my case. Now I'm retired (almost) I can be a fair weather cyclist. Paul.
  9. 5BarVT


    Just be glad you don’t have to make it work! As others have said, absolutely beautiful. Is it round rodding? (Looks like it from a distance.) Paul.
  10. BBC had a Huntley clip - probably taken by the Hi Vis operator shown in this clip. Really quite impressive - I wouldn’t want to be hit by that ‘spray’ of snow. Paul.
  11. Automation is like that! But it’s great fun when it all comes together. Paul.
  12. That’s ‘cos you missed the “Clive stop reading here sign” - “The configuration is fairly standard for an NCE DCC system.” Paul.
  13. Read that and instantly thought “Can’t do that we’re in Lockdown.” How parochial am I? !!! :-) Like the photos so I’m glad you did! Paul.
  14. I worry when regulars don’t seem to be about too. My normal course of action is to check their activity and that usually puts my mind at rest. This time it hasn’t: last post 29 Dec “in hospital with Covid”; last visit 2 Jan. Paul.
  15. 5BarVT


    Nice. I missed the subtitle “Country walks for coaches”. :-) Paul.
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