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  1. They appear to be a wee bit busy reorganising their systems at the moment and trying to get orders out before they switch systems - I thought it best to ask here first. From the front of their website: “SERVICE INTERRUPTION OVER THE END OCTOBER / BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER ...We will be very busy getting the new systems in place so will find it difficult to answer the telephone and take phone orders during these few days.”
  2. I’m putting together an order which includes some T-section strip. Where items are listed, e.g. Brass T-Section 2.0mm x 1.0mm, does anyone know, is that W x H or H x W? I’d ask them directly but they appear to be busy restructuring their internal systems at the moment!
  3. Excellent news - SWMBO passed her Psychology degree with a 2.1 

    1. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      Good news....but Come lay on this couch and tell me how it's affecting you..

  4. When you say ‘I’m just popping out for a bottle of wine... do we need anything else?’, and it turns into a big shop.

    1. Hroth


      But at least you get it over and done with!


      (Need any loo rolls???)

  5. Even then I put the small bottle in a glass ramekin padded out with plasticine to make it bottom heavy and hard to knock over. When I’m doing brass I swap the solvent for the flux bottle.
  6. Window frames are now about 60% installed, and bricks are appearing on the walls (Howard Scenics embossed paper) and walls are now permanently joined in the two end modules. The centre module (the main building) is still a flat pack while I finish off the brickwork. However, it occurred to me that I actually have no idea how things would have come in and gone out on the railway line that runs through the site. There were large boilers in the building, so obviously a need for coal, but when it comes to raw materials (bits of dead animals) would that be delivered in gener
  7. Quite possibly - I’ll have to see how easy it is to disassemble. I do have an even older Antex 18W (or might be 15, can’t remember) iron from the 1980s that I used to use for soldering PCBs before I got the 690.
  8. My venerable Antex 690 SD is still going strong after I’ve forgotten how many years, but has recently started playing ‘guess the temperature’ as 3 segments on the display have failed. (It’s supposed to say 350C) It’s the best iron I’ve used and still quite usable, but should it fail to the point where I can’t set the temperature in the future what would be a fitting replacement?
  9. Getting a new phone is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. iTunes makes it the most frustrating experience from hell.

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    2. NXEA!


      Tell a lie, doesn't even require iCloud. Link: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT210216

    3. sharris


      I tried the phone to phone Bluetooth option. Both phones just sat there next to each other not doing anything - I guess my old phone was just too old!

    4. Izzy


      Yeah, this is part of the make everything past yesterday obsolete. I have an old iPod classic. Works as good as when new. But can’t be uploaded with new tunes/playlists unless an old version of itunes is used. And my (newish) 8+iPhone needs the latest version.....grrrr.

  10. Would Dyson produce a model of Brunel's vacuum powered Atmospheric Railway?
  11. How did you keep the roof laminations from warping? I tried something similar, but on a much smaller scale for a Micheline railcar and it warped horribly - I redid it carving and filing some balsa. (I suspect it might be down to styrene thickness).
  12. I still have a couple of boards to build - currently they have imaginary numbers.
  13. If you have any LNWR loco shaped scrap, preferably with motor and wheels... (seriously, thanks, although at the moment I'm quite well off for brass sheet)
  14. Thanks for the offer, for the moment I'll give the soldering iron a whizz. The windows factory opened for business this afternoon. I managed to get a bit of a head-start as in my scraps box I found the remains of a window frame etch (Ambis?) With a little bit of fettling of the openings, the 8 3x4 frames are a reasonable match for the 8 high up windows on the end building. As for the rest, I built a little jig with pins on a bit of hardboard left over from IKEA packaging. The outer frame is made from strips of 5 thou brass - the first few I made
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