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  1. Great progress Jeff. If I hold a hand over the white bit in the top photograph I can't tell if it's a model so you're definitely doing something right! Question from looking at the wider images (and it's probably been addressed before) - do you have a lift out section to access the operating well or are you having to crawl underneath? My knees don't like hard surfaces so there's no was I could do without a flap. Graeme
  2. I really hope so David. I'm just over the hill South east of you towards Forth and I've had about 5 half decent observing nights since the start of September. Nearly 900 feet up and almost always under cloud and rain. There's an astro kit supplier I buy from that puts stickers on their parcels that say 'May contain clouds'. Never a truer word..... Graeme
  3. You need to build a pub at the bottom of that wall Jeff. In my mind's eye I'm following that long wall all the way from the top of Ingleborough down to the Hill Inn in Chapel-le-dale for a well earned pint or three Graeme
  4. Exactly the detail I wish I'd had years ago when I built my Ratio kit. My 'cream' came out more yellow. When I dig it out of storage I'll be referencing this post for a repaint. I may also post a photo on here just to show how bad my model making skills were On interiors, I used the Springside white metal kit. No idea how accurate it is for Midland boxes but through the windows it all looks the part and it more than doubles the weight of the ratio kit. Graeme.
  5. It'll be interesting to see the new signal box when it's complete. I built the old ratio box years ago and stuck it in a cupboard waiting for a layout to put it on. I wonder if the York models version is really worth £70 more - it would be fun to compare the two side by side Graeme
  6. The model shop had the July 2021 'Fence Houses' Railway Modeller prominently displayed for sale on their counter. Graeme
  7. Have to say I enjoyed episode one. Simon's enthusiasm more than shone through. I'd like to point out he did the right thing in setting aside one of the Merchants for himself - a quick check online after the programme showed they've more than doubled in value already. Graeme
  8. I turned 60 this summer and took up skateboarding again (not really been on a board since 1979). Having the time of my life and feeling much fitter than I have for years. Graeme
  9. Jeff. A supplementary question if I may. When you draw the vertical lines are you pressing hard enough to 'score' the paper so that you still have a line when the tiles are painted or is your tile wash/paint thin enough to leave the lines visible? Graeme
  10. I'm loving this Jeff. I think, for me, it's the buildings that give the S&C it's unique charm and watching your methods is certainly giving me the incentive to get some work done on mine (even if it's only to repaint the old ratio loco shed I built 20 odd years ago - in theory it has no place on my planned 'Lazonby' but 'rule 1 ' ). How's the weather been down your way BTW? Since the start of September it's been constant rain and clouds up here. In fact, we've only had a couple of clear nights for observing and Monday's double shadow on Jupiter has been my first imaging session since August. Graeme
  11. Thanks John. I'd missed Kirkby Stephen when I was flicking through the book earlier. A bit remiss of me considering the name of Jeff's layout. You're absolutely right about how lucky we are to be able to watch Jeff's progress and techniques. I hope to be able to adapt some of them to my own model of Lazonby when I eventually get further than making up baseboards. Graeme
  12. I'd say it's most likely for the signal box as all the point rodding ends up there. Unusual position though. looking through the 'Stations and structures of the settle and carlisle railway' book I can only find one station with the box near the goods shed and that's settle itself. Still, it's Jeffs railway and rule one applies If he's operating from a well it means he gets to look through the cabin windows instead of just seeing the back of it. As far as posting frequency goes, I've been away for a couple of weeks in the midlands and the Lakes. Drove over the Lune a couple of times on the M6 though Graeme
  13. I'm disappointed Jeff. After your success with the viaduct I was expecting you to lay every sett individually edit. just spotted Ramrig's reply right above mine - I must start paying attention.
  14. He'll need at least one lonely Mountain Ash high on the moors in a stretch of limestone pavement. Graeme
  15. On the topic of point-rodding (AAAARRRGGHH) I just wanted to say that, prototypically correct or not, it adds so much to the realism of the scene. I've seen so many exhibition layouts without it that just look 'Meh' to quote my youngest. Back on the subject in hand, I lived in Leeds for 8 years and got out walking the dales nearly every weekend and the scenic work on Jeff's layouts has brought back many happy memories so I'm very grateful for the progress pics 'tho I may not comment on every tranche. Graeme
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