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  1. There may be, I know xc have brought in our spare sets into use. But the issue is whether there is anyone still competent to work them, as many will still be slam door stock.
  2. adb968008, you quoted "competency to dispatch slam doors" with a flippant remark which I hoped was a joke but clearly not. A year or so ago I signed slam door hsts, now I don't. To operate such stock I must have the relevant training which covers much more than how to open and close them, such as how they work, what to do if there are faults, how cdl works, how to check for faults and test them to ensure they are working correctly, what to do in an emergency, plus lots of other things. Yes your daughter can close one, so can I, but she can't do any of the other things I was traine
  3. The ones most likely to get it in the neck are the on board staff of the TOCs still running trains over affected lines, mainly our lot, Cross Country. We were already seeing numbers go up considerably in the NE, I worked several trains close to and over the limit we recommend for social distancing two Saturdays ago, even with 8 or 9 on. Now we're going to get dumped with all LNER and TPE passengers it'll be hell. Not to mention our SW trains south of Cheltenham. Glad I've got the weekend off!
  4. And... https://farmersforum.com/blind-farmer-keeps-on-working-the-farm/
  5. I suspect he was meaning all drivers, not just ones with a UK licence. To which the answer is No, otherwise, on the flip side I wouldn't have been able to drive in Germany, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, Italy or The Netherlands over the years... Not to mention that if they are driving a farm vehicle on private land I don't believe that they need a licence?
  6. Paul, as I've said a few times the example I gave was simply to point out that society changes over time and that institutions such as the railways need to constantly review their procedures to ensure that they still meet the requirements such as keeping the railway safe for all. Unfortunately some of you took the example far too literally as you have just done rather the the wider issue it was highlighting. We on board have had to change our approaches to our passengers a lot over the years to cover a changing society as well as legislation, but the people who intera
  7. I'd have thought that it would be in the job description for that post, if it is felt that speaking Welsh would be useful or even necessary then it would be there?
  8. I was simply pointing out that times change, surprisingly other people have come up with other examples that I'd seen around but perhaps not registered, so some of those in charge are already looking at the wider implications of a multi cultural society... As for the curly wigs, they also consider whether changes should have been made to take into account changes in society so it's not quite so cut and dried as simply saying "we followed the rules" if those rules haven't been looked at and if necessary had been updated to take into account changes in Society. I'm not saying my exam
  9. Quite... At least it produced a discussion even though it was shot down in flames!
  10. I was simply pointing out that times change and if necessary so should safety procedures. OK in this case there may not be any reason to make a change, but such changes in Society still needs to be considered, not dismissed out of hand as irrelevant or not workable, especially as we on here are not the right people to make such decisions. I'm sorry I even bothered.
  11. But surely safety is all about a continuous learning curve where safety procedures develops over time, that's the way Railway Safety has developed anyhow. Decades ago East European workers were unheard of in the UK so our safety procedures were based around that premise, things have changed and such changes should be reflected in our future thinking. It's clear that I'm on my own on this, I thought that at least NR would be considering such developments but it would seem not and as you are both coming across as defensive rather than taking it as a possible learning point (which is
  12. Just trying to be helpful and point out a potential pitfall. I won't bother in the future.
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