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  1. Still the same reason though, lorry driver going under a bridge which was too low. To be fair it's most unusual for those guys to get caught out like that, some red faces at the head office of the haulage company who planned the route I would think!
  2. There are various special bridges, on our local, The Staffs and Worcs, they have a slit down the middle of the foot bridges at the deep end of the locks so the rope can go down the middle and the horse draw the boat out, sometimes called a split bridge. Then there's the Turnover Bridge or Roving Bridge which allows the horse to swap from one side of the canal to the other without unhitching... (Both Wiki)
  3. Had it's first outing at the ERA's Continental Sales Day at Crewe yesterday, in the morning we ran it with Austrian stock and in the afternoon Czech!
  4. And our wallets not so appreciative! Not a vote winner for any party but the Greens... Oh goody! Only squash and Real Ale in the pubs, no fizzy drinks and keg beer!
  5. "What has happened to the 3rd wagon in the train, it looks a little 'bent'" Worn out, that's all, the first looks the same, but not quite as bad... If you were carrying steel scrap around all day I'm sure you'd bend in the middle after a while as well!
  6. Or lack of proper ventilation at some stations, New Street installed some big fans when they did the refurb but thinking about it I haven't heard them used for quite a while now, when they were first installed they were forever going off when a Voyager or 170 came in.
  7. All pretty predictable stuff... If you are in a tunnel the fumes have nowhere to go but back into the train, if you are further to the back then you'll get more fumes as the number of powered units in front of you increase... Been the same ever since they brought in DMUs... If you take a road tunnel the same can happen, even on "ventilated" ones, and there's a good reason for that "air recirculation" button on your car dash as anyone stuck in a traffic jam knows... Perhaps there should be a recirculation option for trains as well for when going through long tunnels... TBH I only notice the fumes when inside or exiting tunnels such as Clay Cross or standing next to a unit on the platform, most of the time you can hear them but not smell them! Good argument for electrification or hydrogen power, though. (As virtually all modern trains are now fitted with sealed windows and aircon I'd love to know where "Passengers on trains pulled by diesel locomotives are more exposed to fumes when sitting in rear rather than front carriages, the researchers found, possibly due to the how the exhaust is drawn into the train’s windows " came from, perhaps they surveyed some 156s!)
  8. I was thinking more that this is swapping information about people between private companies. I suspect government institutions may have different regulations that allows them to do it in some cases, I doubt that is the case for private firms.
  9. I'd suggest it was probably illegal. Data protection perhaps, companies shouldn't be swapping such info.
  10. It depends on the employer, some will do reference checks others won't. Also if he hadn't worked with them long he might not even have declared NR as a previous employer or if he did why he left them. I know of one train driver, now ex thank goodness, who had a terrible record but still got jobs, some employers aren't so choosy.
  11. Whenever we drive into the Eurotunnel train you have to go under those barriers before getting into the queue to board, I know that the car has plenty of headway but I still cringe a little when approaching them, anyone else do the same?!
  12. Which any car owner from the 50s to the 80s could have told them... Why is it that we seem to have re-learn stuff, don't designers look at history any more?!
  13. I nearly said Cardigan Bay which is probably a better description, as it's the whole area, there's similarities, both are holidays destinations, reliant on tourism and both can be cut off (by rail!) by one bridge strike... And both had alternative railway routes which were closed... It just seems that Cornwall always makes the most noise, even though I suspect most travel into and out of the county is by road!
  14. And still a damned sight more expensive than the odd bridge strike where any costs will often be covered by the vehicles insurers.... I could see a sort of argument for it when talking about the sea wall but it doesn't stand up at all for a bridge strike, if they got it for that think of all the other places that would want the same treatment, Cornwall isn't unique in that way... Aberystwyth anyone?
  15. As usual we'll have to agree to disagree. In my view using photos and footage from an unrelated train and era is unacceptable, that's not being pedantic, it's poor and lazy editing and should be unacceptable. If you bought a book on a subject and the author used photos from something totally unrelated would you be so forgiving? I very much doubt it. TV documentaries are no different to that book, they purport to be about a subject and then often play fast and loose with facts. But as I said earlier that's the way of modern TV these days, you seem to accept it, I find it slipshod and unacceptable, hence the agree to disagree. My only hope is that such stuff doesn't start to slip into reference books, though I won't hold my breath. Using your degree analagy my daughter has an honours degree and a masters, I know how much work she had to undertake in research to get both, ensuring that the stuff she quoted was correct and accurate to the best of her efforts. I've seen her really annoyed at some of the stuff that is put out these days. A documentary is supposed to entertain and inform, using incorrect information and media does neither. Just because its aimed at the masses shouldn't mean slipshod work. I suppose we just get what we deserve, if no-one challenges the producers to make better researched programmes then we'll just end up at the lowest common denominator. Whilst this programme hasn't quite reached that level it's getting close. In my view.
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