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  1. It is only one per transporter, normally that all they'd fit! If you have large SG bogie wagon you'll see two NG transporter wagons, one under each bogie. One other thing to bear in mind is that they don't like sharp curves, I'd suggest a minimum radius of 12", preferably, 15". Someone, can't think who at the moment, makes a transporter wagon with two axle bogies on them, the three axle ones can be a little stiff in operation, especially on curves. Interestingly the original small scale rtr transporter wagon was by Zeuke in the early 60s and whilst it was b
  2. There probably are, Andy, but I can't think of any offhand. I am pretty sure someone in mainland Europe did some experiments and found that under 750/760/762mm gauges they weren't stable enough to transport SG wagons safely, I can't remember where I read it, though. The two main ways of transporting wagons was the transporter wagon and transporter bogies, in the case of bogies one goes under each axle, for the wagons it would depend on the length of the mainline vehicle, one for a short one and two for a long one! The Czech line I model started with bogies back in 1907, experimented with wagon
  3. Just a minor point but as the 009 Society say it represents up to 2ft 6ins, not 2ft 3ins. 2ft 3ins is the exact gauge 9mm gauge/1:76 scale comes out as but the Society suggests around 3ins or so either side. So includes amongst others the Glynn Valley and Welshpool railways! TBH you describe the Glyn Valley Tramway very well with that statement, and that included both facilities to transfer from railway to canal and later NG railway tom SG railway, so fits all your criteria! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glyn_Valley_Tramway
  4. Also it's likely to affect the value of your house, would you accept that... In answer to Legend's post, no we are not. Times move on and there is really no excuse to have such noise pollution these days. Quite honestly the best sounding ic engine was the Autounion GP cars of the late 30's, any others pale into insignificance!
  5. You'd have thought with such a modern design they'd have sorted out the noise pollution by now... We live 1/2 mile away from the station and in a quiet cul de sac but can still hear Chiltern's versions when the arrive and depart the station, I pity those who live nearer who have to suffer the racket when they terminate and sit around awaiting departure back. Yes, for you diesel enthusiasts they might sound great but for the rest of the population they are far too noisy...
  6. Do they? I'm no expert on Ships, or, come to that, planes, I picked up the stopping distance of large ships from documentaries and the odd news report but I'd lay good odds that most people don't know that large ships take a long time to stop, same as trains, or that trains aren't steered by the train driver, or how something weighing many tons manages to take off from a runway and take me to see some narrow gauge in Central Europe... The point is, I don't need to know any of that to do my job (well, perhaps how the train is "steered"!), and it's the same with the vast majority of the Gen
  7. Why would a taxi driver know how a train worked (or need/want to) and what difference (if at all) would it make to his ability to drive a taxi?! Not everyone is an expert on trains, in fact most people aren't... Including a certain self made multi millionaire who's company used to run a rail franchise, yet seems to have been pretty successful at making money even though he thought the driver steered the train...
  8. Because they were getting a a big froth about the description of the train, which for railway enthusiasts is more important!!
  9. It's a tweet, correct spelling and grammar isn't required.
  10. Bearing in mind that both locos had GBRailfreight along their sides you can understand a reporter with very limited knowledge of railway saying that!
  11. I can't help you there, mine is DC, but the wiring will be the same as Peco's SG points so why not look it up on the DCC section one here. Also, if you haven't already, I'd suggest you look up NGRM-Online which is the UK based Narrow Gauge forum and has many people who use DCC and 009 electrofrog points! You will need to register to view it.
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