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  1. If you go quick enough you'll get through... Same principle used by people when going through flooded roads...
  2. When you drive up to the entrance to Eurotunnel you go under a bar which (I think) is set at 6ft 6ins and despite my car being well under that I always involuntary duck as we go under it! I wonder if these drivers just have no sense of height to make such stupid basic mistakes...
  3. There's an awful lot of rental trucks in those, you'd think by now the rental companies would give some specific instructions about that bridge!
  4. Hobby


    You can see a 73 running much closer to home, the PinzgaurBahn has 73.019 on loan from Club 760. http://www.club760.at/html/html/73.htm
  5. Good argument for a speed camera. They couldn't argue it's not for safety. No use with a 60 limit though.
  6. Don't know, but until you put a speed limit in that's what you'll get.
  7. Just out of interest what is the speed limit over the crossing as that black car was certainly motoring (and not looking where he was going as he missed the brake lights right in front of him!)?
  8. Fiddle yards now complete and full testing started. Fiddle yards run ok but section 3 (the goods loop) doesn't! Also got a small dead section on the entrance to the loco shed roads but that's my fault, I can see the hole for the wire... But there's no wire! Doh! The "control panel"! (And back of!!) Overall view:
  9. I see I haven't updated this for a while. Baseboards have been made (though I am using one less board than originally intended, that could change in the future!). Track has been laid and wired. Next I'll have to make the fiddle yard boards.
  10. Great news, it's passed it's tests and will be out over the weekend!! https://www.wllr.org.uk/steam-gala-2019?fbclid=IwAR15TWCtvAYWKoXsIdrrHgr737k6f9ssZ8XLhqBEu5f5Ro6La39hZ-9R_7o
  11. Probably... And I suspect they'll succeed as well!
  12. Just wired up the station boards on Ostrovia and only had two wires the wrong way round, on the connection between the two boards and I got the wires for sections 4 and 5 transposed. All now works just fine including the point frog switching having tested it with my new Ns2f.
  13. http://www.ukroads.org/webfiles/highway_legislation_for_tramcars_technical_guidance_note4.pdf Love the fact they've used a picture of a Continental tram as the header photo! (Somewhere in Germany by the look of it)
  14. Bear in mind "overturned" means: "tip (something) over so that it is on its side or upside down" I suppose we'll never know for sure unless someone comes up with a photo. No point in worrying about it either, as the OP said, you don't argue with a tram!
  15. I'm not sure if it did, they had to cut the roof off and it is shown on its side in one early photo, the top of the roof looks pretty much in tact as well, without any scrapes. Looks like it was deflect onto its side by the impact.
  16. I'm quite surprised it derailed the tram, must have been a fairly hefty impact.
  17. Concentrating on getting from A to B as quickly as possible and hang the rest of us, plenty of motorists as well...
  18. Which is why I made the comment. Whilst the signaller also made assumptions/errors, the lorry was not the same as a normal artic and the operator should have also made that clear. Hopefully all sides will have learned from it, though I suspect only NR will have.
  19. More to the point who would actually decide the "guilty"?
  20. Just one passing comment, the report says the vehicle was over 60 tons, by anyone's standards that is a large vehicle. Even most HGVs are only 44 tons. Perhaps the operators need to start looking outside their bubble.
  21. If all the checks go well then yes. They have a contract with the Zillertalbahn for two years, my post earlier with a link to the WLLR website has the full details.
  22. Slightly different to the Lilliput version as it unbolts rather than unscrews!!
  23. It arrived yesterday: Just to prove that the Lilliput mode's removable chimney is prototypical! They were lubricating it when I was there and then shunted it into the bay. At some point it's being moved to Llanfair where it'll get checked out (boiler thickness, etc.,) to ensure it's safe to use. It's not guaranteed it'll be running at the Gala but they are hoping so.
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