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  1. The top one in Jeremy's post is very common in Eastern Europe.
  2. 009 is like any small scales, including 16.5mm, the more care you take, the better it will run. I've seen smaller pickups on scratch built OO locos though, again properly adjusted they work fine.
  3. Bit of a contradiction in terms if you are after sharp curves!! The main issues with sharp curves, assuming the stock will go round them, is overhang (especially with the Bachmann Baldwin), couplings and running. Best advice is to avoid if possible, but make the curve as large as possible if you can't. The 17.5" board width - how about an extra bit of board tacked on where the curve is to allow a 9" curve, just a couple of inches will do! I've used 6" in the past but wouldn't bother now, my minimum curve is Roco's setrack 10.5".
  4. Auhagen do a range which says HO/TT on the box if those are what you refer to, they are 1:100 and are intended as background fill for HO scale but can be used for TT (1:120), they tell you that on their website. They are also useful for narrow gauge in HO! https://auhagen.de/en/Products/H0TT_2206.html?sid=nlnc0v7P553vlxfCtqvIxfSDqgnUBWXW
  5. I'm not sure it has, if you look at other photos of the Malta railway it just looks that way. I think because of the sleeper spacing and light rail. Look at the top photo in this thread, does that look like 3ft?!
  6. There's been several train/road vehicle crashes there, people have posted the videos on here. Seems they just like to crash there! Here's one from 2017 (I am sure it's been posted before, lots more on YouTube):
  7. Hiding inside the ambulances waiting for them to get in...
  8. I don't understand why the ride is so bad as the original spec it's fine. The only reason we could come up with is that they've not changed the suspension to compensate for the extra weight it's carrying round. On their FB page they had a shot of one with a coach behind it, I know where I'd be sitting!
  9. Currently they are using a Px48, I think the Resita and U are still there but when the Px48 failed recently they didn't use either so I assume they are not in use. There is only one "vintage" (i.e. with it's original running gear) diesel and it's plinthed at Nova Bystrice, all the other T.47s have been completely modernised using new engines electrics, the only vintage thing about them is the outside which they've kept the same... Unlike the Mbxd2 railcars from Poland which are now unrecognisable! 2016: I've been going there since the late 90's and love the place, though the ride on the revampted railcars is appalling. Go to the CD-run line in the north and you will see the typical T.47. and one/two coach service train and during the summer two steam engines, U.57, an 0-10-0 tender loco and a Resita and possibly their Lyd2, all of which are run by a preservation group. 2014:
  10. It sounds about right for one of their adds, though. I've watched a couple of compilations and they didn't have it. I'm surprised there isn't a list somewhere online of them all, Wiki has a page on them but no list. I've been stuck at Hartlebury LC a couple of times over the past few days and now have some sympathy with that van driver who destroyed the gates a few pages back! The first day I sat for nearly 5 minutes (I was clock watching!) until a Round Oak steel train trundled through and on the second occasion it was nearly 7 minutes, though that was due to two passenger trains both stopping at the station. I don't know where the treadle is (I am assuming it's worked that way?) but surely they could revise the waiting times, it's not a high speed line (75mph I think) so surely it could be reduced?
  11. I can't find any list of the adverts they did. Shame as if we knew the title I am sure YouTube would have it somewhere!
  12. Probably so few trains it isn't worth the cost... A more obvious solution would seem to be repositioning the signals so the trains don't straddle the crossings?!
  13. Many did carry passengers, though, workers trains.
  14. I had a small one built by one of the Wyre Forest guys called K Ottick Engineering in 009, I got it after it had been stored for a decade or so and it was very run down and dusty. Completely stripped, cleaned and track relaid. It was only small, 4ft by 19". Now with new owners. I have seen the photos for that other one, all I'll say for any person taking it on is that it will be a lot of work, so be prepared!
  15. I am well aware why they have such equipment and reasons it's used, I do not feel it needed a lecture which is the way that comes across. Progress means many things and I was simply commenting on the "I was here first" comment by the farmer. Going back to subject, and asking because I am not sure of the answer, don't they have a plaque with the proper name of the level crossing next to the phone? I can understand the protocol of the crossing user saying where they are first, same as it is for an emergency call where the caller identifies themselves and location first. As others have said a trip to the signalling centre/box would work wonders for both sides!
  16. I was a bit wary about the "I was here before" argument which is always dragged out by certain road users... Yes you were there before, but you didn't have that monstrosity you are driving and towing... Trains going faster is progress, same as your tractor and the gear it tows...
  17. I'm not certain if this will work but here goes. It's from a Russian NG Facebook page I follow, they are a preserved NG line. It seems the local authorities resurfaced the main road, including tarmacking over the rails! Certainly level crossing stupidity!! This is the video from the FB page of the volunteers removing the tarmac!
  18. Well it must of worked I didn't hear of any incidents!
  19. Just to add to the above, KIBRI do a model of Burg Spreewald station as an alternative to Goyatz for H0m. Also Auhagen do Radeburg station, also in H0 scale, as an alternative Saxon NG station for HOe. One of the smaller Pola stations can be used, with modification, for German NG as well. Sorry to the OP for being slightly off topic but many of us who model in H0m (or used to!!) use the TT locos for their chassis so there is some relevance!
  20. Please read my post again as that's what I said! I've been modelling German 750mm and 1000mm gauge for the best part of 30 years now so do know where the stations are located as I said in my post. I've also used both buildings, Oberrittersgrun on a Saxon based H0e layout and Goyatz on Spreewald based H0m layout. By sheer coincidence I visited both locations last year as well! Thanks for the spelling correction, though, I wasn't near my book on Saxon railways so missed some letters out!
  21. Back in the early years ROKAL also produced a lot of TT and you can still get some of their stuff even though they finsihed in the 70s, I have one of their 2-10-2Ts somewhere! I used to go to ES Pecky all the time when I first went to the Czech Republic, my first visit was in 1999. They had a really good selection of detailing bits back then, both in HO and TT. They aren't as good as they were these days though, I've given up doing the hour trip out from Prague as last time i went I hardly got anything. Perhaps becoming too commercial (the Hattons trap!)...
  22. N came along I expect, same as in Western Europe. Where N wasn't as prevalent such as behind the Iron Curtain TT kept going, in fact it's still the second most popular scale in many countries in Eastern Europe after H0. I have always thought that it's better than N as you can get lots of railway/scenery in a small space like you can in N but it's a lot easier to model as the buildings and trains are just that much bigger to make it easier. Had Triang done proper TT instead of TT3 it might have lasted a bit longer over here, but that's pure speculation, though I do think it was a missed opportunity.
  23. Yet the scale originated in the country you live in!
  24. Looking at the numbers, HO start 11, HO/TT start 12, TT start 13 and N start 14. From what you've said he needs to change his website pronto to take into account what he's now learned so no-one else get's caught out!
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