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  1. 9 hours ago, Ken.W said:

    And the ECML does still need proper provision for long distance travel


    We all need that, not just ECML. I see that we are unlikely to agree on this subject and whilst I agree with you with provision for limited stop long distance IC services they are being overtaken more and more by long distance all stops services which encourage a very different type of passenger. Not to mention that today's passenger tends to like to keep their baggage near them, I am sure there are some that don't but they are not the majority from my experience. I hope that EC can hold on to the limited stop trains but I suspect their days are numbered. Anyhow rather than create even more thread drift I feel that it's better we agree to differ. I have plenty of sympathy for what you describe, believe me, but in my world inside the trains I can see we need a different type of IC train for today's passengers, a sort of high speed, maximum seat train which seems to be what they are building these days, for better or for worse... Enjoy your retirement, I am hoping to join you in the next few years if that lot in Westminster don't ruin things completely!



    On a similar vein I see we are now on page 14 and the facts as we know them haven't changed very much from what we knew on page 3 other than the "railway whispers"  going to town so I am going to press the "Ignore Topic" button, but I am still very interested in what actually happened and what the fall out will be, especially for all those new trains, so can someone PM me when the official report is released please and posted up here! Ta!!

  2. If he does as a Guard then his experiences are very different to my own (his "location in the cab" would indicate he was a driver?), I've worked XC for the last 20 years and have seen them go from being quite quiet with mainly long distance passengers to very busy with short/medium distance commuters and that includes the section of ECML from Donny/Leeds to Newcastle.


    The  more stops a train has the larger share of revenue the TOC gets which encourages them to want to stop as many stations as possible to increase revenue. That has lead for new trains to prioritise seating over luggage space, for better or worse (worse usually!). There are times when it's busy with luggage, our boat trains, end of Uni terms and start/finish of holiday periods. But I recon we carry much more short/medium (i.e. up to 2 hour) commuters than we ever did in the past so a comparison with 20 or 30 years ago isn't relevant for modern traffic flows unless the TOC makes a train limited stop which are not that common (though LNER  and WCML do still have some), There are some flows where "holiday" traffic is more common I agree, but the modern inter city train passenger is a very different beast to what it used to be even a decade or two back. 

  3. They might be supposed to be long distance ic trains but most of the passengers aren't. These days we have a bigger percentage of short/medium distance commuters who more often than not outnumber the long distance crowd. with increased in the number of trains and stops it has encouraged the long distance commuter who are often the majority. Hence seats take priority over luggage on modern trains.


    Yes I do have trouble in getting them to use the spaces we have and an awful lot of people don't like their bags to be out if sight. It may be different on London centric ic trains but I can assure you my experience is as I have stated. I don't make things up for the sake of it. i only wish what you say is true but my experience at work is that it isn't. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Ken.W said:

    "wasting space" having a van area  


    The only service we ran where the HST's luggage areas in the power cars were  fully used were the summer Saturdays trains to the SW and even then we had to practically beg people to put their bags down there. People want to have their bag as close as possible to them, I can assure you that the present travelling public will not use a "van area" even if it's provided unless they are forced to!! And that's before you factor in longer dwell times at stations due to people having to walk the length of the train to collect their bags... In the days when there were lots of staff and we were not as rushed they work. Not now.

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  5. I don't take that view, though. Any decent general exhibition will have a variety of layouts to suit most needs. Whilst i may take a quick glance there are certain types of layouts I will normally by-pass such as Modern Image TMDs and American shunting layouts. Neither do anything for me. OK I may miss out on the odd gem but such is life, I'd rather spend my time looking at something that interests me. Is that wrong? I don't know, it's just what i do. Life's too short! :)

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  6. 14 hours ago, TEAMYAKIMA said:


    I genuinely don't want to hijack this thread and make it all about my personal layout but I can make a few general points with regards giving the visitor info about the prototype and what the layout is about


    1, We made info boards to cover both fiddle yard 'ends'. There was a view that the first versions (shown at Bristol 2018) were too long and wordy - nobody stood and read it all ...




    So I made re-did them with fewer words and bigger print size to make things easier to read. I also invested heavily to make the displays more dramatic, more dynamic ….




    We still found that relatively very few people stood and read the boards



    On a small layout a board like that will work simply because it's "in your face" when you look at the layout so human nature as it is we will read it, especially if it's like mine and just above the backscene in line of sight! On a large layout, though, unless you happen to be directly opposite it you won't be able to read it. If youwant to stay with the photos/text then I'd suggest more photos spread out down the layout front in A4 size and three "text" A4 sized boards spread out between them but with less text and a bigger font. Unlike my TTe layout it's obvious what scale it is so you just need the basics, where, when and what. And don't forget to put "Any questions please ask!" on it!!


    Another thing that works for large layouts is to have someone out front to talk to people, if you have someone out there that knows about the subject (you?!!) then you'll find people will stay longer which then attracts others...

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  7. 7 hours ago, Ken.W said:

    I'm surprised that in such a low speed incident it required skating.


    It was probably one of those bogies that came off. Perhaps it hit something it shouldn't have and damaged it, brake linkage for instance and it was easier just to skate it... I've seen plenty of damage at slow speeds where it's been more than it should be due to individual circumstances... No doubt it'll all come out in the wash!

  8. 23 minutes ago, Fat Controller said:

    The STOP board was on the exit road; it seems it is being treated as a SPAD.


    I'm getting confused now. I thought this was on the entry road? Or are you saying that there was a stop board on this line facing (therefore applicable to) these units and this stop board was passed without stopping (by I assume, the 800)?

  9. 14 hours ago, F-UnitMad said:

    Ah, so it was my fault - or at least the small sign on the end of my US O scale layout that read "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again" ...??


    I don't know, was it? ;)


    Seriously, though, I have never "flogged" the nationality of my layouts, they have just been shown with their name and an information board. I have resisted the temptation to put great big flags along the front, wear silly hats or put up "humorous" signs in a pigeon version of the country's language... All of which I've seen on many foreign layouts and I feel that sort of thing often winds up a certain type of person...  Mind you as a narrow gauge modeller I am used to comments like "Oh, that's N gauge" anyhow so probably have a higher tolerance level to some types of punter! ;)

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  10. 4 hours ago, Hobby said:

    That's not my experience and I've been exhibiting East European layouts for over a decade now. 


    24 minutes ago, Allegheny1600 said:

    Do you model anything 'foreign'?


    Does the above answer your question (a post of mine from the previous page)... Four Czech narrow gauge exhibition layouts, three of which have featured in CM and several German themed NG layouts before them, and yes, I do know what Prussian stuff is, thanks...



    TBH I've have a much better response at local shows and narrow gauge shows than the biggies, the visitors tend to be more open to seeing something different. I saw few "family" groups at Warley, compared to it being quite common to see husband, wife and kids at local shows. At the local shows I find there are people who have visited the lines or, even better, used to live in the country I model. I can safely say, though, I have NEVER had any hostile comments or behaviour towards them... Mind you I try to be as friendly as possible (my helpers even more so!) so I doubt that sort of bigot would bother saying anything, being open and friendly normally prevents negativity! :)

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  11. In every country I have visited either in real life or via a forum the majority of their modellers model their own country. Theres nothing untoward about that, its what you'd expect. The bit of that post I feel is wrong, though,  is thst there is hostility towards models of foreign railways. Indifference perhaps but not outright hostility! 

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  12. 3 hours ago, F-UnitMad said:


    Unfortunately the vast majority of British railway enthusiasts - modellers or not - are utterly & totally Xenophobic about anything "Foreign", almost regardless of it's nationality. 


    Really? That's not my experience and I've been exhibiting East European layouts for over a decade now. However I don't flaunt the nationality of the layout either, I let it speak for itself, it gets interest anyhow. The fact that Continental Modeller is still a going concern would indicate there are many British railway enthusiasts that have perhaps broader horizons than you think. There are always a minority of biggots in any walk of life but don't let them persuade you they are a majority because of the noise they make.

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