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  1. So much for saving the planet eh! Put on more buses then they wouldn't need the cars...
  2. He said lighter so must be the stuff used by Fiat...
  3. I don't take that view, though. Any decent general exhibition will have a variety of layouts to suit most needs. Whilst i may take a quick glance there are certain types of layouts I will normally by-pass such as Modern Image TMDs and American shunting layouts. Neither do anything for me. OK I may miss out on the odd gem but such is life, I'd rather spend my time looking at something that interests me. Is that wrong? I don't know, it's just what i do. Life's too short!
  4. Why not? It's an accepted way of operating and it is used safely hundreds of times a day over the whole network in many locations. We need to be careful not to over-react to one incident where we do not know the truth as to why it happened, that will be the job of the RAIB.
  5. I seem to remember Neville Hill having some issues a few years ago... Edit: 2009! Didn't realise it was as long ago as that! Not quite the same issue, though... Just out of interest what's the state of the track down that line? I wonder if poor state of the track would have assisted with the derailments of the Azuma?
  6. On a small layout a board like that will work simply because it's "in your face" when you look at the layout so human nature as it is we will read it, especially if it's like mine and just above the backscene in line of sight! On a large layout, though, unless you happen to be directly opposite it you won't be able to read it. If youwant to stay with the photos/text then I'd suggest more photos spread out down the layout front in A4 size and three "text" A4 sized boards spread out between them but with less text and a bigger font. Unlike my TTe layout it's obvious what scale it is so you just
  7. It was probably one of those bogies that came off. Perhaps it hit something it shouldn't have and damaged it, brake linkage for instance and it was easier just to skate it... I've seen plenty of damage at slow speeds where it's been more than it should be due to individual circumstances... No doubt it'll all come out in the wash!
  8. Ah, I see, sorry I thought we were talking about the subject collision!
  9. I'm getting confused now. I thought this was on the entry road? Or are you saying that there was a stop board on this line facing (therefore applicable to) these units and this stop board was passed without stopping (by I assume, the 800)?
  10. Isn't that a different thing, though, I didn't think this piece of line has a "stop" board which has a very different meaning.
  11. Whilst YouTube is useful to see what it looks like I don't feel it can ever replace seeing something "in the flesh" so to speak... You can miss so much with just photos and videos as you will only see what the photographer is seeing, which is not necessarily what you will see.
  12. I don't know, was it? Seriously, though, I have never "flogged" the nationality of my layouts, they have just been shown with their name and an information board. I have resisted the temptation to put great big flags along the front, wear silly hats or put up "humorous" signs in a pigeon version of the country's language... All of which I've seen on many foreign layouts and I feel that sort of thing often winds up a certain type of person... Mind you as a narrow gauge modeller I am used to comments like "Oh, that's N gauge" anyhow so probably have a higher tolerance level to some
  13. You're not Allegheny, but I do seem to have very different experiences of exhibiting "foreign" layouts than you or the other poster, Luck, perhaps!!
  14. Does the above answer your question (a post of mine from the previous page)... Four Czech narrow gauge exhibition layouts, three of which have featured in CM and several German themed NG layouts before them, and yes, I do know what Prussian stuff is, thanks... TBH I've have a much better response at local shows and narrow gauge shows than the biggies, the visitors tend to be more open to seeing something different. I saw few "family" groups at Warley, compared to it being quite common to see husband, wife and kids at local shows. At the local shows I find there are people wh
  15. In every country I have visited either in real life or via a forum the majority of their modellers model their own country. Theres nothing untoward about that, its what you'd expect. The bit of that post I feel is wrong, though, is thst there is hostility towards models of foreign railways. Indifference perhaps but not outright hostility!
  16. Really? That's not my experience and I've been exhibiting East European layouts for over a decade now. However I don't flaunt the nationality of the layout either, I let it speak for itself, it gets interest anyhow. The fact that Continental Modeller is still a going concern would indicate there are many British railway enthusiasts that have perhaps broader horizons than you think. There are always a minority of biggots in any walk of life but don't let them persuade you they are a majority because of the noise they make.
  17. I was thinking of offering my new HOe layout in a year or so's time but from the comments about too much narrow gauge and those wanting modelling perfection I don't think I will bother.
  18. Though to be fair at the secondhand end of the market the toyfair traders do exactly the same thing... Both are businesses so do exactly what you'd expect them to do... If you don;t like the price don't buy but wait until it has reached a level you find acceptable...
  19. Yes i know that's why I commented. The post indicated they did... Knew I should have used a smilie!
  20. Prices dropped at the end of the day two of our group picked up 009 Baldwins for 60 quid each!
  21. We think they may have opened a side door or two. I went from jumper to t-shirt during that time!
  22. Or to look at it from a different angle, it's the layouts which bring in the punters (and money), without them it's just a toy fair!
  23. Maybe they've got another camera low enough to read the reg plate otherwise it could be difficult, scruffy looking white unmarked van, lot of them around, probably came off the industrial estate alongside the railway at that point. Caused "travel chaos across the region" according to the Birmingham Mail... The points failure at Snow Hill this morning will certainly have caused problems for many, but this incident? I don't think so. Why can't the Press be a little less dramatic!!
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