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  1. Been told by nationwide that they are unable to process my claim for the APT and one class 92 deposit as it’s over the 120 day time limit for visa chargeback (no other reason stated). Reply duly sent with information from the posts above and now awaiting a response ...
  2. Just been having a chat with Nationwide here and a few things that may be worth sharing; Firstly - PayPal payments appear do indeed go through as Direct Debits so unfortunately little the bank can do with these so would need to raised through PayPal. Secondly - Reference Visa Chargeback (Debit card payments outside of PayPal) - Does appear the bank can put a claim in for these BUT in the event it is not successful looks unlikely you could raise this through the receivers subsequently. Of note was that for 'best' chance of being successful with such a claim through the chargeback route the bank would like to see evidence that an individual has attempted to make contact with the seller in question (Even if this results in an automated out of office response) but at least documents tried to resolve with the seller / clarify if the product would be delivered fully or in part. Edit: This does potentially mean that for those who paid APT deposits through DJ Models site with a Debit Card this payment could be covered under Visa.
  3. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/south-eastern-class-395-Hornby-visitor-centre.html 395013 named 'Hornby Visitor Centre' at Ramsgate this morning now available to pre-order . . . Edit: Hornby do not appear at first glance to be doing the extra 2 coaches to make it the full train however?
  4. Not had anything from Hornby about my order but on reading the last few posts duly logged in to find that Hornby have tried (and failed) to take payment to which they gave me until end of the month to update payment details (Same as before ironically) and now appears order being processed now.
  5. Reference current crowd funding I will be open and say that at present I have £698.99 of deposits paid with DJModels for an APT and Class 92s. Yes, I am a little anxious right now with current progress and uncertainty over these projects viability going forward as this is a huge sum of money to potentially lose but maybe as others have said its time to cut and run and accept the loss now. On the flip side have not seen anything from Dave to say these projects are on the rocks / in trouble so can only assume progress is still being made behind the scenes on them. I would also state in fairness to Dave I am also a 'crowdfunder' on Revolutions 320/321 project which so far in 3 years has only reached the CAD stage as well but with an outlay of £430 thus far so to me I feel Dave has been getting a lot of perhaps unfair criticisms. Also not seen a 3D print of this either ... With regards to this statement in general nothing to add on this bar my own take on it which simply suggests trying to stop those he has paid for work done ready from using it / selling it to another individual / party to produce said models. Putting it in the public domain perhaps was to try and act as a warning to all that Dave is watching the market ...
  6. Just spotted: https://djmodels.co.uk/major-djm-announcement-coming-1st-may-2019 In brief . . .
  7. Update posted on DJModels blog for quick update on N gauge releases in general; https://djmodels.co.uk/blog
  8. Order arrived during the week - very impressive dataing ... however little concerned as to how one of the TEAs has arrived with quite a large amount of plastic loose in the packaging / what appears to be assembly ‘issues’ also ... Edit: all others arrived perfectly fine so is isolated to this single one.
  9. As much as I want the DJ Models Class 92 to succeed the announcement today does make me very nervous about this project going any further. My gut feeling for this (and the Revolution Class 320/321) has been for some time the development seems to be taking a VERY long time from an initial deposit having being paid to something tangable being shown - Even the APT seems to be more advanced development wise than this is by the looks of it and it does concern me big time this projects future could potentially be in doubt further down the line. Whilst the newsletters are showing signs of progress behind the scenes I can perhaps only hope progress is made swiftly on this and some re-assuarnces that this project can still be viable going forward are forthcoming as I personally don't wish to lose out on this in both N and OO. If this had been released a year ago todays announcement would be a it 'meh' as a highly detailed class 92 would be in the market but its now a tough choice of stick (and hope) or swap knowing its likely to progress . . .
  10. Just seen on Dapol’s Facebook page they are now taking pre-orders for their OO factory fitted sound TPE 68 - RRP £250. Order since duly placed. Edit: should mention scale!
  11. Not sure it is - Looks a much more refined 3D print as the details are certainly more visible on this one (And no odubt the more eagle eyeyed will spot the differences if there are any of course). (Ref 2017 print below)
  12. Current progress as taken on DJModels stand at Warley 2018 . . . (Apologies for quality but was taken on my mobile at the time)
  13. Wishing to bring this back on topic if possible but photo of current progress as taken on DJModels stand at Warley 2018 . . . (Apologies for quality but was taken on my mobile at the time)
  14. Whilst I for one am 'concerned' with apparent progress on the OO (And N) 92s I am more concerned about the large amount of negativity this project is getting over others in similar situations. Going through my pre-orders tells me that there are other projects out there which have had deposits taken yet no physical sign of any product beyond CAD/CAM stage with no real sign of when (Or if) it will ever be delivered - Much the same as this in fairness. That said personally I am thoroughly looking forward to this and the 3D print that was on display at Warley tells me this will be well worth the wait and that are things progressing with it behind the scenes which fills me with confidence.
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