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  1. I am somewhat puzzled as to what Hornby are wishing to achieve with this tiering system? From an end customer who pre-ordered with their choice of retailer upon announcement of products and then subsequently had these cancelled due to Hornby having given them a tier 3 rating so would get limited choice of what was available I am somewhat concerned (Or disheartened) that I've received another e-mail this morning from another retailer (Not naming as think its unfair as clearly not their fault) to advise that what I had pre-ordered after having the first cancelled elsewhere and done in good time could no longer be supplied due to the tiering system Hornby have imposed (And affecting numbers re-ordering through themselves). So unless Hornby are wanting to encourage ordering direct (I would if the old 10% club discount still remained admittedly and it was not for the £5.95 postage for a single coach nowadays) I think I will be leaving Hornby well alone in future years. Personally as someone who uses the online method to purchase models more so than visiting a physical shop whether a shop is deemed to be clean / tidy etc to Hornbys standards is a little irrelevant - As long as the model turns up - Is safely packaged - And does not resemble a kit upon opening thats all I expect. Aftersales help and advice is useful granted but for most issues places like RMWeb can offer better help and advice a lot quicker. Not blaming said retailers and ultimately feel they are getting the bad end of this in all but all said and done the nails are being put (slowly) into the Hornby coffin in my opinion / experience thus far. Edit: Clarity
  2. Looking at the Hattons website right now shows no sign of any 'New' Hornby items (Including those that were on there as sold out on pre-order) so I would assume Hattons are no longer Hornby stockists then given the rather wide ranging cancellations mentioned above?
  3. Entirety of my APT order (one of each part basically) with Hattons now cancelled by them as unable to acquire stock for your order. Suspect I won’t be the only one to have had this either …
  4. Had my 7 car APT cancelled as well by Hattons just now (Ordered not long after it was announced) ... Luckily ordered the whole lot direct with Hornby last week pre-empting this may well happen sooner or later. Interestingly I had been keeping an eye on the Hornby site last few months and not long back certain parts were not available yet all of a sudden it was all available for pre-order again. Oh well, That was the last of my Hattons ordered now cancelled which is a bit of shame as in all honesty have had no problems with Hattons until last year but honestly wondering now whether reading a few pages back Hattons are even at fault here or are simply taking the blunt end of supply cuts form Hornby.
  5. None taken, but I fully agree with your comments though. One would think first come first serve in such instances of it being over-subscribed but clearly its almost random as to whose pre-orders are being cancelled when orders need the trim. Outside of just what is going with Hattons and or Hornby its hard to blame one or the other but trust in wanting to order through either is slowly and slowly being eroded away as ultimately its the customer who will lost out.
  6. Yes - Ordered through Hattons around 24hrs after it was announced.
  7. Just had my pre-order for the whole of the LNER Farewell HST cancelled. Not looking good for the rest of the circa £2,000 worth of pre-orders ...
  8. Puzzled with the Transport for Wales Mk4s - Believe these will only run as 4 car sets (Plus Loco and DVT) so not sure why Hornby are doing what is basically a similar size rake as to that which run with the 91s? Hopefully I am missing something ... Still ... Very good to see some new Mk4s though announced today ... Well not so good on the wallet but very welcome news either way.
  9. This mornings southbound Inverness / Aberdeen / Fort William sleeper at Rugby just now ... looking forward to the 92s and Mk5s! (Taken on iPhone 12 pro max)
  10. No worries then, that would explain having not heard anything back with that amount of orders having been received.
  11. Not had any response from my order I sent on Tuesday morning (not been charged either). Sent a further order this morning so fingers crossed. Definitely some good offers but ultimately sad to see the club come to an end.
  12. Got the same e-mail from Hattons about R4990/R4991/R4997 - Worrying since I pre-ordered these within 48 hours of the announcement so if that doesn't guarantee them not quite sure what will going forward? One did form part of a test train on Monday evening which seems a regular occurance for this specific working every 4 weeks I think it is (Can't remember what the other vehicles were though but was top and tailed colas 67s) - https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/H17635/2020-10-19/detailed
  13. Class 68 / Class 88 combo certainly has happened on at least 1 occasion (not my video though).
  14. Liking the motorised tube stock ... wanted one for years but never fancied the overall effort and cost of the coaches / motor(s) etc to do it. Hopefully will be more to come as certainly an interesting development. Also welcome to see some more JIAs with new running numbers by looks of it.
  15. In light of the recent news orders now duly placed for the Strathclyde Orange 320 and Silverlink 321 ... And the other numbered Saltire 320 ...
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