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  1. No worries then, that would explain having not heard anything back with that amount of orders having been received.
  2. Not had any response from my order I sent on Tuesday morning (not been charged either). Sent a further order this morning so fingers crossed. Definitely some good offers but ultimately sad to see the club come to an end.
  3. Got the same e-mail from Hattons about R4990/R4991/R4997 - Worrying since I pre-ordered these within 48 hours of the announcement so if that doesn't guarantee them not quite sure what will going forward? One did form part of a test train on Monday evening which seems a regular occurance for this specific working every 4 weeks I think it is (Can't remember what the other vehicles were though but was top and tailed colas 67s) - https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/H17635/2020-10-19/detailed
  4. Class 68 / Class 88 combo certainly has happened on at least 1 occasion (not my video though).
  5. Liking the motorised tube stock ... wanted one for years but never fancied the overall effort and cost of the coaches / motor(s) etc to do it. Hopefully will be more to come as certainly an interesting development. Also welcome to see some more JIAs with new running numbers by looks of it.
  6. In light of the recent news orders now duly placed for the Strathclyde Orange 320 and Silverlink 321 ... And the other numbered Saltire 320 ...
  7. Another ‘new’ livery this morning ... 390134 now has the Avanti livery on the driving ends with the intermediate trailers all wearing the base white with the black banding around the windows. Didn’t take a pic unfortunately.
  8. Forgot to upload these at the time but they were taken back at Warley 2019 on my phone so apologies for the low quality ...
  9. Very pleasing to see these are now moving along now - Order will be placed shortly at least for the additional Saltire numbered 320 (Possibly the Strathcylde 320 / Silverlink 321 as well).
  10. I think ultimately I am not surprised by yesterdays news about the Class 91 / Mk4s in OO. I had admittedly hung back on responding to the e-mail a few weeks about confirming my pre-order mainly on the basis on whether the Mk4s were going ahead and the pricing of these - Personally would have ordered full sets of each (With sound fitted to the 91s). Yes, never going to enough room to run it fully but its good to see new entrants come to the market with something rather iconic like this and willing to do all the different variations form the outset. My other concern since the Hornby
  11. I’d put money on the OO version of the KUA also .... ... but as an outside guess I’ll go for the IFA point carriers.
  12. https://www.revolutiontrains.com/touax-kfa-among-revolution-models-for-sale-at-the-nec/ Good to see these arrive and even better to hear available at the NEC tomorrow. One question however relating to the additional Touax liveried ones quoted - I just wish to clarify please if these are the same as the ones below (Just so I know if I need to bring extra money )? http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/60713/22104-Revolution-Trains-KFA-Touax-VNH-1-Bogies http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/60714/22404-Revolution-Trains-KFA-Touax-VNH-1-Bogies-(Pack-of-3
  13. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/city-centres-famous-trainspotting-bookshop-17113633 Saw this pop up on my Facebook wall this morning about Ian Allen closing but hopefully it’s of interest to others out there also.
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