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  1. Very pleasing to see these are now moving along now - Order will be placed shortly at least for the additional Saltire numbered 320 (Possibly the Strathcylde 320 / Silverlink 321 as well).
  2. I think ultimately I am not surprised by yesterdays news about the Class 91 / Mk4s in OO. I had admittedly hung back on responding to the e-mail a few weeks about confirming my pre-order mainly on the basis on whether the Mk4s were going ahead and the pricing of these - Personally would have ordered full sets of each (With sound fitted to the 91s). Yes, never going to enough room to run it fully but its good to see new entrants come to the market with something rather iconic like this and willing to do all the different variations form the outset. My other concern since the Hornby announcement was the 50% deposit payment and the now the choice between 2 manufactures - Unfortunately having been 'bitten' and lost money elsewhere the choice is go for a new entrant (With a high deposit) or go for the stablished brand with no deposit but knowingly will see the product released within a year but know that I could not end in a situation of loosing any money on it if it was cancelled. All said and done I wish you guys all the best going forward and hope you announce something that is of interest to me as and when :-)
  3. Available to buy at Warley also ...
  4. I’d put money on the OO version of the KUA also .... ... but as an outside guess I’ll go for the IFA point carriers.
  5. https://www.revolutiontrains.com/touax-kfa-among-revolution-models-for-sale-at-the-nec/ Good to see these arrive and even better to hear available at the NEC tomorrow. One question however relating to the additional Touax liveried ones quoted - I just wish to clarify please if these are the same as the ones below (Just so I know if I need to bring extra money )? http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/60713/22104-Revolution-Trains-KFA-Touax-VNH-1-Bogies http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/60714/22404-Revolution-Trains-KFA-Touax-VNH-1-Bogies-(Pack-of-3)
  6. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/city-centres-famous-trainspotting-bookshop-17113633 Saw this pop up on my Facebook wall this morning about Ian Allen closing but hopefully it’s of interest to others out there also.
  7. Just been looking to pre-order some of these but added several different packs to my cart but does not show any option on the individual pages nor at checkout to pre-order or reflecting the 10% off 2 packs? Just wish to check if this is the case please prior to confirming my order. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Production should be underway within the next month all going well.
  9. Two of my pics of the EP of the Mogul ...
  10. Have to say from someone who has raised concerns with this project in the past was very re-assuring and pleasing to see the EP at TINGS over the weekend - looks absolutely fabulous and am hopefully a few of the other liveries (or additional running numbers) make it over the line as certainly interested in ordering a few more.
  11. Another livery option currently on 390137 ... all over white with no vinyls. (taken on phone so not brilliant quality)
  12. Any rough ideas as to the pricing of the Mk4 / DVT sets when they are available to pre-order? Just thinking in terms of trying to budget for these going forward ... Otherwise have to say this is looking very impressive!
  13. Firstly I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone in this thread for their advice and great assistance with this. Secondly, a little update from Nationwide . . . . . . I have received this morning a letter in the post confirming that I have been refunded the 2 deposits (This is 1x APT and 1x Class 92) which were purchased through my debit card / Raised through the Visa chargeback process. Not wishing to go into the contents of the letter itself it was noted that where non delivery arises from administration / liquidation such a claim could be raised within 120 days from the expected date (aka delivery) BUT had to be within 540 days of the transaction itself (I presume first deposit in this case). So my contribution to this thread for others hitting a wall with Nationwide is to go down the formal complaint route if you are getting nowhere with the visa chargeback and be persistent and hopefully you will get the result you want.
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