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  1. Great picture Chris. I really like the paint scheme on this as well... Hijacking the thread slightly - is there a reason that North America doesn't use double cabs. I suspect the answer is something along the lines of no need etc... but merely curious. Cheers
  2. Just taken delivery of a Athearn Genesis 2.0 SD90MAC in CP livery.  WOW, just WOW...! The quality of American stock is something else and this is on a par with ScaleTrains ET44/Dash 9

  3. Hi I just wondered if anyone knows if the NS SD80MACs ever made it into other railroad consists. I suppose more specifically, UP and BNSF or did the literally spend there life heavy hauling within NS territory. I've done a search and can only see them on the home lines. Cheers
  4. Athearn have done this recently with their G2 SD60 model. And promptly offered a fix for the missing axle boxes that some of the models. But the Americans really don't tolerate such issues. Interestingly, Scaletrains provide a packet of spare axle boxes in all locos they sell. So clearly not just isolated to Hattons, though none of mine have ever had that issue, as I'm sure that there are countless 66's that are purring fine as well. I think they've (Hattons) handled it well, when directly contacted. Comms is key in all aspects of life, you don't get if you don't ask. Just latching onto thread, not you specifically. Cheers
  5. Hi, I just wondered if anyone had taken out a subscription to the new offering by the Trains family of magazines. It's $83 a year, but gives access to all five magazines and website content, plus back issues for all five magazines. Maybe a better way of subscribing when you do two or more (like me with Trains and Model Railroader). https://www.trains.com/why-join/ Cheers
  6. I am looking forward to how Athearn's Dash-9 stacks up against the ScaleTrains version. They're already showing differing cab versions, but the real part will be the level of detail when compared to ScaleTrains version, they look better on a number of fronts and they do look fab, they really do. I have my eyes on the NS/BC rail version. Cheers
  7. I had noticed the not so favourable pricing on the DB/EWS ones. Might be an own goal and they sit there for a while, as a few have shown up on eBay this past week and sold very quickly. Saying that, there is always a buyer and I am sure that someone will purchase them at some point. I must admit to being quite fascinated in checking back each day to see what may appear next. And I am sure that I am not the only one! I noticed that there are a number on eBay of the few remaining ones in stock (10+) for a 15% uplift over the Hatton's current pricing.
  8. great stuff. Believe it or not, wires dragging on motors and driveshafts is a common noise/knocking on models and have had it on most makes if wires are not secured properly. Crazy how such a small item can have such an effect... Glad you have fixed it and it was as straightforward as that.
  9. Thanks for this Mick. Sorry, I had missed the reply. Sorry, i am trying to understand how what you are suggesting will allow the wires to reattach within the base of the point without melting such a large part of the under sleeper... I don't suppose you have any pictures do you? Agreed that the things are so flippin fragile. Barely touch it and it and then the second one fell off! Cheers
  10. On or off topic. I recently purchased a copy of 'Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives' and A Historical Guide to North American Railroads' to read while we are moving house and I have no layout. Both are quite excellent for giving an overview of there topics, with the latter being quite good for showing route maps for all current (at time of publishing) and historical railroads. I have really enjoyed flicking through the latter for getting an interest for each of the railroads they cover. There are a few omissions in the latter book, but overall, has proved a useful resource for those moments away from the tablet/net/TV. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, and there are more definitive sources out there, but I have found them most useful to drop in and read about. They, in my opinion, set out to do what they should, provide an interesting backdrop for the subject chosen. Title - Guide to North American Diesel Locomotives Pages - 304 Author - Jeff Wilson Comments - plenty of pictures of locomotives being covered, although there are quite a lot of B&W pictures for some of the older units (as you'd expect). The book is split into the first half being about diesel in general, with the latter half covering the various builders. I found it useful to see some of the older models that each of the manufacturers covered, given the era i have interest in being modern image (Sd60/70/ES44 etc...). The book also provides a useful history of diesel and how it came to displace steam. Finally, the book also has a reasonable roster section that covers the majority of the main railroads throughout diesel history. Score - 7/10 Price - I picked up for a round £15, but RRP is $28 Title - A Historical Guide to North American Railroads, Third Edition Pages - 323 Author - Trains Magazine (various - Jeff Wilson / Randy Rehberg) Comments - The big positive for me was the inclusion of route maps for each of the railroads covered. There are plenty of pictures of locomotives/operators being covered, although there are quite a lot of B&W pictures across all eras. There are more than 170 railroads covered in the book and each section covers the history of each railroad and their success, eventual demise or merger as it happened. The detail is rather brief, but it provides a very useful overview of railroads in North America. I have found it quite useful as i try and bring myself up to speed with the lesser know parts of each area of this part of the world. Score - 8/10 Price - I picked up for a round £18 but RRP is $25 Hopefully, someone will find useful. Cheers Bryn 2021-03-05_03-26-55 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr
  11. HI, I just wanted to see if anyone has had the same issue i have with regards to repairing the dropper wire for points. IN this instance, one of the dropper feeds for my double slip has come off. What is the best way of trying to rejoin this wire, or is there another part of the point that will allow the bus wire to connect. Cheers 20210305_105454 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr
  12. I just can't decide on US or UK modelling. It's made harder by the wife not being impressed for wanting to change and a 'limit' on how many locos can be seen to be had... 


    Love both for different reasons...

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    2. Jack Benson

      Jack Benson

      Thanks to 2016 and upheavals in the USPS, the cost of personal imports has risen exponentially whilst the quality of the models has remained the same. Importers of US outline in the UK and mainland Europe has ceased trading. Whilst some EU retailers have ceased personal exports to the UK.



    3. GEOEng03


      Thanks Jack, I have noted how expensive it is to import.  What look like attractively priced units are suddenly as expensive as sound fitted if DCC ready etc... While Rails have started to fill some of the void, I do feel the cost has caused a loss of UK based traders.  I am also quite interested to see the price of ScaleTrains Et44 at £375 at one of the UK dealers, while they are £85 more expensive than Rails for Athearn as well - at those prices, is just making me question whether it is worth it!  Agreed that the new features are minimal as well for the cost - but the same can be said for the UK market too. 

    4. Jack Benson

      Jack Benson


      The irony is that the quality of the models has not increased one iota, merely the cost. Even an envelope containing tiny details or decals costs $22+ for USPS air mail. 
      Whilst some Eu traders simply stopped direct sales to the UK. 
      Just one of the many reasons that I abandoned modelling overseas railways and returned to UK outline.


  13. Cor, the coaches and DVT look rather good don't they. The GNER set will look rather spectacular at speed once released. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi Charlie, Thanks for that - they're Loksound V5 decoders in the ScaleTrains units. Currently have a pair of the standard Sugarcube speakers installed. Cheers Bryn
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