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  1. Thanks Charlie, Item has been returned. I wouldn't have said that they were very loose, but they moved back and forth (on each of the four bogies), more so than any other loco I have owned, but had no reference for checking TBH. I will have a think about whether I can fit another livery into the current plans, but see you have the Barbie ones still in stock. Cheers
  2. Hi Charlie. My version seems to have power and not move. There seems to be an issue with the driveshaft slipping out of the motor/bogie constantly. Like the shaft isn't long enough. There is quite a bit of 360 movement for the bogie which seems to mean said shaft comes out easily. Both cars in set are suffering. Is there a known fix for this. Or indeed a longer shaft?? Cheers
  3. Hi Charlie, The kind wife surprised me with a Scotrail 156 (not form you, but missed the boat). is the option to have both cars fitted with sound chips, literally to order a pair of two chips like the HST or IET (bit confusing when I look at those you have in stock still). Or is it one sound chip and a suitable decoder. P.S. Love it that much, I am going to have to buy either the EMT or First version. Rule 1 and all... Cheers
  4. HI Rich, Sorry for the delay in replying - thanks for the comprehensive response as well. I do like the robust look of your solution... and you have shown me how to make the 9mm ply not as flexi. With regards to the copper clad sleepers. I am struggling to find where these come from. Not that proficient at Google apparently - could you help with your source perhaps? That is what has probably stopped me from going any further TBH. Did some signal installation at the weekend, not sure I like the fidelity of the wires that come with these things... OOI, what is the span between the two boards for your bridge? Not sure I could adopt the same pin solution you have (well as conductors), but the whole stereo plugs seem a good idea for me to connect broken wires. Cheers
  5. It has been quite a while since I last updated on this. After some decisions looming about future/career etc…, we are staying put for a while in Devon and I have bagged one of the slightly larger bedrooms to get going again. After a lull period of not knowing what to do or how to proceed and getting on the US wagon for a short while, I am now after visiting recent exhibitions, enthused and progressing again. The layout occupies an area of some 2.4m(w) by 3.6m(l), being around 1m off the ground and made of 9mm ply, each section around 1.2m length, and bolted together. The intention, as with Willow Creek, is to have a loop, to allow locos to stretch there legs and will largely be based in the SW of England, using the stock I have kept hold off, mostly HST’s, but a few 800’s as well. At the moment the plan is to have two main tracks that will loop the layout, which expand to 4 tracks in the platform area shown below, joining at curved points at each end, with a further spur off to enable access to what will be a modern stabling shed, that I will scratch build. The back end of the layout (away from the door) will have a covered section for a built area and elevated station access, to allow hiding of longer trains. I can hide a 2+7 just in this area, but will be 2+4 and 5car IET’s with other ones as well. Layout is to be DCC and will use NCE Powercab. All points are being made to be controlled remotely and my soldering skills are being put to the test. I have acquired over the past 12months, a large amount of point motors, signals and other electrics and scenery items to allow the layout to grow and I intend on using and trying for the first time block and timed signals – which I will update as I try and possibly fail. The wide has said that I have more functional stuff than just trains this time so, I really must give a go. The station end is mostly in and droppers installed, so the plan is to wire up and test, while I decide what will go on the left or window side of the layout, as a run off the main two lines. Wife wants grass and cows, I want minerals and industrial… Anyway, some update pictures to date. Portrait view of station area and how it will run for 4 platforms. IMG_20191031_083254478 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr Close up of points in area to station IMG_20191031_083301124 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr Close up of what will become the joint to allow bridged access into the room. This is a big new aspect for me and I am sure that it will work well, just need to figure this aspect out. IMG_20191031_083313375 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr Side view from same area. IMG_20191031_083306802 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr Looking 180 opposite direction across the station towards the room entrance. IMG_20191031_083337915 by Bryn Jones, on Flickr It has taken me a couple of weekends to get to the stage, but I have been careful and tried to be as neat as possible on the straights and curves. I know that the sleepers spacings are not the best, but given this is my first real attempt, I was happy to allow this. The clearance to platforms seems ok, could be better, but the confines of the space I have make it hard to take much more room. Operationally, the 2 additional positions at the station, give me storage room while running trains around. Track is Peco Code 75 and I am using ElectroFrog point work. Majority is concrete, aside from the curved points and some connecting trackwork. Cheers
  6. Hi, Does anyone have any experience of tactile paving sheets from scalescenes. Looking at these or perhaps sandpaper and LX213 Platform coping. Would be good to see it on a layout if poss and Google is not being too forthcoming... cheers https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/tx202-oo-slabbed-modern-platform-texture-sheets-buff-pack-of-5-oo4mm176-1733-p.asp
  7. I have all three GWR versions and the 3rd version has a definite clearance difference between the bogies and body than the 1st version did. As described by Scoobyra, the presence of the washer is apparent on this and I will try and get pictures of all three later to show this. I also see the difference in window tint as well on the 1st and 3rd version, which is interesting. Print is crisp with no issues on my versions as well. Cheers
  8. Hi, Was having a look at the Kernow website today for these and in one of the images, they are shown on layout with a FL66 in the background. Does anyone know who's this layout is and what it is called etc...? http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/60745/OO-EAL-005D-Revolution-Trains-JNA-T-Ealnos-Box-Wagon Cheers
  9. Thanks Ian Came through with little issue for anyone who is interested. Though they seemed more interested in how frequent I'd travelled this year when passport struggled with the scanner entry points... Cheers
  10. Hi Have brought a single bag of Lichen (Woodland Scenics) for a very good price with Hobby Lobby 40% off while in the States. Talking to wife while back at hotel and we are unsure if this would be allowed by UK as it is a plant material. The .Gov website information is not too clear and while I appreciate it is sold in the UK, I'm not sure of personal import. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the reply. Will definitely give them a nudge. Work looks excellent as well and I noticed last night that i need the coach numbers as well, but you have answered that too... Were the old numbers hard to remove - was T-Cut sufficient? Cheers
  12. Hi Just wondered if anyone had been able to renumber the Bachmann Class 450 in SWT (32-041). Had a look at the usual websites and no joy. It's the weathered version and acquired for a modest price, so would like to remember than buy the non weathered version. Cheers
  13. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/37403/Hornby-r3802-oo-gauge-lner-hst-class-43-power-cars-pack-43315-43309- The recent HST releases are starting to fall in price. Not the OOC one mind.
  14. While it may seem a phenomenal amount for a train, when you allow for what it costs to twin sound a Hornby Class 800 with sound and half decent speakers, then the prices are similar or not far apart, and you get an extra coach with this. very good move by Rails and others to split the set as they have - won't be getting one, just an interesting comparison to my recent addition of sound. I assume that most people will treat this as a flagship 'one-off' for the layout.
  15. Looks 18, Feels 14, Acts 8, That makes me 40

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