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  1. Well everyday is a learning opportunity and today has had two so far! Like friend Nearholmer I had always thought the Autocoaches of that style were much longer. However, on reading further I note that my example is actually numbered 174 - to Diagram A28, so should be 62ft 8inch. So all a bit of a minefield - but I'm still very pleased with my 1420 loco and autocoach set. Although I might yet renumber my 14xx, as 1466 which I saw running on the Wallingford Branch in April 1968 - but that was with a much later style of autocoach - No.238 of 1953 to Diagram A43, despite being in Brown & Cream livery. Regards Chris H
  2. I was just thinking about the possibility of modifying some of those B--L (Carette ?) LNER coaches into an articulated set - would still be a bit short, but would look good. By the way the WJ Vintage / Raylo GWR Autocoches are 41cm over buffers - so they are about a scale 12ft short, but they still look very good. The AEC railcars are longer - nearer scale length - which can be noticeable on 27inch radius curves, but they are still some of my favourites. Regards Chris H
  3. Chaps, Please remember that back in the pre WWII world the white roofs would be painted with Lead based paints, which reacted with the sulphur in the smoke to rapidly turn grey - it wasn't all soot deposits, but a natural chemical reaction. Lead based paints are now forbidden on health grounds and more durable white pigments are used. Regards Chris H
  4. Fred, Very attractive. I'm impressed. Regards Chris H
  5. Wow! - I like the forested scene. Regards Chris H
  6. When I was young there was a project known initially as FART = "Fully Automatic Railway Train", till officialdom decreed that it would become FACT = "Fully Automatically Controlled Train"!! - We made it work, but the HR issues defeated its implementation at the time. Regards Chris H
  7. Tom - Keep at it, this is very good. Regards Chris H
  8. That joint gave a very satisfactory "Clunk" as the wheels passed over it! - A very fun evening - even if we didn't quite finish the day's timetable! Chris H
  9. If only a 1:43 model of a "DH Dragon Rapide" was available! - I would very much like to have an RAS one flying over "Gutter Lane", but there are too many projects in the queue to divert my attention that way. Regards Chris H
  10. Not Mursley - we were on the return to Duxford so much further east than Mursley - we went north over "Ally-Pally" and Northumberland Park Depot before heading north to the east of the ECML (as far as I could tell). Regards Chris H
  11. Very good. By the way did you notice that one of my pictures showed the "London and Greenwich Railway" - sat on top of its arches out from London Bridge - and another included the "London and Birmingham Railway" (and successors) route up Camden Bank out of Euston. Regards Chris H
  12. Regarding the DH Dragon Rapide, I had a flight in one over London in October 2015. It were rather good. We flew over a number of bits of London that Nearholmer will recognise. I have flown to the Isle of Man, from London City Airport, and back with Nearholmer - his knuckles did turn white at times, but it was a great ride especially flying over "Our" house on the way there. Regards Chris H
  13. A departure from Calais - 8th April 1969. The first day of the Hoverlloyd "Hovercraft" cross-channei service. We went as foot passengers on the first departure from Pegwell Bay - to watch the trains. I too like 141Rs. Regards chris H
  14. And where is the "Fried slice" to support the Fried Eggs and capture the runny yolks? However, I can be very partial to a large olive Focaccia bap sliced open and sandwiching 1/2 a sliced avocado and 3 good rashers of back bacon - but normally for lunch rather than breakfast! Regards Chris H
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