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    Mainly SR 00 gauge steam, early 1930's - to the end of 1947, but I'll run anything else that takes my fancy!

    My other interests include model making in general, building R/C model boats, wine, painting, (the Avatar is one of mine), wine, drawing, music, wine, oh and did I mention wine!

    I also enjoy swimming, particularly open water, but only when the Weather is warm(ish)! No ice breaking for me thank you very much!

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  1. Hi dave I use a very similar method myself when soldering up valve gear, but I add a small drop of oil to the paper, which I find helps to stop the solder for getting where you don’t want it to get. I do like the countersinking idea though, I might try that next time.
  2. Jack Here are a few more photos of my work on the Langley L class, mainly my upgrade of the bogies The original cast bogie, completely devoid of any detail, I thinned the width down to add etched sides. The lovely etched Comet bogies (available in 2 sizes) are either too long, or too short, so I went for the long ones. I just used the detailed overlay, which I cut to reduce the length to match the cast bogie. The three pieces are then soldered to the side of the cast bogie. Finally cleaned up and with wheels added. And just like Ernie Wise’s hair, you can’t see the join!
  3. I’ve not got any photos of a Nu-cast N15X, but I’ve included one of the original Langley L class. When Maunsell rebuilt them, he kept as much of the original loco as he could. I hope it helps
  4. Gibson will make their frames with either cut outs for horn blocks or holes for bearings, you just tell him which you prefer when you place the order as they are made to order. I got a pair of frames for a K class a few years ago, although they are plain, like your N15X frames, they are very good when compared to the drawings.
  5. Thanks, the list will be very useful as I have some of the above kits to build myself and looking at how you’ve done them may assist me too!
  6. On the left of the door, 3rd shelf down, second column, 5th one up! I've got one of those myself! I thought I had a big stash!
  7. BSW01

    Little Muddle

    I showed this photo to my wife last night, she couldn't believe it was a model, she thought it was real!
  8. I have used the Plastic Padding version which I buy from my local small DIY shop. I've used in my other hobby, building model boats, where I've used it to glue deck beams to the side of the hull and it's very effective and strong. I've also used it successfully to cast axle boxes after I'd inadvertently melted one.
  9. BSW01

    Little Muddle

    Is the roof painted masking tape?
  10. BSW01

    Little Muddle

    Classicfm also play it a lot too!
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