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    Southwest Manchester, either in the workshop, the cellar or the garden.
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    Mainly SR 00 gauge steam, early 1930's - to the end of 1947, but I'll run anything else that takes my fancy!

    My other interests include model making in general, building R/C model boats, wine, painting, (the Avatar is one of mine), wine, drawing, music, wine, oh and did I mention wine!

    I also enjoy swimming, particularly open water, but only when the Weather is warm(ish)! No ice breaking for me thank you very much!

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  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Brian
  2. Try using the shank of a drill. Find one that's a nice, but not tight fit, dip it in oil then assemble the washers and solder together. I use this method when building valve gear.
  3. I too will have a crack at ‘repairing’ anything. 9 times out of 10 I’m successful and on the odd occasion that I’m not, I will strip down the offending item and salvage anything that I think may be useful. Doing this has assisted me on more than one occasion to repair an item that would otherwise have been thrown away due to not having the right bits available! Some bits even end up up in models!
  4. Oooh, I'm so looking forward to following this build.
  5. Liver - tried it once, never again. Black pudding - some are better than others. Kidney - great with steak. Heart - very tasty indeed. Tripe - tried it once, never again. Haggis - never tried it.
  6. I couldn't agree more, but I do cook it regularly as Sheila loves it, when she does, I eat sausages instead.
  7. Nah, you’re getting them mixed up with Garribald biscuits, known here as squashed fly biscuits.
  8. Thanks for that, I’ve now got a bl00dy earworm. Time to play a bit of Led Zeppelin to get rid of I think. Wish me luck!
  9. You're among less than a handful of people that I know who've actually heard of Dan Fogelberg, so I'm pleasantly surprised. Alan Hull, lead singer and song writer of Lindisfarne. Joe Egan, Gerry Rafferty's former partner from Stealers Wheel. Dodgy, are a 3 piece group from Hounslow, they had a few hits the 90s, Staying out for the summer Good enough In a room, are a few. I've heard of Gentle Giant Premiata Forneria Marconi Tom Waits But not the rest.
  10. I also have very eclectic music tastes, on my iPod which usually lives in the workshop I have most of my favourite music. Some will be familiar to most of you, but there are bound to be one or two that some of you will never have heard of. Lindisfarne Alan Hull Stealers Wheel Gerry Rafferty Joe Egan Joe Walsh Dan Fogelberg The Eagles Linda Ronstadt Crosby, Stills and Nash Poco Swing Out Sister Clannad Enya The Beatles Colosseum Pink Floyd David Gilmour Gordon Lightfoot James Taylor Kate Bush Deacon Blue Dodgy Nick Drake Mike +The Mechanics Fleetwood Mac Free Bad Company Paul Rodgers Gary Moore Heart Debussy Berlioz Tchaikovsky Khachaturian Vaughn Williams Holst I could go on, but you get the picture, it’s a real mixture.
  11. Now here’s a funny story that happened over over 45 years ago, although it wasn’t a prank, it certainly felt like it could have been set up as a prank. A friend and I had gone out one night for a few beers and after the pubs had closed we went back to my flat for a brew. He was spending the night on the sofa, as he’d had far too much to drive home. So, once in the flat we made a brew and sat down for a late night chat. He sat directly opposite me and had thrown his jacket over the back of his chair. Now, he kept his wallet in the inside of his jacket and as we were talking, I could see his wallet slowly slipping out of his pocket. All of a sudden, gravity took hold and it slid down and landed gently on his shoulder. He, gasped, went as white as a sheet and physically leapt off the chair, luckily, he’d just put his cup down on the table next to him, otherwise he would have been covered in very hot tea. Meanwhile, I was doubled up crying with laughter, as I seen the whole thing unfold in front of me and knew what had just tapped him on the shoulder. I suppose the rumours that the house my flat was in was haunted didn’t help though. He did eventually see the funny side of it though.
  12. I thought I’d post a couple of photos of the engine shed. So far, the two out buildings are completely finished. Both of these buildings started out as a single building, but it was too big, so I divided it into two smaller buildings and fitted different ends to the sand drying building as well as a different roof. The first is the engine shed office, the wooden lean-to is the lamp store, they all need signs adding above the doors, I just haven’t got round to designing, making or printing off yet. This building has LEDs fitted to illuminate the rooms. The second is the sand drying building, but looking at the photos w, I think the chimney is a wee bit too big, so I might make a smaller one at some time. Both of these buildings are just placed next to the short section of the engine shed walls for the photos.
  13. Strickly speaking, doors aren't really filler caps!
  14. Filler caps. My car has at least 5 1 fuel 2 coolant 3 oil 4 brake fluid 5 screen washer
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