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  1. Good evening everyone Another day spent in the sunshine with a paint brush in my hand, but much progress has been made, all the blue paint has now been applied. Although I did run out of it just before dinner, so I had to make a fresh batch, luckily as I’m quite careful with the amounts of paint I use when it comes to mixing paint, the second batch was so close in shade to the first that (like Ernie Wise’s hairpiece) you cant see the join, when the 2 paint batches are side by side. Tomorrow I’ll make a start on the painting of the trim and trellis ‘windows’ etc white. Tonight’s tea was a nice quick one, a chicken and beef stir fry, followed by a bottle of wine. Goodnight all
  2. Night Boat To Cairo - Madness
  3. Good morning everyone Another sunny morning, muggertea No2 is at hand and I'm just about to make a start on painting the arbour, I may be some time. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later.
  4. Good evening everyone Another glorious day here in the northwest of England, the temperature was somewhere in the region of 25C, but it felt a lot hotter than that. I mentioned earlier, the front door frame is now complete, I’ll leave it a few days to harden off fully then I’ll tackle the small amount of paint that has found its way on to the lead of the fan light, but there isn’t much. I’ll also give the glass a good clean using an old tooth brush to get in the small corners of the lead. After muggertea No2, I took all the bits for the arbour into the back garden and assembled it completely, this is the first time that ALL the bits have been on. The paint I bought for it yesterday wasn’t quite the colour we were expecting, it was darker and more grey than expected. So I decided to mix 2 small amounts of the blue and some white (both the same brand) and showed it to Sheila, who was very pleased with this new shade. So I rummaged round in the cellar and found a larger empty paint tin. I then poured the full tin of blue paint into it, refilled the empty tin with white paint, added that to the blue in the large tin and mixed the new colour. Once I’d finished mixing the paint I started on the inside, but I broke off halfway through for dinner. After dinner painting continued and so far the inside is completely done and both ends and the front is too, I’ve only the back to do. I’ve decided to continue with this over the weekend to get it finished. I’ll then spend a couple of midweek working on the turntable. AndrewC. Best wishes for your wife’s birthday. NHN. So to read about your boss’s loss. Goodnight all
  5. Good morning everyone Late on parade today, had a lie-in and got straight onto painting the front door frame first thing. That's now done so I'm about to enjoy muggertea No2 before starting on the arbour. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later.
  6. I'm A Neanderthal Man - Hotlegs
  7. Good evening everyone Well the young lady that I spoke to yesterday at the big orange DIY shed, was true as her word, I got confirmation of my refund this morning, just after I’d posted on ER’s. I then made a start on the painting and had the door frame done before 11 o’clock, so sat in in the kitchen with Sheila and had a second muggertea. After that I went outside to the back garden and did a bit of tidying up, weeding and dead heading etc until it was time for dinner. The tidying up continued after dinner until about 3 o’clock when I packed up and came in for another muggertea. Whilst drinking said muggertea, I checked the Homebase’s website, as it has the facility to check the stock levels of your local stores. This revealed that the Altrincham store had the paint that I wanted. This is a very helpful feature, however, it also shows various other paint products, which when you click on a particular one you are interested in, tells you that this product isn’t available in store and isn’t available for ‘click and collect’ either! So, if you can’t buy it in store and you can’t order it ‘click and collect’ what is the f**king point of it being on the site in the first place? Anyway, later this afternoon, I set of to there. Upon arrival there was only a short queue, less than 12 in front of me and sure enough, when I got in I found what I wanted and even better, it was cheaper than the other place. Whilst there I picked up a few other bits that I was getting low on. So, tomorrow I will give the front door frame it’s last coat of paint and then make a start on building the arbour ready for painting. Goodnight all
  8. Good morning everyone Yet another sunny start to the day, up a little later than planned so once breakfast is finished, I’ll make a start on top coating the front door frame. Hopefully this will be done well before dinner and the door will then stay ajar until early evening before it is shut properly. After that I will find a few tasks to do in the cellar or garden whilst waiting for the paint to dry. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later
  9. Good evening everyone Well it’s been absolutely glorious today, but I’m glad I wasn’t working in it. This morning’s telephone consultation went well and I was informed that my PSA has once again risen, but the rate seems to have slowed a little, my new reading is now 10.7. To low to start calling me in for scans, tests etc, as they wouldn’t be able to see anything for certain, so it’s a case of carrying on playing the waiting game and I go back in 3 months time and do it all again. As for the rest of the day, a short while after the call ended I set off for the Trafford Centre and found there was no queue, I even managed to get everything on my shopping list too. There was even more good news at the butchers, not only did I manage to get a pastie, but as of tomorrow they will start serving 2 customers in the shop, with one standing at each end of the counter. There will, no doubt still be a large queue there (a testament to the quality of there products), but they will hopefully move at lot quicker than they do at present. After dinner I got on the phone to the big orange DIY shed to enquire about my paint order, I was eventually told it would be 27 June before they can schedule a delivery. So I decided to cancel the order, however, the young lad I was chatting to, was unable to cancel the order, I had to go to the store and cancel it in person, a fecking ridiculous system if you ask me! But before I set off to cancel the order, I earned a few brownie points by fixing the recently made peg board on one of the middle walls, along with a wooden heart, again made from offcuts, Sheila is absolutely delighted with them both! I then set off to the big orange DIY shed, only to be confronted by a HUUUUUUUGE queue, had I not wanted to cancel the order and get a refund, I’d have turned round and driven back home. Thankfully the queue moved very and I was inside at customer services in about 15 minutes. I spoke to a very helpful young lady and she was able to sort out the problem, hopefully I should receive an email confirming the cancellation tomorrow. Once home, I earned a few more brownie points by emptying the vacuum cleaner! Goodnight all
  10. Right Or Wrong - Stealers Wheel
  11. Good morning everyone The sun is shining and the sky is blue, breakfast has been consumed and once the oncologist has phoned I’ll go and do some shopping. Must dash, my appointed phone call is due any minute. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later.
  12. Sylvan Song / Dream Of The Archer - Heart
  13. Good evening everyone Once again the weather has been kind to me today, it stayed quite dull, but warm, for most of the day, the sun finally showing itself late in the afternoon, after I’d packed up. With it being quite dull it meant that the paint wasn’t drying too quickly, I managed to get 2 coats applied and a nice finish was achieved. Whilst waiting to apply the first coat to dry, I taped a ‘Wet Paint on door frame’ notice to the bottom of our letter box, left the door slightly ajar, but partially with the security chain on so that it wouldn’t blow open. A short while later, the postie (not our usual one) arrived and instead of using the letter box, proceeded to push the post through the gap between the freshly painted door frame and the door, FFS!!!! Luckily I think the paint was almost dry at that point and no damage was done to it. Below is a photo of the bridge (again made from offcuts and left over timber) and step ladders set I use to get access to the fan light. There will be no painting done tomorrow, I should have been seeing my oncologist at ‘The Christie’ to get the results of last week’s blood test. However, my appointment has changed to a phone call, which will be sometime in the morning, so I’ll need to be ready to answer the phone and standing on a step ladder is probably not the best place to be. Once that’s done, I’ll head off to the butchers and the head for the Trafford Centre to get what I couldn’t get this evening. Goodnight all
  14. But the English version is 5 words to the German's 1 word
  15. Good morning everyone Its a bit dull here at the moment, but now that breakfast has been consumed I can make a start on undercoating the front door frame. I’m using a quick drying undercoat, so I’m hoping to get 2 coats done today. After tea I’ll be completing the Sainsbury’s Grand Prix, something to look forward to there then. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later. Today advert is for an ‘Escape Room Experience’ delivered to your home! Just what are they trying to say?
  16. Good evening everyone The weather has been kind to me today and the front door frame and fan light were sanded down, filler applied where required and that too was sanded down. All is now ready for the application of undercoat that will commence tomorrow morning. Actually reaching the fan light has to be done with the aid of a bridge that spans two sets of step ladders, one set up in front of the door steps, the other set up in the doorway and the bridge fitted between the two. Once set up work is very easy and there is no over stretching required. Goodnight all
  17. Good morning everyone The sun is shining and the wind has now gone, so shortly I’ll make a start on repainting the fan light over the front door, the front door frame. I was hoping to do this last year after finishing the door, but after getting the dates for Sheila’s first eye op, other more pressing jobs took precedence. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later.
  18. I Cheat The Hangman - The Doobie Brothers
  19. Good evening everyone This morning’s dull grey and overcast weather stayed around until late afternoon when the sun finally showed itself, but it wasn’t cold at all. In fact I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I walked to the workshop at just how warm it was, the grey skies made it look colder than it really was. Well I’ve had some success in the workshop and the indexing table is running a lot better. I started off by re-aligning the micro switches a little so the striker arm hits the micro switch at a slightly different angle. I then smoothed out the ramps that lead into and out of the notch on the indexing table. The original notch was initially made so that it was a snap on/off movement. However, this sudden change was causing the stalling or stuttering as each limit switch was passed. This modification has removed the pauses that I was getting as each limit switch which hadn’t been selected was the passed. It isn’t perfect yet, a little more needs to come off, but it’s a marked improvement so further smoothing will take place next week. Next I turned my attention to the springs, I decided to make a new spring actuator, which is basically, a miniature McPherson strut. This is fixed to the switch plate and has one end applying pressure close to the roller of the actuating arm. The other end has a screw fitted, which enables the adjustment of the spring itself, (the photo below speaks for itself). The added bonus of being able to adjust both the spring pressure and the micro switch striker arm, has meant that I’ve been able to adjust the stopping points quite accurately and the table now stops within a combined error (clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation) of less than 0.5mm on all 4 stopping points. The next task is to make the rotational movement less jerky, I think a thrust bearing might be the answer here, so I’ll have a rummage through my ‘that might come in useful one day’ box of bits and pieces. Goodnight all
  20. Try going around 5 o'clock in the evening, I went to my local one about that time and there was no queue outside or at the tills! I'm guessing most were at home getting ready to eat.
  21. Good afternoon everyone A bit late on parade today, but it's Sunday! Anyway I'm off to the workshop so I may be some time. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later
  22. Good evening everyone This morning, before I’d made a start on my workshop activities, I watered the garden. Typically, an hour or so later it chuckinitdarn, quiet heavily, so I needn’t have bothered, but ho hum. I managed to get the all turntable and all the control components wired up and all connected together and tested for the first time, I’m pleased to say that everything worked, but with mixed results! The good news is that the indexing system worked flawlessly, the table bypassed all the positions that hadn’t been selected and stopped only at the selected position, in both directions. However, the indexing table was a little jerky as it rotated, (the indexing table is made from plywood which rests runs on a Perspex disc), so some sort of friction plate or bearing will need to be sourced to alleviate this problem. However, it also pauses momentarily whenever passing any of the limit switch which hadn’t been selected. Upon inspection, it seems the spring pressure required to overcome the micro switch’s contact spring seems to be the cause. I tried several different springs but these were either too weak to operate the micro switch, or made no difference, so I will try it all again tomorrow with slightly larger rollers, the current rollers are 6mm diameter, so I’ll change these to 8mm diameter and see if it makes any difference. If not, then I’ll try a different type of spring altogether. I’m currently using tension springs, so I’ll experiment with some compression springs in tubes, with a screw at the rear so I can adjust the spring pressure slightly. If that doesn’t work, then it’s back to the drawing board and looking again at opto-sensors/photo-interrupters. Tonight’s tea was a ‘Blue Peter’ meal, chicken curry (one I made earlier) all that was required was to dice and cook some chicken then add the sauce, easy peasy. The evening was rounded off with a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Goodnight all
  23. Don't Cross The River - America
  24. Good morning everyone Sunny here but the wind has picked up again and it's quite blustery, but not as bad as yesterday. I'm currently in the workshop about to start connecting everything up on the turntable. I may be some time. Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later
  25. BoD. I forgot to add that I hope your son’s test goes ok and that his partner gets over this awful virus. Thoughts with you all.
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