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  1. I did sort of know that the Cab lights wouldn't work when I fitted the decoder, I'm not 100% sure but I believe its mentioned in the instructions, unfortunately i am several hundred KM from home so can't check for you. TBH I'm not that bothered, I expect the decoder needs some CV's adjusting or something. Regards Keith
  2. For what its worth I ordered 66789 (non sound) on 11/05/2018 and it was shipped on 20/12/2019 I received it shortly after Christmas (I live in Germany) and it's done a couple of hours around my layout (roughly a 20M circuit, and its a bit rough in places) and so far nothings fallen off. I fitted it with a DCC Zen black 21 pin decoder and all the lights etc except cab lights work fine. very fiddly to get the body off and even more fiddle to re-fit due to the Ladders/steps but possible, even if your slightly ham fisted like me. I like it a lot (its actually a Rule 1 Engine but hey ho...) It was last seen dragging a mixed bunch of 11 BR Mk 1 Coaches (Bachmann/Hornby railroad) and didn't seem bothered at all. Regards Keith
  3. Maybe you have the chip 180deg out? I believe the motor will still run, but other functions i.e. lights won't I know you are supposed to insert the chip (which should have a mark indicating pin 1) into the Loco socket (which will also have a mark indicating pin 1) with both pin 1 marks lined up- however I know from experience that often the mark doesn't exist or is not so obvious. Might be worth taking the chip out and turning it around. (before you remove the body to turn the chip around it might be worth stabbing all the Function buttons one at a time, sometimes its just on a different button/function Regards Keith
  4. Princess Coronation streamliners at Model Railways Direct for £119.99 Blue one and £99.99 for the Red ones https://www.modelrailwaysdirect.co.uk/store/search.asp Regards Keith
  5. just done a quick web seach, you could try this one http://www.derails.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2561 Regards Keith
  6. Have you tried Micro-sol? http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/graphics/Instructions/MSISysteminstr.pdf 3rd item down on this pdf/list, much used by Aircraft modellers. might be worth a try. I use it myself, but not to rescue an old Decal (yet) Regards Keith
  7. I believe that there was meant to be space in the bunker for a Sugar Cube speaker? You might want to use the space in the boiler to add some weight, I found I could tuck a DCCconcepts 6 pin decoder and stay alive In the boiler and still have enough space for some lead to get a bit more weight over the front wheels. Regards Keith
  8. Well, if we're expecting delivery July/August as suggested in a recent email I received from Hattons, that means its about time to order some decoders Now I know its a six pin decoder, but how much space do we have? will a 6pin direct fit? one like this? http://www.dccconcepts.com/decoder-and-installation/dccconcepts-zen-decoders/u4-218-decoder-4fn-no-stay-alive for example. With or without stayalive, or is there a suggested decoder? Inquiring minds might like to know Regards Keith(looking forward to a dark red one, a Black one and possibly a yellow one )
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Dave. I have made a second attempt at ordering, with a note to the effect I only want one. Will wait and see with baited breath..... Regards Keith
  10. Just Wondering, I ordered one of these using the above link, it all seemed to work okay. But I've got no confirmation email. Should I get one? Or are they all gone? (Absolutely love the canary yellow) Regards Keith
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