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  1. Those kegs would be a useful spare for those of us modelling Freightliner services. Any chance Fran?
  2. 55002 had blue blue data panels hand painted with green to match when it had the two tone green repaint, but this didn’t prove to be very resilient and soon wore off. Apart from the style change shown in the above photos a close look will show the other change. The original style was loco class specific, whereas the revised style had the class number and other numerical data left blank and this information comprised self adhesive numerals applied as appropriate. This can be seen in the slightly wonky application on 46026.
  3. The video rather nicely illustrates the difference between Electric Blue on AL1-5 and Rail Blue on AL6.
  4. There’s a small cameo of the features in the photo at Goathland on the NYMR, near the water tank on the up side.
  5. That’s just north of York station. There are photos of these features being well tended into the 1960s but I get the impression they were left untended from sometime in that decade. The odd privet bush survived out as far as milepost 1 into the 1980s, I think electrification works swept away the last remains.
  6. One of the XP64 TSOs turned up in the Sunday evening Newcastle-Bristol I regularly travelled on during winter 1979/80, unusual as it was normally formed of compartment stock.
  7. Glad to hear it, I’ve got four in the stash, I’m contemplating starting the first one soon.
  8. Is that one of those ‘unbuildable’ Airfix 1/48 Buccaneers?
  9. AL6 were Rail Blue syp. There were (two I think) class 25s turned out in blue syp plus many class 73s.
  10. The Disused Stations site entry for Thorpe Arch lists ROF 9 as Aycliffe.
  11. Straight question Rail Way, are you an employee of or service provider to GA?
  12. The location is Sheffield Victoria. The loco looks quite shiny so it could be on delivery from Vulcan Foundry to Doncaster.
  13. Hi Fran Great news, I’m really looking forward to these. I’d like to ask about the green version graphics, please. The D6702 graphic depicts a pretty rare combination of small yellow end with TOPS data panel, whereas the D6704 graphic depicts GFYE without a TOPS data panel, which locos with full yellow ends commonly had. Are these graphics based on photos of the prototypes? Also, if the 41A shedcode depiction is a representation of the paint stencilled style rather than the early cast shedplates the 41A should be on one line, not with the A below the number. There’s a nice 1969 photo of D6706 showing this combination with NB too on Rail Online. https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p251491321/e1b472425 Thanks again for producing these. Simon
  14. Colin Marsden has previous for this. Didn’t he also previously claim that the early 73/1s were electric blue as well?
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