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  1. This corresponds with my recollection of the green data panel saga. The blue data panel blanks were carefully over painted green, then the self adhesive data numerals (which were white characters on a clear rectangular background) were then applied on top. As a result, when the paint started to come off, the numerals came with it. In the photo above the only number still in place is on a remaining section of green paint. I took a photo in 1981 where the last number was gone too (unhelpfully the shot is black and white). The thing to look out for is of a data panel which is completely blue &
  2. Back to the GE, Spellbrook on the Cambridge line between Sawbridgeworth and Bishop's Stortford. Taken in 1994 I think. Interesting supplementary lamps on the gates.
  3. Hertford East, 31-10-93. Not the clearest, but illustrating one of the more bizarre painting schemes, chocolate and cream front, white ends and NSE red stair banisters. The box is still there despite being long out of use, wearing the remains of this paint job. A move to the Wensleydale Railway is supposedly on the cards.
  4. Are there any NE Region boom gates still in use?
  5. Back to NE territory, an even smaller one than Gristhorpe. 20th September 2020.
  6. Ah, thanks for the correction, I thought the full timetable had been from 1975.
  7. Back to when 87s just had to make do with a number. 87029 had been in traffic for only 5 months when I photographed it at Euston in October 1974, awaiting departure. Another Kodak Instamatic shot so not the sharpest but still one of my favourites.
  8. York Yard North, which sadly lost its roof due to a road bridge realignment in the early 70s. This is from the mid 1980s, with the nameboard already gone.
  9. Here's 45039 The Manchester Regiment at York Yard North with mgr empties for the NE, 5th July 1979. It left the wagons in the down sidings adjacent to the sugar beet factory and went back south light engine, so possibly Toton crewed. Loaded trains from the NE would lay over in the up sidings before heading S.
  10. 50032 Courageous leaving York for home with the Edinburgh - Plymouth service on 3rd August 1981.
  11. After taking the above 81/86 photo at Carlisle a DMU to Whitehaven and a few days walking across the Lakes took me back to AC traction territory at Oxenholme. 87011 The Black Prince arrives with an Edinburgh/Glasgow - Manchester/Liverpool train, 1st July 1979.
  12. Another one from the Kodak Instamatic files. 81021 shunts parcels stock and 86224 awaits departure with the 12:08 to Euston. Carlisle, 27th June 1979.
  13. Looking at it more closely, it appears to still have at least one roof periscope. Late retention of these seems to have been a peculiarity of the SR.
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