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  1. The Libby’s factory at Milnthorpe was rail connected. It used to receive empty cans by rail, although apparently from Glasgow. I’ve no idea what the Ellesmere Port traffic was though.
  2. Also the 82 is in Rail Blue but retaining lion and wheel cast emblem.
  3. The 50(007?) is an interesting combination of dominos and early style livery (the driver cab side arrow suggesting it carries them on all cab sides). We’re there many like this?
  4. The level crossing by the former Felixstowe Beach station.
  5. Not to hand Paul, sorry. If I do nail it down I will post it here.
  6. As Paul said above, the 03s always went around with a match wagon. D2063 was often the station pilot, it was an early air brake conversion.
  7. Good luck with the project. A quick initial observation re. the list of locos, the ratio of 31s to 20s is the wrong way round, York had an allocation of 20s in 1970, and no class 31s. Lots of 47s there at the time too. The station pilot(s) at the time were 03s as well.
  8. The other possibility is rivets from attaching the single centre front OHL warning sign also found on early build locos.
  9. Those are the bolts which held the shed code plates, common on early build 47s.
  10. I’ve not noticed protrusions above the buffer beam cowling like that before. Any thoughts about their purpose?
  11. It could have been Doncaster, they were fond of the GFYE with arrows and rail alphabet numbering combo.
  12. D7628 doesn’t have a high intensity headlight in a tail light mounting, it has a central headlight of the 1980s style. D444/50044 had a tail lamp conversion to headlight.
  13. https://goo.gl/maps/knzHKk5QpkGT2aef7 Looks like the wooden gate on the left in the last photo above (and in one of the photos in the previous post) is clinging on, although it looks to be threatened by adjacent development.
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