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  1. These are different wagons, originally used for Pedigree petfoord traffic from Melton Mowbray. DRS used some for a month-long milk trial but only one was loaded. Charterail
  2. It was a long-term static store.
  3. For those awaiting its arrival in the shops, this should now be happening as it was in my local Smiths this morning. As the Project Mercury section has gone down well, here's a photo that didn't make it in - 31519 passing Warrington in 1991 with a cable laying train. This features one of the Mk.1 staff and generator coaches along with five converted Bogie Bolster C. Three of these are in Mercury blue without safety canopies and two are in olive green with canopies.
  4. The first train is currently testing on the Severn Valley, having arrived from Derby ten days ago. It uses three 60ft KFAs (VTG95378-80) with modules on top. Couple of decent vids on YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89EiznCpwdo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNoeiTZ9iwI
  5. Not anymore, they were replaced by three OBAs a few years ago, went for scrap IIRC.
  6. With Andy's kind permission, a plug for my latest bookazine and the one that quite a few wanted, part 2 of Modelling BR Engineers' Wagons. About half of this covers the Civil Engineers air-braked types of the 1980s and early 1990s, so everything from Hake and Halibut to Sea Urchin and Limpet. The remainder of the 116 pages then look at Civil Engineers cranes and track relayers along with modelling a few examples before progressing to the stock of other engineering departments. This is mostly focused on the Signal & Telegraph engineers, beginning with its vacuum-braked and unfitted designs before progressing to the colourful periods of Satlink, Project Mercury and BR Telecomms. Finally, the Rail Stores vehicles operated by the Mechanical & Electrical Engineers are covered. There's a variety of modelling projects throughout, mostly in 4mm, with contributors including Terry Bendall, Mike Cubberley, Tim Easter, Steve Farmer, Mark Lambert, Hywel Thomas, Paul Wade and Carl White. On the prototype side, Trevor Mann and David Ratcliffe have again authored detailed articles and provided many previously unpublished photos. The special can be pre-ordered now from the Key shop and should come into stock next Friday. It should then appear in the shops from the following week, although exactly when depends on how quickly it gets distributed. It will also be available from Hattons and again can be pre-ordered now. Some sample pages below:
  7. The LT saloon had a new everything. It was stripped down to main frame and timber body framing and rebuilt from there.
  8. Might be useful for those who want a Pilchard in an actual livery, light grey not much use here. DB990096 still in black, I'd put money on DB990074 being olive. Both from August 1981 at Warrington, well off the Eastern which they allegedly never left.
  9. From Oxford Rail's FB page Product update: We have received our Pilchard livery samples for approval. These wagons were mostly seen in a neglected state but we have produced these in a as-built/ ex-works condition. This allows the modeller to weather and customise to suit their era. Sodor Works presumably
  10. What's the reference source for the grey though? They were black then crud/olive.
  11. For anyone seeking a write up on this vehicle and what BREL was planning , its covered in the August 1984 issue of Rail. Piece confirms it was a mock-up to show off the concept, unbraked and B4 bogies were used as stand-ins.
  12. These might help with the rear bracket detail, or just confuse some more.
  13. When two escort coaches just won't do, Georgemas working from today http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/51174808669
  14. You should be able to do the early LMR ones from Bachmann's D5036 without issue. D5094 won't do it as, even putting aside the polished grilles, it is a 24/1 with the smaller fuel tank. It also has the re-positioned boiler safety valve cantrail recess - Bachmann has done both the original and revised position for these on the new models.
  15. It runs as and when needed. Today's runs are due to be repeated tomorrow and Wednesday. Booked times are 5Q61 RECTORY SIDINGS 0722 NOTTINGHAM 0745-0751 LOUGHBOROUGH 0831 LEICESTER 0854-0903 KETTERING 0931 1Q11 KETTERING 0942 CORBY NORTH RRL 0953 1Q12 CORBY NORTH RRL 1048 WELLINGBOROUGH 1108 ELSTOW JN 1145 1Q13 ELSTOW JN 1150 WELLINGBOROUGH 1223 KETTERING 1233 1Q14 KETTERING 1245 ELSTOW JN 1315 1Q15 ELSTOW JN 1320 KETTERING 1359 1Q16 KETTERING 1405 BEDFORD 1429 1Q17 BEDFORD 1445 KETTERING 1509 1Q18 KETTERING 1514 BEDFORD 1531 1Q19 BEDFORD 1538 KETTERING 1609 5Q55 KETTERING 1616 CORBY 1625 MELTON MOWBRAY 1726 LOUGHBOROUGH 1806-1835 NOTTINGHAM 1901 RECTORY SIDINGS 1920 Realtime Trains should allow you to track it, there was some early running today today, particularly on the last leg.
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