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  1. In the simplest of terms, if its two tone green or blue it's a 29, if its just BR green it's a 21. Only 21 to lose the plain green was D6109 for blue.
  2. ADB977695 ex Mk1 Newspaper GUV 94001, so needs the gangways and toilet window in addition to the scrubber mods. Some pics at http://www.departmentals.com/search.php?searchValue=977695&fs=1
  3. Given Accurascale has said they will be paint matching the actual TPE colours for the Mk.5s, will Dapol be altering the various incorrect shades used on the first 68 so everything actually matches?
  4. A little bit of history made this evening - 91131 worked through to Stirling under its own power with 1W22 1925 ex Edinburgh.
  5. 08570, 08644 (twice), 08673, 08795, 08800, 08822, 08836, 08873, 08950, 09012.
  6. You could always do the more recent Mk.2e escort coaches, these seem to have replaced the Mk.2a pair now. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48330770776
  7. I think its the only accurate one in terms of the triple grey shades but the logo is wrong, more upside down Metals than Petroleum, easy enough to fix though. Its certainly my go to for triple grey 60s but they aren't easy to find these days.
  8. When DRS took over the flask workings, the use of brake vans had ceased but barriers were still required. DRS used the ex Drigg PFA skip carriers BNFL91000-29 for this, these being OBA chassis with all bodywork removed. The requirement for barriers on regular power station flask workings ceased in 2000 IIRC. There's some pics of such formations spread amongst this collection for example https://daviddockray.smugmug.com/Trains/Latest-scans/
  9. They were used for the Lindsey-Colnbrook aviation fuel, went off hire last autumn when the working switched to Grain with new build TEAs.
  10. The line from Oxford was that another company (not necessarily in model railways) had abused the Virgin image rights and as a consequence Virgin was completely reviewing its granting of licences. That was something like two and a half years ago though.
  11. Will be one of 31146/147/166 as they were the only 31s fitted with RETB. Should be able to work it out as 31146 was named, 31147 was named with a large white crest over the plate and 31166 was un-named.
  12. By 1992, 97650 was preserved at Lincoln, 97652 had been scrapped in 1990 and 97653 was withdrawn at Reading. 97651 was working at Radyr then Cathays around this time and 97654 was based at Reading and later Old Oak Common where it was used on works trains for the Paddington remodelling/electrification scheme circa 1994. For anyone interested in their allocation history, this book is well worth getting https://irsshop.co.uk/epages/c06e4627-fbe4-483c-833b-6f5529d3cffe.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/c06e4627-fbe4-483c-833b-6f5529d3cffe/Products/0128S
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