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  1. You should be able to do the early LMR ones from Bachmann's D5036 without issue. D5094 won't do it as, even putting aside the polished grilles, it is a 24/1 with the smaller fuel tank. It also has the re-positioned boiler safety valve cantrail recess - Bachmann has done both the original and revised position for these on the new models.
  2. It runs as and when needed. Today's runs are due to be repeated tomorrow and Wednesday. Booked times are 5Q61 RECTORY SIDINGS 0722 NOTTINGHAM 0745-0751 LOUGHBOROUGH 0831 LEICESTER 0854-0903 KETTERING 0931 1Q11 KETTERING 0942 CORBY NORTH RRL 0953 1Q12 CORBY NORTH RRL 1048 WELLINGBOROUGH 1108 ELSTOW JN 1145 1Q13 ELSTOW JN 1150 WELLINGBOROUGH 1223 KETTERING 1233 1Q14 KETTERING 1245 ELSTOW JN 1315 1Q15 ELSTOW JN 1320 KETTERING 1359
  3. If you search Flickr for Brunthill and look at the photos from Adrian Nicholls and Dave McDigital in particular, will give a fair bit of info on the steel and cement traffic that went there.
  4. 59003 has no radio roof pods or the baseplate squares so would need new roof tooling if doing it properly.
  5. It hasn't run since the Stonehaven derailment and subsequent extended line closure. As that was eight months ago, I suspect it's gone for good.
  6. From Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/robmcrorie/50163627571 Air supply comes from the lorry.
  7. They were assigned to the Southern for moving locomotive and rolling stock spares around during the 1980s and early 1990s. About eight got the Rail Stores livery ad would typically be seen in ones or twos. The Bachmann model is a compromise though as all of the Rail Stores vans were air-braked with modified suspension.
  8. Yes they are, as per the Accurascale model.
  9. The ex OBA PFAs were originally used on the low-level waste traffic to Drigg carrying skips of contaminated material. When DRS took over the power station workings in 1999, they were deployed as barriers as this was still a requirement at that time and this continued until 2002. The Drigg workings became containerised in the mid 1990s, initially using bogie wagons, but the well-type PFAs were acquired from 1999 to expand the fleet. As they weren't always needed for the Drigg workings, this allowed them to be used as barriers as well. I don't think they were ever used as barriers o
  10. And the latest four 48143 - 42050 48144 - 42066 48145 - 42048 49115 - 44016
  11. No but using the chassis from a Cambrian OBA kit with a new deck would do the job.
  12. Top quality for a top price http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lner-300-Steam-Train/194007514614
  13. There were mixed sets of both JHA liveries for a time. IIRC, they were repainted relatively quickly but there was an overlap between the two. For example http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/31988556170
  14. Two Mk1 slides sold for a combined £409 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-35mm-SLIDE-W25954-AT-PLYMOUTH-6-74-COPYRIGHT/393196177347 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-35mm-SLIDE-W2445-AT-PLYMOUTH-6-74-COPYRIGHT/384030661867?
  15. The aviation fuel is a more recent traffic, just happens to use ex BP green TTAs.
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