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  1. Beacon Rail brought three of its Euro-spec 66s to the UK for overhaul and repaint in 2018/19, which were numbered 66997-999 to allow for rail movement between Hull Docks and the EMD workshops at Longport. Not sure a 'why' was ever stated but could have been workshop capacity at an official EMD facility, price, etc.
  2. When 43014 and 43123 were first converted and trialled on the WCML, they were purely unpowered DVTs, Power for their systems was supplied by a motor-alternator set in the former guard’s compartment, this being fed from the ETS of the AC electric. Cables on the front would have allowed train ETS to be maintained if the electric had to run round after a TDM failure. IIRC, the other six didn't have them.
  3. 56047 painted 04.85 at Landore. 56086 new in large logo 11/80, repainted in RF original grey 10/85.
  4. The HST power cars were surrogate DVTs on Mk.3s, they didn't work with Mk.4s.
  5. As I'm currently scanning some of my pics, thought this was worth a share - Warflats didn't just carry vehicles. MODA95290 at Didcot Yard in 2001/02 with one half of a close support bridge, there were several of these in the train. Warflat on the right still has green jacks and bufferbeams not yellow, while others in the train were still in 1980s washed out khaki and clearly showing where the TOPS code had been changed.
  6. Aggregate Industries has recently sold the line to Network Rail.
  7. These were used as brake force runners in some of the Rail Adventure drags, not seen for some time so either replaced or repainted. There's four in this Hornsey drag for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P95rJovO0Bg
  8. Yes but three different types are needed to cover all those liveries accurately with different door and window layouts - LMS built, LMS conversion and BR built.
  9. Presumably its going to be a generic one size fits all tooling then or is Heljan really tooling up the three different types of saloon needed to correctly carry all those liveries?
  10. Glad everyone is enjoying the bookazine, the comments are much appreciated. Unfortunately a production error has been made on p.128 where the photo of the Dace has been replaced by a Zander. Not entirely sure how this happened as the correct image was in place when the page was proofed. The correct image is attached below for those that wish to see it, the text is unaffected. Apologies for the error, not best pleased myself!
  11. See http://www.departmentals.com/departmental/020460
  12. I would like to do a follow up covering the air-braked fleet and everything else that wouldn't fit in this one. I've got more than enough material to fill it but, as ever, it depends on how this one sells.
  13. With Andy's kind permission, a quick plug for my latest bookazine that will be out from next Wednesday, which will hopefully be of interest to quite a few and make a good stocking filler. This is Modelling BR Engineers' Wagons and is a 132-page mix of prototype information and modelling. There's over 200 prototype photos alone. many not previously published, along with modelling features, mostly in 4mm but with a 2mm project as well.. Contributors on the prototype side include Trevor Mann and David Ratcliffe with models coming from Terry Bendall, Mike Cubberley, Michael Hitchen, Mark Lambert,
  14. Explanation from Colin Marsden's naming book - Loco fitted with DEMON Diesel Engine MONitoring device, unveiled by pupils of Catcliffe school which is adjacent to Tinsley depot following a competition
  15. Just like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/johndedman/21732119098/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49451319353
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