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  1. Direct clash with Scaleforum unfortunately, going to cause some issues with traders etc.
  2. The 08s are an odd choice, two are as preserved - the NRM's 13079 and the Great Western Society's 08604 from Didcot which never ran in blue with cast plates in BR service. Then Loram-liveried 08632, which hasn't been at Derby since last April. You would think that the likes of Railfreight Red Stripe, triple-grey, Provincial or even a Departmental grey re-run would be more useful. Just like the Class 31 situation really.
  3. They were only visiting, returned to the UK in December to rejoin the others at Eastleigh.
  4. You do have to wonder if the Trout is ever going to get a new run.
  5. Mercury didn't have a cab, Hermes was the driving end.
  6. There's a couple of Mk.2s there in dark blue and cream, same style of application but different shades. 3240 ex Riviera Trains and 1213 ex Dartmoor Railway,
  7. Most of the Mk.2f FOs went to West Coast. were repainted maroon and still in service. The Mk.1 buffets went first to DRS, then into the Stobart Pullman but now with Riviera Trains, repainted and in traffic, as is one Mk.2f FO. The Mk.2f BSO and one FO went to Eastern Rail Services, both now in Intercity. The only Mk.2 left in Blue Pullman colours is 5669 at the NRM, which was an additional vehicle added by Cotswold.
  8. Kidderminster, turnback siding by the box, opposite the Severn Valley carriage shed.
  9. They were used for a propelling move at Forders with the shunter riding onboard. IIRC, he had control of a brake valve.
  10. It was something along the lines of too many differences and uneconomic to tool. It's fairly obvious the subject wasn't understood when they were announced as what was being proposed as the Seahorse was from images actually an ex OBA Sea Urchin and the Sea Urchin itself was ex VDA. Would have needed two new suites of tooling as little would have transferred across from either of the OTA types.
  11. DB 92s last operated under their own power on the WCML in 2017 and the third rail shoes were all gone by 2019. GBRf 92s can still use the third rail when needed, such as going to/from exams or out of course movements like new wagon deliveries.
  12. The only Construction ones that spring to mind would be the Queen Mary brake vans used on Channel Tunnel construction traffic. Railfreight General found on a few odds SPA transferred to civils use https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/spaconvertdept/e212ade90 The VGA, VCA and Palvan from the exhibition train http://www.flickr.com/photos/blackwatch55013/5511833675 I think there was an OCA as well but not sure.
  13. Yes that's right for departmental rolling stock, not until 1979 that it appeared on a 'loco' in the form of the Class 84 load bank.
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