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  1. I think I'd go for a toothed rail on the sector plate and a toothed gear on the layout. That gives 'positive' lateral action of the sector plate, and a motor aught to be capable of overcoming the ball / socket indents if suitable gearing was applied. Ian
  2. Rob, If you do go down the separate Power Districts route, each with its own SCD, just make sure the SCD can react faster than your Cab Control, or else you'll achieve nothing. From what you've said so far, it looks like the Cab Control is pretty quick at detecting short circuits. Ian
  3. Rob, I have been using an NCE PowerCab (with built in short circuit detection - SCD) without problem. Then I installed a MERG Kit #57 SCD and that kept detecting shorts as a loco traversed an electrofrog point. It was clearly more sensitive. The MERG SCD has an adjustable SCD tripping setting (in milliseconds), and adjusting it to it's lowest 6ms setting fixed the issue. I'm guessing your Cab Control is having a similar problem. Can you adjust the SCD sensitivity in the Cab Control? As for separate Power Districts, that's exactly what I did, splitting the layout into 8
  4. Rob, I guess video making is easier for one person if the layout is a roundy-roundy. No chance of accidents / derailments. Maybe try making a video where the camera is static for each shot? Then you can 'stitch' each shot together to make up the whole video. No exactly professional, but we all have to start somewhere. Ian
  5. Rob, Thanks for the support. I thought it better to keep the Network Cable separate as much as possible. Strangely, I recently encountered an 'issue' with the MegaPoints system on the Lower Level baseboards. I was about to shunt some wagons to where I could more easily remove them from the tracks and so turned on the power supply to the MegaPoints system, something I've done without issue for a couple of years now. This time some of the servos were being commanded to move by themselves for rather longer than usual. Plus there was a 'wining' noise from somewhere. I turne
  6. Richard, Have you considered using photos strategically marked up (electronically of course) with the salient features and notes? I'm beginning to see quite a benefit in having my layout build recorded in photos posted on RMWEb, and adding a few notes and descriptions would serve as a good record. Ian
  7. Upper Level Baseboards - Wiring With Baseboard E out-of-the-way I decided to tackle Baseboard D that, although it has only a few tracks and no turnouts, is quite completed as it has the main feed connections to all the circuits [DCC in, MegaPoints power in (12v DC), & Lighting in (12v DC)] plus the MERG kit #57 short circuit detection (SCD) boards for the 6 Power Districts. Here it is below assembled in all its glory. I decided to mount the SCD 'buzzers' on some track underlay as they are loud enough without using the baseboard as a soundboard. The blue/green/yellow
  8. Upper Level Baseboards - Wiring Further to my posting of 1st January 2021 work has progressed on the underside of Baseboard E to the extent that the wiring is now complete. That entailed adding the MegaPoints Network cable, under-baseboard lighting, inter-baseboard terminal blocks, and six Power bus cables; Brewery, 2 Track Ramp, NB, SB, MegaPoints power, & lighting, the later two being 12v DC. I think I kept it 'reasonably' tidy and extensively labelled:
  9. Richard. I get through those clips at a right rate. It's not the clips that bother me, they're cheap, it's the No.0 screws to attach them. Those are a tad expensive. I actually drew up my cabling plan for a couple of baseboards before I did any installation. However, I soon found that I was simply repeating the same 'cabling design' but just in different arrangements, and so I didn't bother with any more drawings. However, I have made a considerable effort to 'label' all the plugs, sockets, stripboards, cables, servos to make sure it can be understood at a later date.
  10. Richard, It all looks perfectly neat and tidy to me! I hope the extra work involved pays off. Ian
  11. I'm currently building a layout with a similar arrangement, 2 levels 350mm apart connected by 2 ramps (up and down). The lower level (storage) is 'flat', but in order to utilise the entire upper level for 'scenics' it has to has a slight gradient so that it 'runs under itself' after a complete loop. I managed to get the ramps to be 1in40 and 1in48, which isn't too bad for modern diesels. Details of the ramps can be found in: Ian
  12. Rob, If it's really bad I tend to use a 'dremel' with a nylon wire brush attachment. That gets the bulk off quite quickly. Then a quick wipe with IPA on a cotton bud. Ian
  13. More Short Circuit Protection I've been wielding the soldering iron again and assembled two more MERG Kit #57s for short circuit protection of Power Districts of the final layout. The lessons learnt building the first one were successfully applied and both passed the pre-testing phase without any issues. No excessive solder on any joints this time. It really helps when you have a completed Kit to look at and/or refer to. I assembled these 2 kits together in less time than it took to assemble the first one. Each one was individually pressed into service on the exis
  14. Rob, Can't you use some thin plywood [1] as backing and then build the rock face against it? Then you can easily (?) attach the plywood to the sides of your cutting with screws (to be hidden by carefully sited trees / bushes). At least then it is removeable ... [1] or even just a sheet of aluminium foil placed over the fully height of the cutting sides. Then you can get a perfect fitting, but the foil will stop it adhering so that you can remove it Ian
  15. Rob, It'd be nice if I had that option. My 'cheapie' microswitches have simple pins to solder to, no holes or loops. I did try using my 'normal' PCB crimp-pins as a push-fit, but they didn't fit either. I think I'd be better just soldering them all as NC - red / NO - black. At least then 'some' of them will be correct! Ah well, it'll be 'better luck next time'. Ian
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