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  1. Rob, Interestingly, in the 1975 Timetable Table 227 includes services from Edinburgh as well as Glasgow, to/from Mallaig & Fort William. Still no Sunday service though ... Ian
  2. Indeed they are well priced, but that's because they are just the more common 1/10" spacing pins (PCB connectors). I've got quite a stock of those and they are just too big, in my opinion. Ian
  3. It's all down to size ... There's no reason they can't be used on n-gauge, but the plugs / sockets found so far might be too big for the available space. No harm in trying. Ian
  4. Thanks for the Micron suggestion. I've had a look at their website and they have quite a selection, some of which might be promising. Ian
  5. The JST connectors have been discussed above. They do seem to be smaller than I thought and so will be considering. Ian
  6. Ian C, Thank for the photo. The plug is smaller than I imagined, so I might have to give it a go. It'd need painting black though to disguise it's presence. Can you unplug the 2 parts by pulling on the wires, or does it physically 'click' together? I ask because some decoders use a similar plug / socket (although with ~8 wires) and they are hard to get apart at the best of times. Ian
  7. Now that looks very interesting, although TheBay had to complain. I quote: "0 results found for viesmann 5048, so we searched for viessmann 5048" Technically they tick all the right boxes, and I can see a way to fit them onto my non-NEM socketed rolling stock. The only stumbling block is the price, as I'd be looking at 4-pairs and that's getting expensive. Something to ponder on if I can't find any other way to achieve the aim. Thanks for the idea. Ian
  8. Ian C, Someone else suggested the JST connector earlier on, but I discounted it as I think it'll be too large. Please can you post a photo of your implementation of the JST connector as it still might be of interest. Ian
  9. Thanks for the idea. I had noticed them while browsing TheBay for small connectors. But, again, they are just too big to fit in the normal gap between OO scale rolling stock. Maybe that is why manufacturers 'cheat' by putting decoders in both adjacent vehicles, thus avoiding the necessity for electrical jumper cables. No doubt Hunt (they of the new fangled magnetic couplers) will bring out a jumper cable version just after I've made my own 'Acme' version ... Ian
  10. Indeed I could, but I was already using 44x18mm timber for the support framework, so it was logical to use it for the baseboard framework as well. Plus, I didn't have to cut sheets of plywood down to 44mm wide strips, which would not have been very accurate using my circular saw (even with a straight edge guide). Nonetheless, I did use plywood for some baseboard framework in those areas where the depth was not 44mm (mostly on the Upper Level baseboards), and for baseboard bracing where I could use up the 'spare' bits from the baseboard tops. If I was starting all over a
  11. Brian, I hadn't seen that posting, but the thought had crossed my mind to the extent that I've bought some 2mm diameter neodymium magnets from TheBay to try out. The 'trick' is being able to solder wires to the magnets. Whilst this seems possible (I watched a YouTube video of someone doing just that), overheating the magnet affects its magnetic properties and can 'kill' the magnetism at the heated spot. As I'm planning to use really thin wires, I'm hopeful that it just might work. The magnets are not for coupling and so take very little force. Indeed the largest force will be when
  12. Dave, Both my Lima and Hornby DMUs have plenty of weight (well, in my opinion anyway) and so the existing pickups do work quite well, although the traction tyred wheels have 'limited' pickup abilities. The Class 03 has no space to add anymore weight. The problem is that I have a few insulfrog single & double slips and, even though these are wired as electrofrog, there are some locations where the DMUs / Class 03 lose power. Hence the idea of using pickups on an adjacent vehicle. Ian
  13. That's looks really promising. Sadly though, it's currently out-of-stock. Will keep checking though. Ian
  14. That's quite a selection, but they are similar to the ones I'd already found. The JST connector is still physically quite large. Is there anything smaller? Ian
  15. Some of my 00-gauge rolling stock is a little 'wanting' in the electrical pickup department. I'm talking about old Hornby / Lima DMUs and a Mainline Class 03. The best way to rectify this would be to add some additional pickups to adjacent vehicles (or a shunting wagon in the case of the Class 03). However, this means I'd need some actual jumper cables between vehicles. I have some very thin wire that is suitable, but I really don't want the connection to be permanent. Does anyone have any ideas for some really small plugs & sockets that are suitable for such an installation? M
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