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  1. Painted samples of the Dapol O gauge YCV Turbot are now under review. Images have been posted online. Please check them out and provide feedback directly to Dapol Ltd. via email, Facebook or the Dapol Digest.
  2. TES is due this Friday (not the last) There's no real schedule, but they never usually have TES and TSB during the same week.
  3. That still does not mean that there's a big market. Someone in the US might buy Irish stuff, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll buy these particular Mk.4 sets. I know someone in India who collects Irish stuff but won't want to buy Mk.4 coaches. You've failed to factor in many things before making a comment stating that there's a market for Irish stuff in America. I think you should stick to a simple poll with regards to who wants them and who doesn't. As of now I think you're making assumptions based on incomplete data. As you said, you're a realist, you're going to have to sell more than just two sets. Viable production runs usually mean 1000-2000 units per vehicle. The lower the production run, the higher the cost per unit, and vice versa. If there's lesser demand, will all those who want them readily part with a higher sum?
  4. As mentioned above, the CAF connection between the British Mk.5 and Irish Mk.4 is worthless (no common parts, nothing can be shared) in such a case. There's absolutely nothing similar between them. How popular is the Irish Mk.4??? Is there sufficient demand for an 8-car formation? Can it be done to a price point that people will buy. IRM/Accurascale need to keep their model standards high, meanwhile can people afford it? Most people who wanted a set or two, just went about modifying Hornby Mk.4 coaches. I've seen a number of people do that.
  5. The artwork on the website seems to show the correct thing...so maybe there's nothing to worry about. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/scotrail-class-43-hst-power-cars-43033-and-43183-era-11.html Get in touch with them and inform them about it, if you feel it's going to be a deal breaker for you.
  6. The cowl you refer to is a separately fitted part. Since this is a pre-production sample just to check the livery and livery alone, the correct tooling combinations might not be used. Also if you think there may be an issue with something from the likes of Hornby and so on, it's best you contact them directly and inform them about the issue. Though there are atleast 2 know Hornby reps on this forum. There's no guarantee that they'll see your post. Always better to take up the issue with the source (Hornby) and not a 3rd party (RMweb).
  7. Lisa & Maggie....simple! The siblings of Bart from the beloved sitcom "The Simpsons" and therefore it's. "BART THE ENGINE" a.k.a. Class 92 in Stobart Rail livery.
  8. Nice...I was hoping for the Stobart one though. I shall wait patiently...
  9. I think what Hornby needs now if some constructive criticism and good feedback in the early stages of a venture such as these "Signal Box" episodes. If we as customer and potential customers can give Hornby some useful feedback, they can improve lengths and bounds. Its important that we don't rant or grumble or provide feedback in any negative form that may deter them from continuing. Let's not forget that not everyone mY be comfortable on camera or just nervous. But they do their best for us.... Let's give them a pat on the back for trying. The latest episode might not have been to everyone's liking, but its good to see Hornby trying other things like a Q&A session and actually talking to other members of the team. As of now TES is the only other means but we don't actually listen to other Hornby team members talk and share information and experiences.
  10. Thanks for posting pics adb.... The model and real thing look superb.
  11. I really hope no one talks about you this way when you're seriously ill..... Shame on you!
  12. This month's video is being streamed live. Atleast at the time of posting....Here's episode 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW5yj_k_QmQ
  13. If you want any models, be it static or working, I'd say any wall thickness should be a minimum of 0.8mm to 1.0mm thick. An then you build up all the raise detial on that like bracing, rivets, latches etc.
  14. MGR Hooper!

    CL74 ?

    I really don't see Hornby producing the Class 74...! I don't think there's sufficient demand for multiple runs, unlike a crowdfunded model which can be funded for and produced in one batch. The Class 71s seem to be slow sellers, that might stop them from doing the Class 74. There's other models that will probably sell far better than a Class 74 and probably cost lesser to produce. The Class 74 cannot share tooling with the Class 71. At best the CAD can either be drawn from scratch and/or modified from the existing Class 71 CAD. Beyond that the actual tooling cannot be shared. This will result in different tools wearing out at different paces. It's also not set in stone that one factory will build both models, so tooling cannot be shared.
  15. Recently I've had my faith restored in Heljan based on a few instances... Firstly, their Class 07 shunter, to say it's a remarkable model is an understantement. That little model is an absolutely stunner and if I had the money I'd buy as many as I could. The Class 86's pre-production samples shown off recently are certainly an improvement over the first samples released a few months prior and certain a vast improvement over their older Class 86s. Secondly, not only did I think Ben Jones would make a difference, he actually proved it. Best example is the Class 86. I was quite vocal about the incorrect pantograph in the CAD images and the pre-production sample that followed. The fact that they decided to re-tool the Class 47 and Class 86 says a lot. They could've just as easily created new tools from existing CAD and re-released the model with little or no improvement. But they've gone through the trouble of re-tooling fully. Top marks to Heljan, my faith in company has been restored. Be it because of Ben Jones or the entire company awakening from their slumber. I'm not a huge fan of Bachmann owing to a number of faulty models and what's IMO weird design logic, so I've always had ViTrains to look to for a Class 47 (and they're quite rare now). Thankfully Heljan have come in. I'll gladly buy a few Heljan Class 47s.
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