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  1. There's tons of wheelsets available. But we're just looking for wheels with 2.0mm bores
  2. And here's the same image with the rubber beading coloured black.....
  3. But the rubber seals around the window in the EP are also grey. So it's more of an illusion. When I am designing locos, I always do a quite text and apply a texture on the window seals to crosscheck.
  4. First sample of the Dapol Class 66 have surfaced... https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-Class-66-Engineering-Prototype-Under-Review?fbclid=IwAR3SdLuqoU8beXAUY4Eo7wvosJ9ABwewNV9aVmI6N9yKsvxFBiVO2cD6x20 NOTE: Posted at the same time as Ryde-on-time
  5. As I stated above, if Hornby now own Oxford and can now produce better complimentary products, then whose to say they won't use Oxford Rail models to grow their range. Or they'd atleast plan to produce something that compliments each other ranges. As per the last part of your post, it's hard to say, case in point - Class 92s. Hornby acquired Lima and therefore inherited their Class 92 tooling. The Class 92 from Lima was superior in almost every respect. They still decided to dump it and the invest money many years later into their own Class 92 tooling to update the motorised bogies, couplings and DCC compatibility directional lighting.
  6. But if Hornby now own Oxford Rail and Oxford Diecast, then can actually plan their ranges that compliment each other???
  7. Well that's the problem isn't it? The figures look terribly cheap and plasticky... Not everyone uses their locos with a "driven end" only. Lots of people have TMD layouts and end to end layouts. At some point you have to reverse a loco and and I personally feel they look comical. PS: You really would require God's help if you want to swing the loco around when you have OHE installed
  8. Silly me...Mark supplies us with custom motorised bogies. I should've just asked him. Thank you
  9. Interesting move....I think we all saw that coming eventually! Quite a lot of items from the Oxford Rail range will give Hornby's range a much needed boost.... - Mk3 coaches - BR Pilchard wagon - Janus 0-6-0 - GWR Dean Goods - LNER J26 - LNER J27 - LNER N7 - 7-plank coke wagons - 12T tank wagon - GWR/BR 6-wheel brake van - NE/BR cattle van - GER 10T covered van - GER banana van - BR carflat - Class A tank - Class B tank - Warwell - Cowans Sheldon 15T crane Hornby's steam obsession will get a boost with atleast 4 different steam locos and a whole range of wagons from the steam era. The Mk3s (if they do come under the Hornby brand) will be a welcome addition. Hopefully they will do the HST trailers also. The 0-6-0 Janus is already being sold via the Hornby website. I'm sure the Hornby will retain their own tooling for the Adams Radial, detail wise the Hornby one is more refined. I don't see Hornby keeping the tooling from Oxford's plank wagons as Hornby themselves updated their plank wagons a few years ago.
  10. I have looked up their options (yes I need D&E era wheels). But it seems like they don't sell axles without pin-point ends.
  11. I'm glad that they stopped putting driver figures...They looked so toy-like and plasticky. And they looked absolutely comical going backwards with a driver in the wrong cab
  12. Anyone knows any suppliers in The UK or China for 10.5mm and 12.0mm loco wheels? I'm looking for just the wheels without axles. TIA
  13. Thanks, I was under the impression that the DC models had limited sound functions also
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