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  1. We all know how to get in contact with Hornby. It's certainly not rocket science.
  2. Always open to doing new commissions...! The client in question did tell us about this, and we've used many images of this model as a reference, with improvements along the way. We did initially look at these, but there's quite a few differences and very little we can use for reference. The Sri Lankan Railways M2 is a more suitable loco to base our research on. Not to mention it's closer to home for us.
  3. Hi Andrew, as of now I have the information I need, but I am sure that we'll need some help soon. I'll send you a private message regarding this. The project is for an HO scale model.
  4. I'll refer you to @PaulRhB's post..... The dent on the front is most likely from the pin that released the newly formed moulded parts in the machine. It is more obvious when the plastic hasn't cooled enough and is warm enough to have it's shape changed with even a little pressure.
  5. With all the excessive bashing they get, a lot for no reason. A little bit of praise when they deserve it won't harm anyone. And FWIW, when I do post on here, I try to make them as factual as I can. If I do post something incorrect, I will make amendments to the post and admit it. PS: Thanks for the advice. But I am more than happy with my current day job on the other side of the globe.
  6. The TES Team have actually provided an email ID for people to give feedback. I'm sure the feedback will be more useful to Hornby rather than us.
  7. Did they not just say that in this month's TES? That's exactly what they did. The point is, they initially weren't going to do it. The NR NMT HST sets always sold out despite not having the top headlight. I'm sure the LSL Blue Pullman would've still sold out. The hype created due to the lack of the headlight for the LSL Blue Pullman set was far greater than the outcry over the NR NMT HST sets. And let's be honest here, if Hornby said they were tooling up for the new headlight for the LSL Blue Pullman, you'd have people complain about the lack of it on the NR NMT set. So how exactly d
  8. This is actually not grumbling. It's constructive feedback. This is what we need, not a moan and groam about anything you can find under the carpet.
  9. And I think we love to grumble like old hags regardless.
  10. Or they just don't have completed CAD and prices worked out (which is what Simon Kohler said) just yet. Sharing CAD and prices at an early stage isn't a sensible idea. It gives your competition a chance to up their game and undercut their prices.
  11. The 3D print serves one purpose, to check the fit of the model and see how well the main parts go together. 3D prints never contain finer details. So I am not entirely sure what you're underwhelmed by? All the 3D printed samples that Hornby have provided all these years have never had extra detail and they've always told us it's just to see how well the parts fit. Maybe these were added as both updates for those who don't really bother about YouTube and to add content to make the blog lengthier. The website is still a mess with incorrect links to products etc.
  12. Maybe they will listen now?? Grumble some more...it will be done. This is a CLASSIC example of how Hornby can listen to feedback from modellers and someone will still find something to complain about. LOL!!
  13. They haven't had an EP yet. There's only renders and a 3D printed sample to test the fit of the parts
  14. Let's all cry tears of joy.... After all the "bashing" Hornby received, they're now doing the top headlight on the LSL Blue Pullman https://uk.Hornby.com/community/blog-and-news/engine-shed/full-tilt Apparently Hornby doesn't listen to feedback
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