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  1. Overlooked in this thread for sure....but the QR lines are so popular. Over the last month or so we've received orders to design no less than 7 QR locos and rolling stock. Seems to be quite popular nowadays
  2. TBH a large portion if the market wouldn't be bothered about it. If they were actually bothered by it, either Hornby wouldn't be around today or Hornby would've updated to 21-pin a long time ago... An 8-pin DCC socket only bothers the "real modellers", many of whom can be found on online forums that are dedicated to modelling, these forums do not represent the vast majority of the hobby.
  3. Good to know that there's an announcement on Wednesday. I'm hoping (and I'll be disappointed) for a new N gauge Class 90.
  4. Well... I had my time with the model, and now it has been sent off as a gift to the new owner. Just thought I'd share my thoughts, a mini review of sorts? OVERALL:- The Revolution Trains Class 92 certainly captures the look and feel of the prototype faithfully, something that I felt that the CJM Class 92 did not do 100% but got pretty close. QUALITY:- To begin with, as others have also mentioned, the model is definitely on the light side. Upon taking the body off, it is apparent that there's a lot more plastic on the chassis that metal. But I do
  5. Well at least one Class 92 has made it's way to the "PegasusDesigns & JBM" HQ in India.... I bought this as a gift for someone. Arrived in one piece #ThankYouIndiaPost Thought I'll give it a quick check before it's gift wrapped and sent off!! I haven't had the opportunity to scrutinize it. But first impressions are positive. One lamp bracket was broken but thankfully still there. Once it is repaired, I'll do a proper review and send it off.
  6. It is a rendered image like most images on the Hornby website.
  7. No, it runs scheduled services and tourist specials
  8. Incredible job @Nicktoix ...Many years ago we thought of making an HOm kit. But the cost was prohibitive and most people who generally buy our kits won't have the skills to assemble the whole loco.
  9. It looks amazing. I totally regret not buying a 5-car set i.e. the one depicted in the post above. NOTE: It isn't a painted EP sample, it is in fact a CGI rendered image using the CAD work as a basis and either the CAD software or Photoshop to apply the livery.
  10. The image used for R3840 is a photograph of the actual md el anf the image used for R3979 is a CGI based on the CAD work which is later textured either using the CAD program or in Photoshop.
  11. No they have not. The only addition to the NMT power cars is the camera mounted below the cab window. That IIRC is a resin/plastic casting that is glued on. It is not part of the moulding and therefore Hornby haven't created a new tool for it. If Hornby actually did go through the trouble of re-tooling the NMT power cars then why would they leave out the headlight on the cab roof?
  12. You will still need tooling for a lens and modified cab interior. Leave the lens out and people here will be complaining about a shabby job (which is perfectly fine, why do a half-hearted job??) PS: When models have holes drilled in the body shells, they use a jig and some manufacturers like Marklin and Roco actually used automated arms that do all these things. So the positioning of the drill isn't the issue.
  13. Adding that headlight would need quite a bit of new tooling:- - Hornby will need to create a brand new tool entirely for front of the HST - They will need to create a whole new tool for the lighting guide and lens - The will have to modify the cab interior tooling just to accommodate the new lens and light guide unit That is by no means a cheap undertaking just for one small headlight. The different exhaust cowlings and so on were all factored into the tooling when the Hornby HST was first released. I am not aware of any retooling done to the HST in recent times to model variou
  14. Brilliant, seems like Simon Kohler has received my email and taken onboard feedback regarding the nose-ends for the ex-Lima Class 37 tooling that Hornby uses.
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