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  1. From the KMRC facebook page
  2. From the KMRC facebook page
  3. From the KMRC facebook page
  4. Some images from the KMRC's facebook page These are general release items that may/may not have their own dedicated threads. There's other pics which I'll share in the dedicated threads.
  5. If Hornby wanted to say something about forthcoming Mk4 coaches, they would've said it. We all know Hornby is a bit secretive in terms of forthcoming models. If they've not said anything about it before, why on earth will they say anything about it now. Do you really think any manufacturer is going to give you a direct YES as an answer? This thread has literally been taken over by the "Hornby Cl 91 bashers" who seriously cannot stop at repeating themselves over an over and over again.
  6. Can't wait to see these two liveries. Anyof them out on the mainline yet?
  7. None that has been made public.
  8. - New updated chassis with a DCC socket - New bogies with a 5-pole skew wound motor and better wheels - NEM coupling pockets
  9. Wonderful news! I've spoken to Steve a few times and he's always come across as very passionate. I hope he can manage things somehow.
  10. Centenary Year ---> Special Year ---> APT-P an iconic model that Hornby once made ---> There's demand for it ---> They are making it!
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