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  1. Contacted the exhibition organiser today and the two replies I got back from him are. "Yes Paul, it is very difficult. Because the situation (and the government restrictions) are changing day by day, I can't yet give you a detailed answer. All I can say at present is that the 2020 exhibition will not be a conventional one, so don't make any arrangements to travel to Manchester to see us this December! The precise details of what we will be doing over that weekend are still being worked on. If all goes well, we should be staging an interesting and novel event, after all "This is Manchester - we do things differently here." What I can tell you also is that just before lockdown started we signed a contract for a new and bigger city centre venue for 2021 onwards, so the future of THE Christmas Model Railway Show is secure even though our present venue is closing next year. I will add you to our mailing list so that when, finally, we have something concrete to publicise, you will hear of it. Best wishes Philip Sweet Exhibition Coordinator, Manchester Model Railway Society" And after asking if I could post this reply on this site I got this reply. "I've been holding fire on RMweb because I had nothing firm to report, but the way things are going I don't know when I will have something concrete to reveal - herding cats is easier! Yes, you can pass it on to RMweb, but I suggest that you copy and paste from my earlier email and this one. IF, and it's a big if, IF what I am planning comes to fruition, then it will be well worth seeing and getting involved with. You can also say that among the 30ish layouts arranged for 2021, we have White Meadow Quarry, Eaglesham, Harlyn Pier and Shelfie 2, whilst for 2022 we have South Pelaw, Bron Hebog, Hope under Dinmore and Spirit of Shap. Phil" I hope this is of help.
  2. You did say pigs so what about this lot https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.9224081,-3.1256132,3a,15y,278.42h,87.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVrYzAmwqAhqawtUIs6N2LA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Taunton/@50.9223183,-3.1270897,83m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x486d8a921fb7907f:0x75eb0e344edee9fb!8m2!3d51.015344!4d-3.106849
  3. Anybody who had downloaded before this edit will find a couple of the measurements in the wrong places. SIDES 4.pdf
  4. One time owner of C&L, Carrs and some Slaters kits and also did (and might still do) laser cut buildings/trackwork.
  5. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/level-crossingpictures-cctv-footage-124938872.html
  6. Well looking at photos it will be the DC 3 type of brakes and it will most likely be the same as the brakes on the Open C wagon and the Mink G van unfortunately I haven't any photos of the brake gear on these wagons to help you out. Just found that there is a good drawing of this type of brake gear in MRC Oct 1980 of the Python which will most likely be the same.
  7. 3409, delivered in October 1956 was definitely the last engine of GWR design to be delivered and as no BR Standards were built by outside contractors it probably was the last NEW steam engine from outside builders to be delivered to BR. I have added the word NEW as the 8F's were second hand engines as, most likely ex GSWR No 9 was the last delivered steam engine to BR built by outside builders in 1965 but as a preserved engine as the national collection was still owned by the BRB at that time.
  8. Not to me as I think it is high day and holiday engine and, to be used commercially I would expect it to work at least an average of 4 days a week all year around. Also no one works built the engine as in the past it would have been the case.
  9. I think the 3 plank should be 15'6" long and not the 16'0" as in the kit and most likely this will also apply to the 1 plank. Did the 4 plank wagons get built to 15'6" or 16'0" or were the early built ones shorter and the later ones longer does anyone know.
  10. Looking at photos of the Wolverhampton built 2021 class the crank throw is 12" as, two photos at least show the coupling rods at close enough 6 o'clock and coupling rod pins I have measured off to be half way between the wheel centre and the outside of the tyre.
  11. The thing is if the 2 m rule remains and the exhibition can be run the, show organisers will most likely have to reduce the amount of layouts/trade stands/demonstration by at least 60% and might be closer to 75% to comply with the 2 M gaps in all cases as, the room has to be at least 52 feet (16 M) wide just to have one row of layouts on each side of the hall and enough room and people standing watching with people able to walk down the middle both ways and, if you want a double row of layouts down the middle as well you will need at least 100 feet (30 M) to do this. The second option could be reduced by 13 feet (4 M) if a one way was introduced. The first option would have only 4 punters max across the room and the second option will have 6 to 8 punters max across the room depending if a one way system is in place or not. If the room is 100 feet long (30 M) and the single row it will be a max of 60 punters in the room at one time and 120 punters if the double row
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