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  1. Many EIM readers have been following Martin Johnson's fascinating 7-inch Fowler design and build in recent editions. In the May 2019 issue (published on 18th April) he focuses on the design of the boiler. Martin has been studying methods of predicting boiler performance for the last few years and has developed a program for locomotive boiler analysis. This is attached to this post along with a summary of his findings. For more on the project, see the May issue! Andrew Charman – Editor, Engineering in Miniature LOCO BOILER 6B.xls DevelopmentofLocoBoiler.pdf
  2. No, Andrew Charman knew nothing about it until he viewed the finished DVD on his copy and was less than impressed... Flak coming my way for sure...
  3. Certainly is... Those layouts have recently featured in our sister magazine British Railway Modelling. Three of them, including Under Milk Wood, are now cared for by John Forman of the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. They were donated to I think the Welsh Development agency as a promotional tool and some years later the Agency decided they were no longer of use. The bloke disposing of them had an idea of dropping in to Llanfair to ask if the railway might have any use for these old layouts before he took them to a skip (!), and very luckily John just happened to be on duty that day!
  4. Hi folks, The new issue, my second, hits the news stands this week and we've tried to offer content to interest a wide variety of model engineers. Headline feature this month is the start of a constructional series particularly suitable for beginners who want to build a locomotive. Young Sussex member Andrew Strongitharm will document the build of his 5in gauge Barclay 0-4-0 'Dougal.' Newly appointed technical editor Harry Billmore has hit upon a novel plan to use the engine from a steam car in a 7.25in gauge geared Sentinel steam loco. Jan-Eric Nystrom completes his small boiler build; Mark Smithers checks out the engineering attractions of the Middleton Railway; John Smith makes some very attractive tiny hinges; Plus news, tips and information, including a novel use for a pair of Mole Grips! Check it out at your local newsagents now or direct from https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/engineering-in-miniature - the cover to look for is below!
  5. Readers of EIM will know that we are serialising construction techniques of the Automatons built by veteran modellers Dave row, and the links on this page will take you to video of the creations in action. So to kick off - the 'Mad Marvin' rhino tamer from February 2018 is at Guinea Pigs, from April 2018, is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McO5z716uCY&feature=youtu.be More to follow in due course Andrew Charman
  6. Hello! The March issue of Engineering in Miniature is heading for newsagents, the first with myself at its helm as the new editor. I'm Andrew Charman and some may know me as the editor of EIM's sister magazine Narrow Gauge World. But I'm also a model engineer, albeit a latent one in recent times as I explain in my first editorial. I also explain in that editorial that my plans for the magazine are fairly straightforward, based on emphasising as much as possible building things - tips and advice for newcomers, more in-depth features to interest the experienced model engineers and constructional series to encourage people to build their own! I'm delighted to say that I've already secured my first such series and this will be announced in the April issue. So what's in the March issue? Well obviously there's a full report of the London show at Alexandra Palace, which as ever produced a wide variety of models to enjoy whatever one's particular interest. Jan-Eric Nystrom has been hard at work again, building a small boiler and getting involved in the dark art of Tig-welding. We launch a tips for model engineers series from new contributor John Smith, who also has a passion for a very big stationary engine. Another new contributor, Harry Billmore, takes us inside the workshops of the Kirklees Light Railway - the 15-inch gauge line effectively large-scale model engineering. And we laos have a delightful 6in scale Foden steam wagon, built from scratch by Kevin Edwins and written up by Alan Barnes. It will take me a couple of issues to get my feet firmly under the bench at EIM so please give me just a little time! But meanwhile I want to hear from you - tell me what you want in the pages of the magazine. and if you have a feature to contribute, t hen I definitely want to hear from you! My email is [email protected] EIM1803P01Cover.pdf
  7. It is indeed terrible news - we have a double-page report on it from Dave Richardson of the Sandstone Heritage Trust in our next issue out at the end of the month.
  8. Greetings all Narrow Gauge World issue 110 is in the shops from today, and the first important point is that we've changed the design of the cover - the pic here shows you what to look for. Modelling content in this issue includes a review of the Minitrains HOe Baldwin 2-6-2T tank, a neat little model. Staying with wartime subject matter Phil Parker describes the creation of his suitably-themed 'Owen's Bridge', which includes a particularly nice scratchbuilt lifting bridge. Then as a complete change Phil builds, and adds to, a GN-15 Smallbrook Studios resin kit of the Far Tottering & Oyster Creek Railway locomotive 'Nellie' inspired by the works of cartoonist Roland Emett. In the world of one-to-one scale there's the usual wide-ranging coverage. Dave Billmore continues his story of the pioneer Brockham museum with fascinating pics from the museum's heyday in the late 1970s. Mark Smithers begins a two-part study of those most seminal of narrow gauge locos, the quarry Hunslet. We hear about plans for electrification on the Austrian Zillertalbahn, and David Mitchell recalls travelling behind wood-burning Garratts at night in Angola. There's much more too, including our in-depth news coverage, headed this time by the shock developments on the Isle of Man that could see the end of the Horse Tramway. And as the heritage lines start opening for the new season, our diary tells you exactly when you can find them in action. Hope you enjoy the latest issue, and if there's something you'd like to see in Narrow Gauge World, please let us know.
  9. Hi Eddie You're right, that is odd. As Editor I don't sort the subscriptions but I'm going to Warners head office on Monday, I will ask the question! Regards Andrew C
  10. This Friday, the 18th December, sees the January/February issue, no 109 hit newsstands and we have a pretty eclectic collection of features for you this time, including the first part of a major retrospective on Brockham Museum (never heard of Brockham? Without it there would likely be no Amberley narrow gauge collection today...), a piece on an 0-2-2 steam loco that worked under the sea, and overhead electric locos that served First World War front lines... There's lots more of course, including all the latest news - the cover to look for is attached...
  11. Hi folks Just to let those of you who frequent social media know, Narrow Gauge World is now on Facebook - you'll find us at https://www.facebook.com/narrowgaugeworld I'm still learning my way around the art of hosting Facebook pages but we hope in future to post some interesting material on the page and share news from the various railways. Andrew C
  12. Yes sadly this is the one year in five that I have to miss Swanley as it clashes with a board meeting and members forum at the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway at which I am a Trustee. I will be there in spirit! Always enjoy ExpoNG and am sad to miss it this year.
  13. Hi everybody, I'm Andrew Charman, Editor of Narrow Gauge World magazine, and this is my first posting since the magazine was acquired by Warners Group - we on the magazine are looking forward to an exciting future with Warners! I'm still getting my head around how RM Web works so if I make a mistake with my postings bear with me! For those that don't know the magazine, we regard ourselves as the specialist title for all of those whose railway interest lies under 4ft 8.5in gauge, and each issue contains a mix of latest news and features from UK and global lines, period insights into railways of the past including those long lost, locomotive profiles with drawings that will be useful to modellers, superb colour photography and a modelling section which we are looking forward to expanding alongside our new sister title British Railway Modelling. We currently publish nine issues a year, monthly in the summer 'high season' and bi-monthly in the winter, and the November-December issue, in the shops on Friday 30th October, is the first of our three bi-monthly editions. Inside this issue you will find; Features * Sandstone's Wilf Mole on how they are trying to stop the destruction of railway heritage in South Africa * A visit to the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway to hear how the line is looking forward to its second hundred years * The traumas of trying to purchase a ticket at Darjeeling station * The second part of the Bagnall story, looking at the later locos * A fascinating industrial line in a Bavarian bog * A day at the Great Bush Railway in a Sussex park. Also * The latest news from the narrow gauge in the UK and beyond, including the return of steam to Transylvania, progress on the new-build Lynton & Barnstaple 'Lyn' and the purchase of more trackbed for it to eventually run on, how an Isle of Man bridge earned an industry accolade, the longest Leighton Buzzard train, interesting goings-on in the Forest of Dean, the battle to avoid 'demolition by neglect' of a New Zealand steam icon, and more! * Superb photography from NGW's team of skilled snappers, focusing on the recent not-seen-before Gala events at the Vale of Rheidol and Penrhyn lines * Modelling, including a 3D-printed 009 build of a Polish forestry loco * The latest books and DVDs to while away the winter nights with * Where one can still see UK narrow gauge in action this winter. Narrow Gauge World can be found at High Street outlets and we'll soon be announcing a new and tempting subscription offer – keep checking back. Meanwhile I'd welcome comments and discussions with any RMWeb member on all matters narrow gauge.
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