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  1. Brilliant weathering Mick, they do very much look the part. Looking forward to having a play at Stafford.
  2. Nothing major happening at the moment I'm afraid. I am at uni and the layout is now 300 miles away. Although it is very much in my mind and is going to be worked on hopefully soon. I have built stack-able transit frames for all 3 boards. I have been inspired by stolen the design of the transit frames used on Deadman's Lane which are very useful when moving the layout and taking to shows etc. Hopefully more progress soon...
  3. Here are some of my images from the weekend. The layout performed well, only with certain locos struggling in certain known places. Otherwise it’s a great layout to show off Jacks all singing and dancing DRS fleet. Mr Ladybird making a return to the layout. 20303 awaits having a B exam in the shed building. The very special ‘halo’ marker lights on 68002. 37716 is fuelled in the morning sun.
  4. Sounds good. Very interested to see the results
  5. Ah okay, so it must have come through the tunnel (empty) then. Comparing the CADs the the prototype images, there are a number of pretty major errors in the model. The master bogies, ladders and handrails are vastly different on each side of the wagon. The closest side here has a lower walkway which I think is actually on the 'double bogie' and has two sets of handrails with a short ladder. The far side has a single handrail on the main body of the wagon with a small gate and a ladder that extends the full height of the wagon. The CADs show they have simply used the same arrangements for both sides. The CADs are also missing most of the ferry tie-down loops, both handbrake wheels While granted there are not many prototype photos at all, these are pretty big mistakes for a £150 model.
  6. Info about these wagons is understandably not too easy to come by but here is what I understand, KUA wagons are very different to IQA wagons, the model is the latter. KUAs are used regularly today with flows from Devonport dockyard with spent naval nuclear submarine fuel to Sellafield for reprocessing. They also run to Georgemas Junction for spent fuel from Douneray to Sellafield (there was an experimental naval reactor at Douneray). KUAs have also run to Rosyth Dockyard (presumably for a submarine in there) and they go to Eastleigh for overhauls and tyre turning etc. All behind DRS traction. Note KUAs always travel with a pair of DRS mk2s with military/armed police for security. As far as I can tell, IQAs are no longer used in the UK, but were used for spent fuel from power station reactors in continental Europe for reprocessing at Sellafield, crossing the channel via the train ferry. When the channel tunnel was built, all nuclear traffic is banned so continental spent fuel is now moved by ship and unloaded at Barrow Docks and moved to Sellafield by KXA wagon. https://gingespotting.smugmug.com/Wagons/I-TOPSCode/IQA/i-qzHNc42/A This is the only image I could find with DRS traction and an IQA (albeit early DRS traction). Due to the lack of escort coaches and only a single loco I don't think it is loaded and I suspect the master bogies from the IQAs were modified with walkways then used on KUAs.
  7. From what I understand, it was malfunction with the weight detection system on the secondary suspension air bags. So it thought it was a lighter train and therefore only applied a lower brake force which turned out to be next to nothing. This is third hand info so take with a pinch of salt but I believe may be true.
  8. With DRS they run to Crewe Coal sidings to Sellafirld and eventually Drigg LLW depository from Dungeness in Kent and Berkeley, Gloucestershire. They have also run to Hull docks before to take naturally occurring radioactive sources to Sellafield from North Sea oil. They are also used as barrier vehicles to spread the load of a train over bridges. On the Cumbrian Coast, they are places between each loco and between each KXA-C flask wagon between Barrow Marine Terminal and Sellafield. In Scotland (as mentioned above) they serve the same purpose on flasks to Georgemas Junction (for Douneray). https://www.flickr.com/photos/ricardo4eyes/29222599848/ They also come with various types of boxes that aren't impossible to scratcbuild or convert from a carwoods box. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ricardo4eyes/9764392251/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/35259024482/
  9. Shame to see it go. I first remeber seeing it at a Clitheroe show when it wasn’t quite finished it’s second makeover and copying down the trackplan on the exhibition programme with a view to do somthing similar, not knowing Mick at the time. It’s a very original trackplan and very well executed, despite its age it is still very much an impressive layout to look at with the height differences of the station and road bridge in a relatively small stretch of layout. Another of its strengths it that is has quite a visually complex station throat and large station that would normally require a layout 4 times its size. The idea of using the front of the station as the scenic break is extremely clever and allows full length trains to stop there and it look completely normal and the 4 platforms allowed looping more fun with the warehouse siding. It has been copied and will probably continue to be (maybe even by me one day). I think there are few other ways to get as much fun out of 16’ of layout. Big thanks to Mick and Spike for taking it around the country for the past decade or two, it played a big part in turning me both Modern and DCC ‘dark sides’ and probably railway modelling in general. Definitely a classic.
  10. You snooze you loose, but hey it was fun.

    Good luck with all Mk 5s Accurascale.

  11. As of about 3 hours ago as I type, RMT have called off all strikes on Northern. Probably worthy of its own thread. But Northern have said it still won’t manage a full timetable on Saturday after running nothing for so long but there will be a decent amount of trains running. As stated above, plenty of other TOCs into Doncaster.
  12. Great work on the 68. I wonder what the 68s are for at the RTC. High speed ex-67 yellow trains?
  13. That made my think of someone of this parish... Seriously, the vast majority or railway are more than happy to let you film/photo/collect numbers provided you follow the pretty sensible guidelines above. If your camera equipment is extremely large, staff may suspect commercial filming which Network Rail charge for.
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