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  1. Try "Cobalt" motors if you can get one. I have 11 on my layout and require 4 more. Everywhere seems to be out of stock but I can wait. www.dccconcepts.com is the place to try (usual denial)
  2. As a retired electrician myself, my old boss would have said, "It's all work kid, either us or the fire brigade, it depends on who greats there first!".
  3. May I add my "2 pence" by pointing out that any drilling through a switch should be as high up as possible, as inside there is a linkage with a spring around it.
  4. That would be the two of them I saw on York shed in about the late 50's. The locos (47972 & 47994) were seen on different times but in the same place.
  5. My Silver Fox body on a Hornby 71 is due back from the paint shop at any moment, I hope!
  6. I have had my moments with 3 link couplings on other peoples layouts and got myself into a real tangle to put it mildly. I resolved never to use them on any layout of mine. Not so long ago I was given a full size shunting example that, on examination, reveled the reason for my problems. The heal is there to stop the couplings sliding down and every model example I have used certainly didn't have such a thing. I hope this maybe helpful.
  7. A friend of mine and a low profile member of this community was an apprentice serving his time at Eastleigh works quite a few years ago. He was sent to the coach building department and his first task was to aid whist one of a pair of a complete driving trailers of a class 4-EPB was removed from the shop, towed across to the main works area and turned around on their turntable. My friend's comment ( no names, no pack drill!) was "Why don't you built them facing either way?" The reply was "We have always built them facing the same way and in doing so, they always come out the same!"
  8. Chessington at Tolworth made us smile also. The number of members of the public telling us that our station looked just like the one across the road and then went outside to make sure that was true. I moved on to Brockley Green SE4 and Meopham East Junction, and now I've made a start on "Meopham New Town" but keep that to yourself.
  9. Rushenden (Metals) Ltd. was most certainly EM. A first attempt by a sub section of the Hull M.R.S. 00 group which we asked to be renamed as the 4mm section. We took it to 25 shows between 1990 and 1995, finally selling to a chap in the West Riding.
  10. My complements sir, as a retired telephone engineer who started his working life with B.R. in the S & T dept and ended with our local telephone company, your poles look spot on to me. I am working on the same project at the moment for our groups 0 gauge layout "Millicent Street" which is based on a fictitious sight in Hull. I'm sure you are about to do this anyway, but may I point out that the "lids" on the terminating pots show be painted black and in any case all pots should be toned down so as the local kids will not use them for target practice.
  11. Drive on the left or on the right? I have been lucky there, driving on the right instead of the left was only a problem when I came home, in that case Hull. Driving in mph or kph was more of a problem as my first trip abroad was from Hull to the south of France in a Morris Minor. My 1961 model only had a speedo in mph. I used the method of taking the number on a roadside notice and if it was 50 kph, I halved that number and added a little, 30! I drove at about 28 mph to be on the safe side. The speedo below has spent a good many years hanging on my workshop wall as it is more than life expired. As to Malta when we asked our driver taking us from the airport to our hotel which side of the road was used there, he told us most drivers favoured driving in the shade.
  12. When this book becomes a film, who will play you? As an old S&T man myself, I wish you well.
  13. I am very shocked to hear of Colin's passing. It seems only yesterday we had a long conversation at D.E.M.U. on all things Southern Electric and he spoke kindly of my efforts in that field. He insisted that I had been a reason for his taking up the baton. I still think he was being kind there but I thank him away. My condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace Colin John Wass Hull.
  14. If you wish to turn the clock back to say 1948, then look at "Britain from Above" pages EA017075 & EA017078 entitled the "Reading signal works". There are several other pages. There's even one with one of the four petrol powered 0-4-0 locos to be seen. I hope this helps.
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