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  1. Hello, I have an NCE DCC system with cobalts digital points motors. I'd like to install ground signals so that I can see which way the points are set from a distance, I dont want a mimic panel. So the points motors are operated from the DCC bus, are there ground signal leds that connect to the IP digital motors to show which way they are set. I see that DCC concepts do sell ground signals but I cant tell whether I connect directly to the IP motors? TIA
  2. Thanks Richard, that's the conclusion I've reached...
  3. I have a Heljan and the motor buzzes while on slow starting from standstill....I think cv's can be adjusted on this but would like advice first..TIA
  4. There is a hum through the speakers on one loco, loksound V4L, this is with just track power and no sound on.. All connections are good, tried a few speakers....anyone help with this...TIA
  5. Thanks All...is there a Welsh area group..?
  6. What did the Falcon class 53 horns sound like, was it like a brush type 4 or something else..? Thanks
  7. Also, can you get hold of these mini plugs to save having to solder onto this? Thanks for any help..
  8. Hi, I have a Heljan 128 with zimo sound decoder, there's loads of room so I could fit a 50 diameter speaker, anyone got any recommendations? Also, not sure which are the speaker connections on this board... Many thanks.
  9. Hello Jintyman, 

    I'd like to discuss speakers for 7mm , I sent a pm but not sure if it reached you?

    Many thanks..

  10. Hi All, I'm building an 0 gauge layout from scratch, my other layout is a large 00 gauge with DCC, NCE system, sound locos, cobalt points to separate toggle switch banks, etc. Currently I'm trying to decide whether to take the plunge into battery powered locos, radio control for locos, points, etc. I don't have a problem with wiring up a DCC layout, or anything else associated with it really. The layout is in a large barn and might be used infrequently, at present I'm fed up with cleaning track every time I want an hour of running. My aim is for the best (slow) running a
  11. Thanks very much..
  12. Hi, does anyone know what these parts are please and how to fit them back in?
  13. Hi there, apologies for the late reply...the combination gives the best sound I've heard from a 00 loco yet. No need for high volumes...it's about the quality IMO..
  14. Hi John, Thanks for your interest in this post, I appreciate your (and others) opinion on the zimo chip which I've now fitted. In case you're wondering I do know how to use the NCE system, I have a two cab walkaround setup that I've been using for a number of years....but thanks for telling me twice and directing me to the user manual. I'll let you know when I've worked out a better user interface for the fiddly little buttons.
  15. I've just fitted the Digitrains Zimo chip and sound...yep sounds great, thanks for all the advice...! Moving off topic, but thanks for the info re : NCE....is this relatively straightforward to set up, I can't be done with those fiddly cab button sequences.
  16. Hi, I've some experience with fitting and running a range of 00 sound locos. I've just bought a Dapol 0 gauge D3120 and will run it on a small end to end layout, so wish to decide on a sound / smoke project to fit myself, there are some posts on this but things are moving fast and there are likely to be new ideas around, so any useful information would be much appreciated. I'd like to produce the best sound possible and I know it's subjective up to a point but all constructive views are welcome. Dont mind fitting more than one speaker. Dapol suggest ZimoMX644, is thi
  17. I read this post as I was thinking about trying some new ideas for my sound locos but took on board Nile Griffiths statements about realism. It soon became obvious that I needed a full size Western but even after I'd demolished the garden wall and installed it in my barn it still didn't sound quite right as the doppler effect wouldn't kick in without an eight mile run up, so much to my dismay I had to return it. After a bit of thought I decided to put an EM2 and an Iphone 6 speaker arrangement in my Dapol class 52 with Biffo Sounds.....well I have to say it's pretty good..... and a lot easier
  18. Thanks Albie, I'm just doing another Dapol Western, this time with V4 and Legomanbiffo sound, an EM2 and another smaller speaker.
  19. Hi Albie, Yes I removed the bogie, it's quite easy...just pop the drive shaft out, lift the top clip off the bogie and it's free.
  20. Here's a few pics of my installation on Dapol Western. You don't need to take much metal off, I used a decent file and it took less than 10 minutes. The cones move a bit when 'loaded' and you need space for the silicone, but you want to keep clear of the bogie. I took a bit off the speaker enclosure bottom and chamfered the top corners, see pic, so it avoids any contact with the loco body. The EM2 is then bedded in silicone to dampen the vibrations, also good to insulate the bare speaker connection to prevent any chance of touching the chassis. It sounds amazing! The EM2 is a 1watt 4 ohm,
  21. I just fitted an EM2 to a Dapol class 52 with lok V4 and Biffoman sounds. I have a range of Westerns with all kinds of sounds and speaker options but this is another level. It will make your ballast jump about if you haven't glued it properly! Not too difficult to do but you need to be precise and cut enough out to isolate the speaker with flexi mounts to prevent rattle...! I'll put something on YouTube soon..!
  22. Thanks for the replies, I've generally got better sound by mounting speakers underneath facing the track, but not sure how much room under the Dapol for EM2, I've ordered one so will find out.... I could look at one of my Heljan 52's, one already has the speaker underneath. Albie, what speakers did you fit? Thanks for the video link bgman, v.useful. Woody
  23. Hi all, I'd like to fit an EM speaker into a Dapol western, anyone done this yet? Cheers, Woody
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