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  1. As a change from Blagdon I can share some of the limited progress made with Westbrook. This was a very small station on the Golden Valley Railway that ran between Pontrilas and Hay. I had already constructed a baseboard and laid the track but since then that baseboard has sat under Blagdon. Rather than buy anything new I thought I should get the unfinished projects completed so a faltering start was made on completing Westbrook. The first job was to construct the station building which I did some time ago and I also built the platform, this time of wood rather than Plasticard as I've done in t
  2. JDaniels


    Hi Mikkel, Yes I've been raking through my railway books and of course I can't find it. The photo was looking along the platform with the carriages on the right, all in the lake livery and spotlessly clean. It must be in a book that you wouldn't expect it to be in. There are very few photos of the 4 wheel carriages. Not surprising really as the photographers of the day concentrated on the more spectacular main line scene.
  3. JDaniels


    Many thanks for your comments. I have to say I like the lake livery which somehow looks dignified. Those not that familiar with the GWR assume that the coaches were always chocolate and cream but for nine years lake was used whilst in the four years or so before that all over chocolate was used. I suppose that railway photography became more widespread in later years and hence chocolate and cream predominates in published material. I do recall though seeing a photo of a rake of immaculate 4 wheelers in Brixham station and thinking how smart they looked. I need to be careful though as during th
  4. Firstly, I have to apologise for the absence of any blog entries. Life as they say overtakes you sometimes and I've had a number of issues to sort out, most notably an aging mother and, more recently, mother-in-law having to go into care homes. We now have yet another house to empty at a time when I should be at my modelling desk. Still had two good walks this year, another part of the SW Coast Path and almost all the Cotswold Way (weather interrupted). I did notice in my prolonged absence a number of interesting blogs, I would love to have contributed my two pennyworth but it's a
  5. Thanks for that. It's odd that these kits don't appear on the SE Finecast website. I'll order a chassis from them and put it away for next year.
  6. Yes I could see that as being a problem. I've ordered a pack of 603 from Zoro. I had thrown away the wheels in disgust so last night saw me wading through the bin to find them!
  7. Thanks for that. I'll look out for Loctite 603 as wheels slipping on the axles is a problem I've encountered on other locos. Maybe I won't need new wheels after all.
  8. I've now been able to add the gas pipes to the roof to complete the model. Those who have read my blog will know that I'm quite obsessive about roof detail. It always surprises me that people spend so much time detailing the underframe which is hardly seen whilst ignoring the roof which is always visible. We don't look at models like you look at the prototype. Having said that I'm not sure of the exact layout of the piping. I recollect a photo of what may be a Siphon C on the Highworth branch taken from above but can I find it? As the model represents the later 1920's period, I've
  9. "That sounds fascinating! I have seen various clips from the period on youtube, but not what you mention I think. I'd like to see the colourised version, it really brings things to life as you say. Thanks for the tip, I will see if I can access it somehow." Mikkel, Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier. There seems to have been issues with the website. The colour film is from Channel 5: https://www.channel5.com/show/edwardian-britain-in-colour/ The early black and white film was, as I recall, by Mitchel and Kenyon. What is so good
  10. Mikkel, I wish I had the eyes to paint figures like that. The faces on my figures progress no further than a whitish blob. There's no doubt that the extra detailing really does make all the difference and you've inspired me to have another go with a magnifying glass to see if I can add eyes and moustaches. What I like about the age that you are modelling is the elegance of the clothes. Not sure whether you've seen them but a few years ago a large amount of cine film dating back to the early 1900's was found in the cellar of a shop in the NW of England. I think it was by someone named Kenyon an
  11. There's nothing like a photo to embarrass and that's hom I felt about the photo of the Siphon C in the last entry. It hadn't looked too bad until I applied the Pressfix transfers. It's a good idea to use 3mm transfers, the 16inch GWR would then become 12 inches. as Mikkel pointed out, thye size is given in the Fox Transfers website and I think it was 5.3mm which equates to 16inches in 4mm. I had another look at the Pressfix sheet and noticed that for wagons, i.e. in white, there is a size that would be suitable. I've applied those and overpainted them in yellow. The ove
  12. JDaniels

    Siphon C

    Many thanks for your comments, interesting to know what you have for breakfast. I'm a muesli man myself but like porridge when it's colder. I have made some progress and will be doing a Siphon C update shortly.
  13. JDaniels

    Siphon C

    This winter has been fairly aimless as far as modelling is concerned. I thought though it might be good to try and finish one old project, the conversion of a K's Siphon F to a Siphon C. (By cutting and shutting.) This has been attempted before and I referred to an old Model Railway Constructor for information. This advocated putting the body on a Ratio 4 wheel coach underframe but as I already had the Mainly Trains running gear kit as well as the Dean Churhward brake fret I thought constructing the chassis might make a better model. It also helped that the Russell book, Great Western Coaches
  14. Many thanks for your comments. Since I started constructing this model I've looked more closely at stone buildings and it's suprising just what variations in shade there are. I do wonder though whether when the eye takes in a building close up it tends to look at parts, not the whole, and the variations, whilst there, aren't so noticeable. Looking at a model the eye takes in the whole building and whilst the variations in shade are authentic, because the eye sees the whole building it may look a little overdone. The website Mikkel has highlighted has I think every photo ever taken of West
  15. I've now painted and therefore completed the station building. For the most part I used Humbrol acrylic paints and was pleased with how I got on with them. I've had problems in the past but I like the matt finish (unlike some so called matt enamels), the way in which you can mix the paints and the ease with which they dilute with water. I collected a number of greyish acrylics whilst I was at Gaugemaster at Ford but didn't realise that some are a satin finish, this is not shown on the container. As a result the first coat of paint was with one of these, my puzzlement answered by reference to t
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