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  1. Wow you guys are losing me a bit here...……….. If it helps I don't think it matters (to me) if goods only run on the inner loop - it would be good if something could run on the inner loop and shunting could take place as well Just on my wish list - if a double slip could be avoided this would be good as I found the one on the old layout a real pain to use esp as it was in a high use location. I've (by choice) only got a 2 way DC controller and don't ever envisage wanting more than 2 things running at once Thanks all...…………….
  2. I am assuming I can lay part of the loop even now from the 4ft mark on the r/h side over and including the bridge to the 7ft mark on the LH side incl the spur on the LH side - that will keep me going for a while whilst the tweaking etc develops. - Julian Time to lose the "Halsey"
  3. I'm always very conscious that I don't understand the tweaking as much as you guys but I'm getting there - and I like where we have got to - loads of interest most points within easy reach good track coverage etc so my boxes are ticked It would be good to perhaps settle on this (now if not very soon) and if its OK move the topic on to more accurate plotting, a shopping list, a wiring/isolation diagram so I can perhaps get on and lay the loops and run some trains - clearly bridge and hidden section can be done now so that will keep me going for a while. Dog (shrimp) is still doing well for those who showed an interest - but all of us are feeling a bit imprisoned as he cant be left at all and cant get out of his cage for another 3 weeks THANKS ALL
  4. ON reflection...……………. IF overly using old track/stock compromises the layout (particularly thinking of those of you into realism) then I would rather not as this stuff usually finds a ready market on E Bay and I do want to get away from train set as much as possible - which I think i'm right in saying is evidenced by over use of small rather than large radius items Hope that helps and keeps more people on board. Have a good weekend all...………………………………...
  5. Final decision made - I'm sticking with DC it provides all I need/want.
  6. FYI - current points stock from old layout 8 small radius left hand 7 small radius right hand 6 small radius "Y" 3 large radius "Y" 1 double slip 1 medium radius 3 way 3 large radius curved right hand All PECO streamline It would be good to use as much of this stock a possible - but not paramount
  7. I have got a lot of small "Y" points from the old layout they seemed to be very good in tight goods areas (see old layout drawings?)
  8. All XPS now cut to size a reasonably easy job and a good product but it does need an edging on the baseboard edge to stop bruising - a trip to my local DIY tomorrow. I'm going to glue with a spray contact adhesive only applied to one surface so its not there for ever!
  9. The curves concern was purely one related to holding stuff in place before glue sets if that's doable then totally agree with your flextrack thoughts - as said earlier realism isn't my prime concern over and above operations BUT if we can achieve it so much the better - the last layout was a bit of a "train set" and it would be better to move away from that where possible and (if as you suggest) it will keep others more engaged so much the better again. I'm very conscious that this layout will need to last and challenge for a longer period than the last one and to be clear that's a good thing
  10. I do prefer separate areas BUT I am very happy to consider this esp if the main line was left cleaner? and the canal wharf/water ended up running against the bottom workshop edge board possibly if space is an issue with just a single track serving the wharf
  11. I added a couple of areas of "infill" last time and it wasn't a good idea as reach was a problem - this is why to some degree I have built boards that I don't want to alter as reach is very important - less so for scenery agreed - but I would still rather keep to the parameters chosen.
  12. would it be better where/if possible to work within the 2nd-4th radius Peco Set-track range as my new track laying format will be gluing rather than pins so this will be less stressed when laying it out ??
  13. WOW thanks and thanks for the work involved it is really appreciated. Looking a little further down the line does your design system have the ability to plot peco track parts?? (not that that would be beyond me I think/hope as I have a lot of bits from the last layout). It looks great and is in principle exactly what I had in mind - just digesting it ………….. Early thoughts I'd rather not have hidden sidings/hills (esp as that is the window) - in favour of a coal yard?? It looks as though there might be quite a few curved points on here - I have 2 BUT have had bad experiences with them As prompted by my other thread I have decided to model/wire totally from above (due to old age) on a total covering of 10mm XPS board with a 2mm cork overlay for undertrack areas which to start with will also be laid as a complete covering I had decided not to use DCC but could still be persuaded if it really helped but I remain to be convinced (as does SWMBO £'s) so if DC is agreed early understanding of isolation zones and joiners would be good David C Broad was v good at this last time THANKS again lets see what others have to say …………………………. .......................................….I will start laying XPS and cork and probably the under worktop/bridge area to keep me going Also I will dig out my still packed away earlier layout points/curves and see what bits I've got to assemble and get an idea of space take up
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