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  1. So what have I been doing???? Lots of construction under way 80% just placed here to give an idea of the extent of the canal/tunnel mouth remodel/demolition to allow for a much more industrial theme. I'm very pleased so far................I like the (very good and very cheap) back scene/house/warehouse fronts from "scale model scenery" IMHO the quality of their stuff is excellent...........
  2. Well ............... thanks to "Chimer" I have "discovered" the Metcalfe Industrial kit range and love them ................I have therefore now decided to give the canal area a complete re-think and am going to create an Industrial area focussed on that range of buildings based around the canal basin with Warehouses, Offices and a Brewery The Boiler house was a bit complicated (one section has 6 folds!) but very rewarding to build great value /hr building time for the £ and very sturdy 2 kits built 3 more kits on order and still to go in so it will be busy - for those
  3. I think "droop" is the issue - I don't use uncoupling ramps as I prefer "hand of god (dental probe)" - I've shortened one vertical 1/16th" 'ish and problem solved so not an issue
  4. Update - this loco runs like a dream but due to its length it has caused a couple of clearance mods (notably the tunnel mouth under the raised section) to ensure smooth running - disappointing it hasn't got illuminated cabs but otherwise all good. A TECHNICAL QUESTION..................... I have noticed due to unplanned "uncouplings" that on some of my locos (all Bachmann) the vertical arm of the coupling hook is catching as it crosses points and thereby causing it to lose its "train" - is this a common fault re-solved I assume by shortening the offending arm section?? Commen
  5. No it's a real wall but a totally different one employed to transition from brick to stone into the countryside using the hut as a visual break.
  6. Where did that EE Deltic DP1 come from - its on its inaugural run in April 1955 (my birthday!) - that's why it looks so very clean Just purchased (not cheap) but a bit of fun....................
  7. Hi, Just won a fairly pricey Type 55 Prototype Bachmann 32-520 NRM Electric Blue Deltic (eBay from Ray Heard Model Railways?) - lets hope it is OK when it arrives and converts to DCC OK (it just fits my era as it is 1955 according to wiki and my birth year so cant be bad!). J
  8. Well remembered re AGR, all my stock is Bachmann (incl DMU) Hornby has never been good to me. J
  9. Sorry not a fan of Hornby - probably because I was brought up with a Fleischmann DB layout with my Dad Remembering I do run a speed whiskers DMU!! .................. Cos I can!
  10. Hmmmmmmm I wasn't aware of Accurascale (but I am now) - ignoring the obvious built quality what is the running quality is it based on production model/chassis? Interesting - a "55" might be another "rule one" purchase - which would be the most relevant 'guise" for my late 50's LMS layout/theme? J
  11. Hi, I am suffering with the same issues - getting sick of contractors being around at the moment (even though they are doing a great job) - I want my house back!! Modelling definitely on the back burner for a week or so........
  12. Hmmmmmmm Clearance I agree haven't been running anything since placing them Will ponder the "stub" - I thought it needed to be the longest Loco length - what purpose does a stub serve ??
  13. I think this is the preferred layout for the BRS "huts" - thanks for the various contributions......vans awaited to set/test the scene ............. "Metcalfe Small Factory" placed for photo - it may be the right place but I need to make up the other 2 kits to see how they sit together - enjoyed making this one its a nice item.
  14. Thanks for that - it wasn't even on my radar for this job but I can see the benefits...........
  15. Just a quick question As your various layouts progress do you stick buildings in place?? I am finding it annoying to keep knocking buildings out of place but feel if they were stuck down they would be more likely to be damaged In reality 90% of my buildings have found their permanent homes on "Hawkesbury" so could be stuck down. If its a "yes" to sticking, as almost all of my buildings are card how firmly do you stick - glue, double sided tape (my preferred I think) or a.n.other method. Thanks J
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