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  1. Hopefully "Bumping" just one last time............. Look like I'll have to buy another pack of 10 - not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things! J
  2. Thanks - that's high praise coming from you ..................... its obviously just a natural talent of mine
  3. Thanks. Always interesting to understand another perspective - yes the wall is stuck on to the back scene and is made from app 5mm thick foam board - I will gladly take the photo for you tomorrow. J
  4. Hi all, Just an update - not a lot going on on the railway due to - boat changes - now done - recent passing of Mother in Law and all that involves - funeral 3rd Nov - my now confirmed long awaited Hip operation (19th Nov - with full isolation required 14 days before!) So lots of planning going on and prioritising all the stuff I was giving myself until Christmas to get done BUT I have managed to get lots of weathering materials together so I should be able to do a bit of that soon after the op and I bought a new loco Bachmann Stanier Mogul 2-6-
  5. Just "bumping" this one - I still need these wheels if anyone has any of them collecting dust somewhere J
  6. The Proxxon set has arrived and I'm very pleased - a good range and 4 head types across 15 items - looks and feels well made Thanks for the tip. J
  7. I've got some v cheap ones inherited from m dad which get used for everything but aren't good enough for their actual job!
  8. Thanks £30 on Amazon for 15 seems a fair balance - now ordered
  9. Hi I want to buy a good quality set of "watchmakers" screwdrivers to cope with loco sized screws - any advice would be appreciated - I hate poor quality and am happy to pay for a quality item but it is so difficult to shop for something like this on the internet when you cant touch and feel the item. Thanks
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    This is UNUSED/NEW left over from a couple of CL100 sets I bought PLUS I unused battery PLUS 4 unused lights 2 red 2 white - all surplus to my needs Costs £25 new - PLUS 2 extra lights - grab a bargain......... Paypal "gift" preferred


  11. Hi, I'm just about to start my brush "weathering" journey and am about to tackle a set of 6 Airfix LMS Stannier coaches I'm not trying to be too adventurous just aiming for a basic washed appearance on the bodies with oil and dirt on the bogies will start me off What colours and which paint types should I be getting?? Hopefully this thread will be of use to others in the same position Thanks
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    Unwanted gift - BRAND NEW - unopened/unused


  13. I should have been more clear - it changes the response time from stationary which I prefer
  14. Thanks - it is now running much better and after having left it doing so for about an hour. I think I am possibly falling into the novices trap of over lubricating, I'm using the right oil and its only on the running gear as I don't like taking bodies on and off too much but I might do some IPA cleaning and review.
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