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  1. Hey - don't overly worry about me if others are finding it interesting .....I'm going to source a 2B graphite stick and woodworking pencils (if I haven't got one already in my tool box) - useful point the - "don't use anything other than B" cos it has clay in it! I've got 2 rubbers one Peco and an other (reputable but cant remember) and I don't like the residue they leave behind I will report back.
  2. before we go off topic into chemistry lessons (which is all good BTW) practical application tips please
  3. VERY informative - thanks Over time I have "cleaned" with 1200 wet and dry (used dry) and IPA so graphite sounds like the way to go as I have no gradients and any "scratches" will be very minor IF others agree - what is the best way to apply graphite and does this then become a regular process - weekly /monthly annually?? I accept there are no right answers here but experience is what I'm after and haven't got! Thanks My "contact" will be intermittent for a few months but I am watching.....................
  4. Hi, I've just come back to the layout after a few weeks off (I won't bore you with why - not a problem just "life")....... Anyway........ why in a clean, dry, warm environment am I having contact (and therefore cleaning) issues?? I do find this element of our hobby very frustrating - am I expecting too much - after 3 weeks away do you all have to clean every inch of your layouts to get good running - I use a Lanarkshire converted brake van with an IPA soaked roller which works very well and is quite enjoyable - is this the best solution - is IPA the best product - what causes the surface deposits /corrosion? Can I do any more to combat it I'm not running any traction tyres or any non metal wheels
  5. New dog "Jet" (in the foreground) .................only his second day............ Before you ask no the Lab hasn't got a tail - he lost it in a shooting accident before we had him
  6. For those of you who follow this/my topic - life has been a bit busy - we have decide to sell our much loved canal boat and probably to give up on boating altogether, this is not completely out of the blue its just that the virus has brought it forward AND we have decide that Shrimp is now strong enough to have a playmate of his own age so we have lined up and are going to look at another Springer (10 month old) from our regular kennel who we are hoping will be a good fit. So tomorrow is viewing the new dog (Jet) , Tuesday is emptying the boat and handing her over to the broker and Wednesday is collecting the new dog. In the meantime I have been modelling - I have laid an additional length of track in the Loco Shed area and have built up a new (SuperQuick) double track Loco Shed - I now have a large number of buildings which need weathering so that is the next "project". Photo attached................
  7. Is it possible to be a SuperQuick kit addict???? I built up another one over the weekend - a very good looking (but very simple to construct) kit) but it looks perfect in this spot - its not officially low relief but its only 2" deep - note the trees/orchard! Two more "in stock" then hopefully we will be allowed to go boating again - my target date was always 1st June and IMHO that's still looking possible.............
  8. I've gone a bit crazy today mapping out road shapes with grey primer - I'm firstly really pleased and secondly very surprised as to how much it has brought everything into context after such a simple job I know it looks a bit Hornby Train set 'ish in these pics but its only the beginning to provide context and the basis of future work I had to shorten a few of the sidings in the goods/canal area to make sense of the road but again that was expected when I laid them out and no re-wiring was involved
  9. Amazon is the only show in town............ they are probably still Oxford die cast............... they do do some cheaper versions - is there anyone else doing UK vehicles...........not that I need many, if any, more
  10. I have had few phases of "operating" but wanted to get the really messy and "leaning over" stuff out of the way before setting it up for operation again - its quite a balance but I think I'm getting it about right - there is enough context set now for it to feel right and I've had enough of kit building for a while................ Just ordered a few vehicles - is it just me or at an average of £10 a time do they feel expensive? Not sure everything I've ordered was on the road in 1950 but it is a model not a prototype! Keep safe.....
  11. Done and PM'd you - I would rather it stays as one BUT if its more use to others then I'm happy for you to split it - The layout already has a DCC thread and a Layout thread.
  12. Not a problem for me .................it probably is more about layout evolution now........... It is in fact only < 6 months old and seems to provide a lot of motivation to new modellers so IMHO needs to be easy to find (and continue to follow) by those starting out and not those into prototypical modelling and scratch building. I assume you have reported it so its over to the mods to sort if deemed appropriate...................
  13. That LMS cost me £35 DCC fitted, it is immaculate and runs like a dream
  14. Thats because some bloke said I'd got to hide the tracks behind a wall that I then had to try to make some sense of................ I've never actually seen a fiddle yard in real life either................... Its a bit like flying double decker buses.......and your terrace seems to have the same problem - hmmmmmmmmm BTW - the shop is built on raft foundations
  15. Latest super quick kit almost completed (BTW they are not super quick - this one is 20hrs and counting) - IMHO it provides a nice "end" to the upper street scene leading to the waste ground above the tunnel mouth - happy/at ease now "Chimer"?? Got trees and hedges on order (and a couple more kits - incl an Engine shed ) so I will have a break from buildings for now.................. Need to look for a couple more cars now
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