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  1. I decided to bottle it I'm afraid due to the many comments about getting this model apart I bought one brand new retail and have had it sent to AGR who are rapidly becoming my DCC go to guys to fit the decoder and set it up. I should get it in app 2 weeks all set up...….tried and tested!
  2. Something of an anniversary today - see below - 3 months and app 300hrs later...…………….all working and all background painting completed so I unpacked the buildings from the old layout and started laying them out for real - feels good...………..very pleased - celebrated by ordering a new Loco - a Heljan W&M Railbus.
  3. Hi, That's interesting as I'm thinking of buying a W&M railbus at this very moment but have been put off by a) not knowing anything about Heljan and...…... b) reading far too much about DCC fitting to this particular model being a nightmare I'm not looking to fit sound so what would you say to the challenge I might face and what do you think of the model and its ability to be converted by an experienced novice?? Will a Zimo non-wired/direct 21 pin fit?? Cheers J
  4. I don't think I ever replied to this - I decided to model my birthday era 1955 as it fits all the requirements - means got lots of weathering to do and some carriages to move on! I bought a Bachmann model of the first LMS diesel "10000"and I am now looking for a W&M railbus which just fits the timing - not sure about Heljan though or that particular model as the reviews esp those involving DCC conversion/fitting are poor
  5. I said I would report back - there was something wrong on the PCB relating to one of the (21) pins - cost £25 plus my postage to them (£12 incl insurance) - now on its way back all tested so for me that's a good result - no more non retail DCC ready locos off eBay for me - this was a costly lesson relative to the loco cost but the only one I've ever suffered so I'm not overly concerned.
  6. I've finally done all the cleaning up and I now have trains running very smoothly (for the moment) - I had fun staging these shots just playing with bits of scenery and buildings...…………………. I will colour wash the "blue" foam with grass and coal yard background paint colours next...……………………………………... The top photo is the top left hand corner of the layout with the headshunt in the foreground - loco going the "right" way The bottom photo is the entrance to the under workbench covered loop to/from the bridge (bottom right on the layout plan) this will in time be a tunnel mouth with the retaining wall/arches retaining the canal basin sides -loco going the "wrong" way
  7. Thanks for this and your continuing interest - it is too late for now - time will tell if you were right! (Edit) I think there is more modelling interest without these mods leaving just a little more space for buildings service facilities etc certainly the headshunt mod doesn't work for me Cheers
  8. Just a progress report...…………. All track now glued down - excess cork removed to create track height - and my version of "ballasting" now completed, this wont suit all tastes but I'm happy with it as it is fairly quick and presents far fewer challenges to the track work esp points and when "landscaped" up to its edges with grass/gravel/coal dust etc effects it works well - its a bit of a faff cleaning off the track after spraying (7 cans of Humbrol dark earth acrylic) but ensures a real focus on getting it clean and operational after the build process - a day or so detailed work to come doing that ……………….
  9. Why is it so topical to knock the PA2 - I admit to no knowledge of the alternatives BUT this is a great starter outfit well priced great backup and I don't ever see the need to change it with my size of layout and stable
  10. As I have done - having 19 points in total - 11 on the mainlines are motorised with Peco surface mounted (remembering my base requirement that all wiring and building had to be above the boards) with a good old fashioned switch board with layout drawn on it, then 8 in the goods areas manually controlled with caboose levers which I love.
  11. This topic is supposed to be helping people make DCC decisions - and it isn't - I'm seriously bored...……………………………..
  12. I know nothing about N gauge - which may be obvious from this question - BUT I hear people talking about not being able to fit a "wired" chip inside a certain loco body etc - why not use an N gauge one - in this instance why aren't N gauge sized items the standard?? NOT trying to go off topic just curious...…………...
  13. Go for it ………………… a step at a time, ask carefully structured questions on specific issues and RMW will come good my experience is if you ask wide questions you get opinions if you ask focussed questions you get answers - I haven't yet got stuck thanks to some great people on here...…………. More than happy if this topic moves towards helping you as we will all gain from it...………………………. So is the new layout to be N or OO?? Cheers J
  14. Whoa there - the last thing I would call myself is "advanced" I'm more like a cliff diver I've jumped and am committed but god knows where I will end up and will I decide to jump higher ???? The big thing for me is I'm no longer intimidated by it (DCC) so that is a result!
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