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  1. I wonder if anybody can advise about fitting top hat bearings to these kits? Is it really necessary ?as if you drill out the solebars for the bearings and glue the solebars squarely to the underframe you cannot fit the wheels as they will not rotate if you deepen the holes for the top hat bearings they will break out of the solebars! Any suggestions or ideas much appreciated
  2. Just a quick reminder your were going to take some photos of your Booth Ropley crane for me!

    (you did say to remind you if you forgot!)

    Cheers Ian

  3. Does anybody have a scale drawing of the above crane that they could send me or a link so I can download a set of drawings?David Hyde on YouTube has a link on the first part of his build video but half of the link is covered by links to pat 2 and 3 of the build!! Any help will be much appricated Ian
  4. I've just stripped down the sentinel for a repaint and detailing but have managed to lose one of the four marker lights I can't find these listed as a spare anywhere does anybody have any going spare or does anbody know of a source for these or an alternative to the Hornby ones?It seems strange that all the parts that never break off or get lost you can get as spares all the small parts and breakable parts you can't get!Any help or suggestions most welcome.
  5. Has anybody used or is using a paper guillotine for cutting plasticard are they any good?As I'm thinking of using one
  6. Does anybody have a copy of the 2mm FS journal article about converting the Farish 2-8-0 Austerity to finescale they can scan for as I seem to have mislaid the magazine with the article in it! Has anybody else attempted to convert this loco? any help or suggestions gratefully appreciated Many thanks Ian Galloway
  7. As a member of the 2mm FS association and also a N gauge society member one product I believe would be most useful would be an etch of various wagon components ie brake levers,wagon strapping,sole bars etc.I imagine that quite a few association members model in N gauge converted to 2mm fine scale by use of the association wheels sets and these type of etches would be useful for fine detailing RTR chassis.When I modelled in 4mm these etches where available from mainly trains and allowed you to improve the appearance of RTR stock Wizard models currently supply these etches could an approach be made to see if these could be reduced to 2mm scale by the association or the n gauge society? I feel certain that 2mm etches would prove a useful addition to 2mm or n N gauge modellers What are the thoughts and opinions of other members? Ian Galloway
  8. Do you need to use etch primer on nickel silver I can understand it on a loco body as this is liable to be handled but is it really needed on a wagon or loco chassis?surely providing the etch is clean will normal primer do?
  9. Thank you Nick you have confirmed what I thought was the correct way to assemble the chassis! Cheers Ian
  10. Thanks Bill only problem is that it appears to be a different etch to yours mine is a replacement chassis etch (2-384) for the Peco 10' RCH Tank Wagon unfortunately the photo on the 2mm FS web just shows the etch!
  11. I wonder if anybody has made one of these chassis up?If so do they have a photo of the finished article I'm atempting to build one and I'm having a bit of a senior moment trying to work out how it goes together! Many thanks Ian
  12. Since mainly trains have ceased trading I wonder if anybody can help I'm looking for a photo,illustration or scan of the etches they used to produce in 4mmm for the wagon parts they used to produce ie brake handles etc also the wagon strapping etch as I'm investegating the possibility of something similar in N gauge and would like to see how the etches were laid out.Any help or ideas grateful appreciated.
  13. I'm looking to find a supplier of 03/04 detailing parts the only article I have come across is from the Solihull model railway circle saying that they used Jand M products turned brass chimney,horns etc but I can find no info on this company anywhere can anybody help please?
  14. Never thought to ask are there any transfers available for cowans sheldon breakdown cranes will be painting mine black as red can be a bit of a nightmare to get to cover!
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