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  1. While action poses are difficult to pull off on in a layout setting, they can be quite effective when photographing. Having a collection of both can be an asset. In any event it is a great excuse to get some way cool looking figures!
  2. That is how I got sucked in by the darkside. In my case it was a Parkside wagon. In all seriousness, though, I'm not sure that any one scale/gauge is better than the others, just different. I can say, though, that building that O gauge wagon was most enjoyable and I've been slowly gathering what I need to start that first layout. Simon is exactly right, try a wagon kit and a length of PECO track. If nothing else you will have a nice model to place on the mantel. Dave
  3. Well, if you were thinking of stealing a jacket or helmet, you wouldn't want to accidentally pick one belonging to a Hell's Angel or Bandito (sp?). Jail would be preferable.
  4. CME From the Kadee primer: "Glad Hand: Railroad term for air line hose and fitting hanging down at the end of a car or locomotive. Also used to define Kadee’s Trip Pin, see Trip Pin." Here's a link to the Kadee Primer - I've used Kadees for years, but still found it useful: https://www.kadee.com/documents/primer.pdf Dave
  5. Barnaby, What a great lesson here. Check everything electrical before going forward. You had a short and were able to fix the problem with minimal effort. I don't even want to think how difficult that would have been had you already ballasted. What perhaps you and I know because of experience (and I seem to be always forgetting), someone new to the hobby might not know. Thanks for sharing this . . . I'm sure at least one person gained some knowledge (and I, of course, need these kind of reminders too lol). Of course "testing" is a great reason (like we need one) to kick back and "play trains a bit." . Dave
  6. I thought I spotted a typo there . "Last-century"? The picture can't be of the 1800s, there are cars there. Oh wait . . . . gosh darn it Howard, you're making me feel old! Seriously, looks like a great issue indeed. Living over here, perhaps I am not as familiar with "Hornby" as y'all are so I do look forward to learning more about the iconic brand. Dave
  7. This article may help. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/pointing-and-calling-japan-trains Dave
  8. Richard, I believe the saying is "go big or go home." Seriously, looks like you are off to a good start. I'll be watching your progress as someday I would love to give a go at a locomotive kit. Good luck!! Dave
  9. Dave, Congrats! A great Christmas Present for yourself. Enjoy! Dave
  10. Nick, Way cool present you got yourself there! Given your experience with Lenz, NCE and Digitrax, your thoughts and opinions would be of interest. Dave
  11. My guess is that one of the manufacturers will come out with something that doesn't fit my scale, gauge, era nor railway, but I'll buy one anyways.
  12. I have to say round two of this thread has been just as interesting to me as the first. What makes the latest posts even more interesting to me is the increased amount of knowledge I have gained over the past three years in both British prototype and model railways - nearly all of it has been gained through all the fine folks on this website. I am looking forward to seeing how much more I will learn about this and other topics! You guys rock!!
  13. Perhaps the nameplates had been removed as they, I would guess, are easily pilferable, and would most likely disappear should the truck carrying the locomotive stop for any reason.
  14. At one time Walthers had a 1/87 kit of a DC3/C47. I believe also a P51. Hard to find but every now and then I see one at a show or on eBay.
  15. At one time I was very interested in laying my own track and after buying a small amount of different things figured that I would do it using C&L materials. Then, there was the problems that I think everyone is familiar with. I soon put the idea of laying track out of my mind. Now, however and thankfully, the thought is back on. While I might never bring this to fruition, I am very happy to see that it appears that C&L is back on track (pun intended). Let's hope it just continues to get better!
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