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    My main interest is U.S. HO scale modeling Pennsylvania Railroad. I also am very interested in British model railroading in all scales/gauges.

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  1. Ade, Are these available in the UK? https://www.sceneryexpress.com/Tree-Kits/departments/1017/ Dave
  2. This looks like a fantastic device. So simple, but why wasn't it thought of earlier? I also like the method used to attach power wires . . . . sure beats soldering wires directly to the rails. Looking forward to results of testing!
  3. Okay, it's been a while since this pic was posted, but I can't help but going back and looking at it. While I never went trainspotting with my friends (no nearby tracks and not growing up in the UK), this picture does remind me so much of the things I did do with my friends from the neighborhood and from school. This picture borders on . . . what's the word - iconic? Everlasting? Since its posting I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about and seeing if I could name my classmates from way back when. I wonder if someone with computer imaging skills could work some magic on this - adjust the lighting, a bit more sharp etc. Would make for a piece of trainroom wall art!! Thank you so much for posting. Dave
  4. While not a Modratec customer, yet, I have found the products to be very interesting and perhaps someday, depending on where I see my layout going, I could see me using some of the lever frames. I have to say that I find Harold's approach an interesting one - ask the hobby for some ideas to keep at least your concept/product alive rather than just closing the thing up whereby everyone loses (I have in mind an entity that produced card models of Southern stations and signal boxes). I think this foresight is commendable. For an idea. Would it be possible to put the various drawings and some descriptive narrative into a pdf format that could be either downloadable to the masses or sold at a somewhat modest cost through a self publishing entity? Could at least some of his things be uploaded to something like shapeways so that they will be around for a long time? Again, not being that familiar with his products, I am very interested to learn more and will look through the Modratec website to get a better idea of the products and perhaps make a suggestion or two that hopefully may help. Just some thoughts. Dave
  5. Barnaby, Here's something that might be of interest: https://www.micromark.com/CAR-ROUTING-SYSTEM Not sure if micromark ships overseas or not. While perhaps not as fun (nor as cheap) as doing it yourself, it is an option. Dave
  6. Actually, they're from Germany. https://www.wihatools.com/wiha-features/made-in-germany But a quick search shows there are quite a few retailers (stockists?) in the UK. https://www.screwfix.com/c/tools/screwdrivers-hex-keys/cat831030?brand=wiha https://www.axminstertools.com/wiha What sold me on Wiha was how they felt in my hands, very comfortable, and how tightly the hex drivers fit tighly reducing the risk of rounding corners off. Dave
  7. I've found Wila screwdrivers, nut drivers and hex drivers to be high quality tools. A bit more expensive, but worth every penny.
  8. I have to say that my wife has been nothing but supportive of my hobby and she tracks the various shows as closely as I do - and yes, she attends them all with me and often assists when there is something in particular that I am looking for. Needless to say I am fully supportive of her hobbies and interests. Yeah, I'm a pretty lucky guy!
  9. Art, No fair using prototype photos and trying to convince us they are of models!!!!! Seriously, what a fantastic job. Everything just "fits" into the whole so well. The weathering, the setting, the scenery, the driver. I can almost hear the clanking and smell the diesel exhaust. I will use these pics as inspiration for future projects - an objective to strive for! Dave
  10. Jonathan, Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!! Dave
  11. What about the Atlas HO 9 inch turntable? Not sure about criteria #2, but looks to meet all others.
  12. I've seen similar things over on this side but I can't recall if it was on a model railroad forum (http://cs.trains.com/mrr/f/default.aspx) or perhaps one of the magazines (Model Railroader or Model Railroad Craftsman). This was several years ago. At the time I was highly curious about the idea, but unable to find a local distributor so that I could play around with the various pieces. I ended up losing interest until seeing Richard's initial post. While the system still looks very interesting to me, I do wonder how much it would be subject to twisting given that the finished product would be very similar in structure to a framework of 1x1s (albeit the aluminum pieces are most likely much more rigid than the equivalent size of wood). I would think if it is a part of a "permanent" layout it could be very successful, but not so sure about if it were to be portable. I would be very interested to see what develops here as the only way to determine if it works is to actually experiment!
  13. Truer words have never been spoken. I so do wish when I was 13 or so and working on a layout I had something along the lines of this forum to see what others have done, and most importantly ask questions. The key is realizing that there usually is no one way to do something, but when asking here, you will get a collection of ideas to sift through and think about. And if something doesn't go right, see if you can determine why and how to avoid that in the future. I would bet that every person here has stories about "messing something up" when they first started. Good luck!
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