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  1. I've seen similar things over on this side but I can't recall if it was on a model railroad forum (http://cs.trains.com/mrr/f/default.aspx) or perhaps one of the magazines (Model Railroader or Model Railroad Craftsman). This was several years ago. At the time I was highly curious about the idea, but unable to find a local distributor so that I could play around with the various pieces. I ended up losing interest until seeing Richard's initial post. While the system still looks very interesting to me, I do wonder how much it would be subject to twisting given that the finished product would be very similar in structure to a framework of 1x1s (albeit the aluminum pieces are most likely much more rigid than the equivalent size of wood). I would think if it is a part of a "permanent" layout it could be very successful, but not so sure about if it were to be portable. I would be very interested to see what develops here as the only way to determine if it works is to actually experiment!
  2. Truer words have never been spoken. I so do wish when I was 13 or so and working on a layout I had something along the lines of this forum to see what others have done, and most importantly ask questions. The key is realizing that there usually is no one way to do something, but when asking here, you will get a collection of ideas to sift through and think about. And if something doesn't go right, see if you can determine why and how to avoid that in the future. I would bet that every person here has stories about "messing something up" when they first started. Good luck!
  3. Anyone remember the scene from the movie "Vacation" where Chevy Chase was trying to find the gas cap on his new car?
  4. The childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - I made my dad take me home. The movie was on TV a couple of years ago - I still couldn't watch it through that scene!
  5. Was it worth the wait? Sure looks so!! Dave
  6. John, Well gosh darn it. Regardless of the method used, your signal box is outstanding. Thanks for sharing, though, Gonna have to give that a go! Dave
  7. John, Excellent job. Your painting of the bricks and the gutters really took the building from "very nicely done" to "wow, awesome job!" Please share how you accomplished it. Dave
  8. In looking again at the pics you posted, and the Mk1 set and Artwox deck, all I can think of is the phrase - "Go big or go home." I truly am looking forward to see your progress on this kit. I have to say, you've inspired me to pull down a couple of my kits and give them a look-over. I'm feeling the itch and I can't wait to see what I can learn from following you!! Dave
  9. Sounds like a great idea. There were a couple kits I had my eyes on, but I waited too long. Too bad no one carried on the business.
  10. Wow, quite an impressive kit. I have several 1/350 kits on my "to build" list, but I have to say that I have been a bit intimidated by the PE. One of those back and forth things - if I'm going to build it, use the PE, but I am too scared of PE to start. lol Oh well. I do so look forward to seeing your progress on this! Dave
  11. All, This virtual exhibition is a fantastic idea. Needless to say, not sure there is a better cause to support, so from over here in the U.S. I send my best thoughts to all of you, my thanks to the organizers and I've gone in for some tickets. Hopefully we'll be through this sooner rather than later. Best wishes and stay safe! Dave
  12. The foundation of the threat is not that they believe the victim actually watches porn, but that he or she would horrified if they were publically accused of watching porn.
  13. Whenever I'm not sure if something on Wikipedia is correct I turn to Facebook or twitter for confirmation.
  14. Must have had help from Ivanka and Jared.
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