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  1. Let's hope so. I was pretty happy with the past version so if Metcalfe revises/improves it, I will definitely buy at least two!
  2. Having built one of these, I also was surprised that when I looked to get another I discovered that it had been discontinued. At the time I thought that it was being upgraded like the mainline station and that it would soon be available again. If it does come back, I'm getting two!
  3. Well, somewhat related, and yes from the U.S. The day after Black Friday is also known as "Small Business Saturday." My understanding is that the day is not meant to have all kinds of bargain prices, but rather a day for folks to support local businesses. I would think that most model shops probably fall under the title "small business." I'll be at a show (exhibition) on Saturday so hopefully I'll be supporting a number of small businesses. Crowded, yeah, but with a whole lot more of fun things to look at!
  4. Rich The person you are thinking of is, I believe, Joe Fugate. His layout was the Siskyou (sp?) Line. He founded (or was one of the founders) of the online magazine - Model Railroad Hobbyist. Here's a link that while different than the one John posted is to the same online magazine. https://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/ While I am not 100 percent sure, I believe there is a forum available. The publisher of Model Railroader also has a forum. I believe registration is free, but I could be wrong. Here's a link: http://cs.trains.com/ Dave
  5. Wow. Seems to be quite the locomotive for the price. Does it fit with my Dapol Terrier and Jinty? Hmmmmmm. Does it matter?
  6. Actually, in all seriousness. I do think perhaps the best way to explore O gauge is to start with a wagon kit - Parkside, Slaters, etc. - and a single piece of track. This would allow you to "explore" O and if you decide it is not for you, you'll not have yet gone "all in" and have a nice display piece. I have to say that although I've been an HO/OO guy for more than a few decades, I found working with O a whole "new" experience. Not better, not worse, but different. Yes, each kit will cost more, but the time I spend on each makes the dollar per hour cost about the same and even perhaps a bit less expensive (your milage may vary). Bottom line, if you are wondering, then try it. Stay simple at first and go from there!
  7. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not get yourself a Parkside kit. I did that. The next thing I know I got a second. Then, just a piece of track for the wagon to sit on. No big deal. I can quit at anytime. A couple of more pieces of track so that wagons can be pushed back and forth. Then a Dapol Terrier so that I don't have to push them. Now I'm planning a layout on Anyrail. Yeah, just one kit . . . .
  8. While my father and I have between the two of use subscribed to Model Railroader from 1960 until just a few years ago, I have switched my main source of U.S. modelling to Railroad Model Craftsman as it seems to have more content that matches my interests.
  9. I think that is a phrase that covers nearly everything Scalescenes comes up with.
  10. I said the same thing about the terrier . . . . . . and then the jinty. Both are way to big for my OO wagons . . .. but yeah, I got one of each anyways . . . . what is Dapol gonna make me buy next? This time I'm gonna stay strong . . . yeah right!
  11. Nope, in my experience it is nearly always me no matter who or what I try to blame things on.
  12. Not to get off-topic, but the Yellow Pages advertisement . . . . way cool. I can remember hoping to have enough to get my dad something for his layout.
  13. Well, according to the administration, the Chinese are paying the tariffs so it shouldn't affect the prices we see.
  14. This might seem silly, but here goes. A couple of years ago my wife and I were in an elevator with a young family. The little girl had a Peppa Pig suitcase. My wife asked "who is Peppa Pig?" The girl was very animated in describing the show. That night, just for heck, my wife and I watched an episode. It has become perhaps one of our favorite shows. Is it silly? Yes. Is it for children? Yes. But, the show is about a family that seems to have lots of fun together. Two kids who help out their friends, learn hot to get along and laugh alot. Sure is a whole lot better than watching other shows - even the news! Perhaps a 12 step program? Hi, I'm Dave and I think Peppa's pretty cool.
  15. True story. My wife's sister lives in Texas. Two of her granddaughters love Peppa and love talking about where they are going on "holiday." Yeah, in Texas. Gotta love it!
  16. Barnaby, I can't help but see the irony here (is that the right word?) You decided on the "lower high tech" Honeywell system to communicate with your shed which houses a layout that uses a "lower high tech" turnout actuating system (the Blue Point). Dave
  17. Given the memories that the truck brings up . . . is the price even an issue? Congratulations on your find!!!
  18. Well, to be honest, I have driven similar distances (or longer) to get to a well stocked hobby shop just to see what it may have that would catch my eye. I usually end up spending more than originally planned as I find a whole lot of things I never knew I needed until I saw them. From what I can tell a trip to Kernow's would be one of those type of trips.
  19. I was looking for a Noch horse drawn hearse (I want to recreate one of the scenes from the Albert Finney movie Scrooge). Try as I might, I could not find one here in the U.S. at a reasonable price. I did finally find one on ebay from a seller in the UK. The price (even with international shipping) was much lower than anything I've found to date - so I ordered. It arrived today in great shape and I noticed the return address was Upstairs - Downstairs. Totally happy on this end and I'm sure I will buy from again.
  20. Not alone by any means. Learning the various possibilities of constructing benchwork (baseboard) is a good investment in time. After all, you mess up some scenery, you can replace a section. Mess up the foundation and it's start all over from the beginning.
  21. Mark, Sounds interesting indeed. Could you post a couple "under construction" pics so we can see how the two boards work together with your plan? Dave
  22. Wow! Looking awesome Simon. Can we perhaps see a bottom view of the platform roof (a kind of a "how to" pic). Your model reminds me of the Newark NJ Penn Station platform shelters. I'm sure similar structures can be found in many places. Great job! Dave
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