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  1. Just left Eastleigh https://fb.watch/v/1eZO_dy3X/
  2. Unable to view the content but I have found this video with the train at 5.41
  3. Here are some from Piccadilly visits plus a ride out to Romiley during one visit on a class 101 before they were retired.
  4. Another great wagon choice, I remember seeing these all the time at Arpley and Springs Branch but could only find these 5 pictures out of my own collection with none at the above 2 place, go figure.
  5. 093 is definitely on my list
  6. So it is, this is what happens when you can't find the spotting books and the pictures get mixed up when scanning over 1500 onto the computer. Plus I think it is only time we ever went to Nottingham station so it would be our only photo.
  7. Just like I did for the HAA I've clumped together some 56 pictures on my thread while I figure out how I'm going to afford some of these locos The clumped pictures are on page 21 but there are many more.
  8. Leyland - Home Sweet Home Naturally there are many more but you'll just have to look through the rest of the thread for the Margam, Warrington and Wigan pictures.
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