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  1. Some BWA covered versions would be nice too
  2. It could be worse you could model an earlier time frame say 1990s First train has a couple of wagon model options for the future maybe.
  3. Sadly I can't find the picture available online anywhere, but in Paul Shannons book Diesel Decades 1990s there is a picture on page 75 of 60043 at North Stafford Junction with at least 2 blue painted ones dated 31st October 1997
  4. Instead of clogging up this thread with loads of pictures from my collection, I've clumped together some at the end of my thread on the prototype pages. HAA, CDA & CBA from all over the country.
  5. Springs Branch - Bickershaw Blues Worksop - Sunsets on coal
  6. Manchester Victoria - taking the easier line Warrington Bank Quay - those were the days!!!!!!!!!
  7. Millerhill - awaiting their next turn over at the colliery Newport- more holiday visits Northallerton - always seemed to be a cold day out Pantyffynnon - a quiet moment
  8. Knottingley - coal is king Leyland - the one time I saw one through my home town
  9. Fowey area - CDA still to come Frodingham - only visit Gateshead - coals to Newcastle
  10. Clapham - busy, busy busy Coalville - STEAM & BONES Crewe - through the station
  11. Chesterfield - many a pleasant day sat on the railings of the old bay platform
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