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  1. They probably couldn't be bothered tooling the 2 different light positions.
  2. Some look like they are going to Europe for test trains and new train deliveries. Plus we're getting a class 50 and 31 in the livery too!!! https://www.railadvent.co.uk/2021/04/class-43-locomotives-unveiled-in-railadventure-livery-class-31-and-50-will-join-them.html
  3. TRAINS NO MORE! Here are some photos from a day out visiting closed lines starting at Lowgill Viaduct before heading up to see some of the remains of the Stainmore route around Tebay and Kirkby Stephen.
  4. Hopefully SLW sound file will have the ETHEL mode option in it like Legomanbiffo does so that not matter how slow or fast it goes the sound doesn't change.
  5. just in case anyone wanted to now how to say it.
  6. If 25260 is ever done id have it like this please.
  7. It is possible that they have maintained the same price as the class 24, if this is so then the pricing will be as follows. PRICING • Sound-equipped locomotive (DCC) £295 • Standard locomotive (12V DC analogue) £185 Sound loco will operate on DC but with limited functionality – engine sounds and some lights only Stay-alive upgrade (only with DCC sound option); • SC68 6,800µf super-capacitor pre-installed (£30 extra) Alternative wheel options: • OO/16.5mm gauge wheels as standard (no charge) • EM/18.2mm gauge wheelsets, factor
  8. Here are some from Manchester Victoria and the Miles Platting area plus one of Newton Heath.
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