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  1. Won’t be long before they’ll be joined by another King with a Star in the distance.
  2. Now there’s a challenge if ever I saw one.
  3. Like many of the posters above I really enjoyed the event. My bacon ciabatta was absolutely superb. I’m yet to catch up with everything but I would have liked more layout video content like Retford and Little Bytham but I guess that wouldn’t be that simple. Both of these layouts are clearly housed in spacious premises where social distancing is easier to achieve. I was also wondering why Andy Y was brandishing his supervising others make up brush during interviews. Thanks to everyone for all the time and hard work put in for our pleasure.
  4. is it not possible to return the stairs to the supplier particularly as they are opened?
  5. I second that St Enodoc I saw Retford at the beginning of the century at an exhibition at a leisure centre is Watford when it was an expanse of bare boards with track beginning to appear. I just stood and stared trying to grasp the magnitude of the undertaking. I remember looking at other members of the public and they were as wide eyed and open mouthed as I was. I’ve always looked out for any mention of Retford in magazines and more recently on YouTube and as an avid modeller and model railway fan I think it’s brilliant not only that Retford has been saved but that Sa
  6. Many thanks for posting this photo Mr Wolf. I was painting some N gauge fish boxes yesterday and was really struggling with the colour so I’ll have another go later.
  7. Yes totally agree there Tony. My newest layout I’m building is using British Finescale hand made code 40 track and I did look at 2mm Association point rodding components but decided that was an insane idea.
  8. Interesting how we all have slightly different preferences. I always paint rails before I ballast so that I don’t get any unintentional weathering spill over onto the ballast.
  9. I use these magnets but get mine in the UK from https://www.first4magnets.com/ No connection just a satisfied customer.
  10. My experience supports MrWolf’s post I think.
  11. I remember years ago watching a metal bodied Graham Farish pannier running on my then layout, and thinking that smoke really looks very realistic. Penny dropped that it shouldn’t be happening so I instinctively grabbed and instantly dropped the red hot loco. I never worked out what caused it but the loco was kaput and I had to put a replacement in.
  12. Modelling in N as I do, I find that to fit crews into locos involves surgery to figures that is positively medieval. i did speak with Alan Butler about this by way of a general discussion, and not in any way criticising, but locos are built to scale size for the period they depicted and time they were built. Scanned humans in 2020 are appreciably larger than they were in those times, both in height and girth so today’s crews will always be larger than needed for loco cabs. it has taken a while for the penny to drop but I don’t spend quite so much time with 2 bristles on a
  13. A suggestion if I may, but just a subtle touch of rust on the chairs as they look as if they have been there a while.
  14. What this old loco ........ no I’ve had it for years.
  15. And I’ll add my thanks for the shared information on the couplings. i model in N, and with not much hope, I logged on to WHWW and was astonished to find that these couplings are available in N.
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