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  1. So I’ve been home a short while and had my obligatory nap and will catch up on all the above posts later but as a regular Warley attendee I would like to say how enjoyable today has been. Gangway width is the subject of another thread on here but it was clear that this was an issue that had been given prior thought but if I was to be a trifle picky maybe the MRJ Small Suppliers area was a bit of a pinch point today. The Suppliers May be Small but the customers are most decidedly not. I did hear and appreciate the appeal to leave rucksacks in the appropriate crèche and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard it and maybe it bore fruit but well done for the announcement guys. As a person of short stature it was appreciated so thank you. I prepaid for parking yesterday and appreciated the £4 saving but I think it was something I picked up on on here earlier in the week so I don’t know if WMRC actually publicised this change but if not could I suggest that this be hi lighted for the future? I’m not sitting here any richer of course. That honour goes to Brassmaster where I bought one more pack of windows than intended when I realised that my maffs was out and I had failed my two timetables. Thank god I didn’t try gesinters! The only grizzle I’m afraid is the cooked breakfast. I set off at 7.30 and on entry I headed for a full English as I shop better on a full tum. OMG! Today’s was the worst breakfast I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime and was served up in an enamel dish my mother used to make Shepard’s Pie in when I was a child. One sausage. Two very fatty cold pieces of bacon and a cup of bean juice with about 12 beans in there. The change by the NEC in catering has really not been for the better and whilst it did not ruin my day I do think that WMRC should be aware of feedback both positive and negative. Great day guys and thanks for all the hard work you put in for our pleasure.
  2. I’ve found it tends to be the school halls and gyms where gangways are far too tight and this fact coupled with the fact that I’m 5’ 6” tall means tight gangways usually end up with me getting smacked in the face by rucksacks. It’s like Miss Piggy in the Muppets sometimes when I see one coming my way. Just means I get a bit more selective about which ones I go to these days but I have dropped 2 shows this year where I know there is always the crush and that’s with usually going on Sundays
  3. Congratulations to all and good luck with the next challenge.
  4. On one of my layouts DC I wired the turntable motor as if it was a track section so I just flicked the switch and then turned the deck using my controller. On one of my other layouts (n gauge and no domestic supervision) I used the ADM Turntable.
  5. And me but got in through history.
  6. Long time admiring lurker on here John but loved the coverage of your exquisite layout in the latest BRM and if such a thing is possible, Andy’s pictures just keep on getting better and better. Brian
  7. I spent a most enjoyable morning at your exhibition today and it was one of the most enjoyable exhibition experiences that I’ve had for a long time. As an N gauge modeller of far to many years it was so pleasing to see so many quality N layouts in one show interspersed with top quality other gauge modelling such as the “if only I had the space and wallet” Addison Road. Thinking back to last year year, it was so nice to be able to move around the halls without the cramped ness and quite so much buffeting by rucksacks that I experienced last year and the sense of claustrophobia it induced. I was appalled at the behaviour of one individual with a baby in what I can only described as an out of gauge buggy though, and which at one point I saw him deliberately ram into the back of an elderly gentleman so he could get by. Very very bad form I thought which was made worse when his victim apologised. Maybe not something that the organisers can do much about, but I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it. If it was you sir and you read this I trust you feel suitably ashamed but your behaviour this morning suggests that’s unlikely. i would hazard a guess that my greatly enhanced experience was down to being there today rather than on the shows usual Saturday only, and I do hope the 2 day show was a huge financial success to perhaps encourage you to make your show a 2 day event for the future. You’ve done 1 day over the first 50 years. What about 2 days for the next 50. Congratulations on a great show and many thanks from a very satisfied visitor.
  8. I have been asked by a friend who is not a member of RMWebb is anyone can provide a copy of instructions for an OO Golden Age models A4 Sir Nigel Gresley “F” function list as he has lost his. Many thanks. Brian
  9. Three years is answered by going with one of the quotes I obtained from another advertiser in BRM who replied and supplied the baseboards I wanted in the time frame quoted. The second and more recent request to Tim was for a bespoke stock storage unit. Advertise a service and offer a contact me tab and not responding to an e mail really is extremely poor customer service. Yes we all have spam folders which I check regularly every two or three days. Maybe Tim should be doing likewise as seemingly I’ve been spammed/ignored twice. Maybe you could suggest that to him as seemingly speaking on his behalf
  10. So having twice used the contact me facility on this website does anyone ever get the courtesy of a response? I emailed a request for some bespoke baseboards 3 years ago with no response and before Christmas e mailed a question regarding a bespoke Stoke stand. Tim’s site does say bear with him as he is busy/too important to respond to enquiries beneath him but 3 years and now 2 months? I really would have reservations dealing with him now to be honest and maybe others need to be wary.
  11. My first visit to Stevenage and I did fully enjoy the time I spent at the exhibition and viewing some old favourites and some wanna see layouts in the form of Oldham Kings Street. As an out of town traveller though, I was disappointed that there were no signs from the M1 and also the lack of breakfast catering. Possibly spoilt by other exhibitions but I always enjoy the day more if fuelled by a breakfast. Doesn’t need to be cordon bleu but if my alarm is on for six and I’m up shower and out, an adequate breakfast and some guidance surely isn’t too much to ask for. Will I return? Doubtful if I’m honest but my show choices are always heavily dependent on the layouts attending but with this years personal negatives that list will need to go some to attract me back.
  12. I’m a digital subscriber and can’t see where the DVD is. Can anyone point me in the right direction please
  13. I am a regular at this show and it is one that I always find to be a most enjoyable experience, but I feel I must say that I think you guys at Warner’s have raised the bar this year to such a high standard you’ve now made a bit of a rod for your own backs. The quality of layouts this year was phenomenal, and it was a joy to be able to get to see 3 or 4 layouts which I’d not seen before which were of stellar quality, and to see an old favourite in Bradfield. I thought Bournemouth West, and Kensington Addison Road were both examples of all that’s best in our great hobby, although if I was a little picky and if KAR was mine I would do something to disguise the modern cars on the street scene between the 2 blocks of houses. It is layouts like this that cry out to me for the old style one off DVD’s that you used to produce such as Over Peover and Gresley Beat rather than the few minutes in the current style hint hint. Thanks for such a superb show.
  14. Like you Ian I made a bee line for LLS after my breakfast and took up position firstly at the hotel end as it was the first time I’d seen that in the flesh, and then moved round to the front, and finally down to the traverser. In all three positions I was able to talk with the operators about things on the layout or procedural issues. I had good views of what was moving at the time, or what was held in the cutting. By the afternoon when I swung by again it was indeed 4 or 5 deep so I think it’s a case of forward planning with what is a must see for you and then being realistic in your expectations. You can’t get to see everything in one day. LLS is a prototype model with reasonably prototypical operation. If you want 5 trains flashing past your nose in 30 seconds then this was possible to see but somewhere else in the hall
  15. Hi Guys. I’m just completing the conversion of a Farish BG to a secure BG using Etched Pixels sides to run in plain BR Blue livery. I haven’t a clue what transfers would have applied as I can’t find a picture anywhere and there isn’t one on Mr Carroll’s site to help, so I was wondering if anyone can assist please. Brian
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