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  1. That’s reminded me of when my employer got taken over and I drove a car load up to what became known as the mothership to get to know people up there. We all sat round the bored table and had to introduce ourselves. One of my colleagues was recounting her career history and said “ prior to then I was with MI6 but I can’t talk about that” The room went silent and we moved on. imagine the stick I took on the way home when I said “I didn’t know you worked for MI6”
  2. Dapol seem to manage unless I’m mistaken
  3. I dunno about that. The chap on the lorry still seems to be stuck in his newspaper.
  4. That would be fantastic but unless Andy York pins this to the top of the page - maybe with an introduction, then I’m afraid it will just fall down the listings much as Tetley’s Mills has done. Brian
  5. Active modeller for 50+ years now and as I model in N, I am eternally grateful that eyesight and dexterity of fat fingers are holding up well. The benefit of N is that I have 5 separate layouts in one state or another covering LMS GWR through to Green then Blue Diesel. Interchangeable stock gives me increased variety as to which one I play with as the mood takes me. Brian
  6. Kick boxing & Jujitsu. Gulp! Sounds like you’re going to have to be on your best behaviour.
  7. Such sad news and my condolences to Gordon’s family. Like many on here I never met Gordon but followed his modelling avidly and took inspiration from it. I think it was Gordon building his own track which pushed me over the edge into building my own track in N gauge. Thoroughly enjoyable exercise and a very successful outcome. RIP sir. We will all miss you. Brian
  8. I’ve just had an incredibly relaxing 20 mins or so over lunch watching a video of Modbury that popped up on YouTube. Your layout is absolutely exquisite Ian and the video is just the sort of calm and measured “action” I love to see on a model. I’m not convinced action is the right word because it tends to suggest the breakneck harem scarum activity more associated with gaudy boxes hurtling round a round roundy layout at impossible speeds on minimal radius curves but, as they say, each to their own. Now that I’ve found this thread I can imagine I’ve several enjoyable days reading to come. Brian
  9. So sorry to hear this news. Fingers crossed that Gordon rallies and thinking of his family and friends. Brian
  10. Maybe just a hedge alone would be enough?
  11. Looks like the resident photographer has been photo bombed by the village idiot
  12. As I model in N I’ve struggled to achieve decent yard cover and no matter what scatter I’ve tried the surface always looks like walking over a shingle beach. For me the best effect I’ve manage has been using Greenscenes textured paint and for yards I use a mix of 2 or 3 different ones and when dry I sand over to remove any high peaks. If not enough texture then I repeat process until I’m happy. Brian
  13. Don’t you mean scratchbuilt?
  14. Yes me to. I was pondering over another building in my yard and I think the decision has now been made.
  15. Some really good observations coming out here but at the end of the day everyone will need to make the call as they see fit at the time. Despite being fully jabbed I’m more reluctant to go to an exhibition today than I was on Monday because of the comments about the rise in cases allegedly attributable to the England V Scotland football spectators. The question of venue is a little more tricky. Biggest space Warley but there can be crushes by the club only purchasing part of the hall. Whole hall and basic individual safety precautions then it’s a possibility however the cost of Warley for me is frankly becoming way out of my reach. Over the years I’ve attended exhibitions in Milton Keynes at schools or similar. I’m guessing these would be a no no for me as they are usually far to cramped and maybe these venues might no longer be in the mix anyway. This would leave East of England Showground TINGS & Stoke Mandeville as the 3 venues I’d probably feel most comfortable to visit as they are usually well spaced out. The other venue I went to in 2019 was MK Stadium and I am on the fence there as it was a bit crosses for me even being a Sunday attendee.
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