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  1. Modelling in N as I do, I find that to fit crews into locos involves surgery to figures that is positively medieval. i did speak with Alan Butler about this by way of a general discussion, and not in any way criticising, but locos are built to scale size for the period they depicted and time they were built. Scanned humans in 2020 are appreciably larger than they were in those times, both in height and girth so today’s crews will always be larger than needed for loco cabs. it has taken a while for the penny to drop but I don’t spend quite so much time with 2 bristles on a stick painting my crews until I’ve butchered them and have a fair idea what will be left and visible.
  2. A suggestion if I may, but just a subtle touch of rust on the chairs as they look as if they have been there a while.
  3. And I’ll add my thanks for the shared information on the couplings. i model in N, and with not much hope, I logged on to WHWW and was astonished to find that these couplings are available in N.
  4. Do I detect the influence of Ofqual here?
  5. I think it will be a long time before I would think about going to an exhibition again and a lot would depend on the venue. I've been to schools in Milton Keynes, Warley, and the Motor Museum at Gayden where everyone was packed in almost like sardines and can’t see that I would go back to any of these venues. I doubt restricting numbers would be viable because costs have to be incurred in these events which is I believe why Warley only have a percentage of the hall available to them and consequently reduced numbers would impact on the profit for the organisers. Like I guess a fair number of people on here and in our hobby, I am now in sight of 70 and thankfully in good health, but nevertheless I have very little contact with other people by choice, and I am following the guidelines. On my rare trips to a supermarket I am appalled at the cavalier attitude being displayed by others - unless of course they are genuinely medically exempt from wearing a mask over mouth and nose, and I have no doubt this would also carry through to exhibitions.
  6. I tried one of these on my N gauge layout with very limited success as it wouldn’t go through tunnels or along platforms as it’s so out of gauge. I use Ten Commandments track wagons which rub pads across the rail heads although not cheap but at least they can go everywhere.
  7. Dragonboy

    Little Muddle

    And such incredible craftsmanship. The texture on those cottages looks superb.
  8. Dragonboy

    Little Muddle

    Took me a couple of reads to understand that because for some reason I read it as Cat Flap and was picturing you trying one for size.
  9. I too love these videos but they’re not appearing on YouTube for me
  10. Dragonboy

    Little Muddle

    Blimey you must have ordered a lot if you’ve three wagons waiting for them.
  11. Lovely video John. There’s nothing to beat a pre nationalisation 8 coupled engine on a train of private owner wagons. The BR equivalent of 16 ton mineral wagons with only differing rust patterns to give any individuality is just not the same.
  12. Great videos Mike. Thanks for doing them and I look forward to future ones. I like so many others I’m sure loved the recent article. A beautifully modelled layout.
  13. Many thanks for your kind words Andrew. I take your point entirely about the tractor conflat combination. Glaringly obvious really. Will be transferred to BR foams. Brian
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