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    Little Muddle

    Blimey you must have ordered a lot if you’ve three wagons waiting for them.
  2. Lovely video John. There’s nothing to beat a pre nationalisation 8 coupled engine on a train of private owner wagons. The BR equivalent of 16 ton mineral wagons with only differing rust patterns to give any individuality is just not the same.
  3. Great videos Mike. Thanks for doing them and I look forward to future ones. I like so many others I’m sure loved the recent article. A beautifully modelled layout.
  4. Many thanks for your kind words Andrew. I take your point entirely about the tractor conflat combination. Glaringly obvious really. Will be transferred to BR foams. Brian
  5. Don’t think Coopercraft do N. Not mentioned on their site but thanks anyway.
  6. One of my N gauge projects, Frogan’s Yard, is an inner city area small goods yard which I originally ran as Green Diesels however my original and first love of LMS has resurfaced as the pictures hopefully show. The problem I’m currently grappling with however is road transport to carry the off loaded goods away. I’m aware of a couple of options from PD Marsh and Langley but I was wondering if anyone could offer any further suggestions I would be grateful as the only road transport I’ve found of suitable age is a taxi.
  7. Been working my way through this thread and it is an ongoing most pleasurable experience. This must be one of the best exhibitions that I didn’t attend. Certainly the first exhibition where my feet didn’t hurt. Thanks to everyone and to the organisers for bringing this to us.
  8. I’ve been weathering for years and most stock on my layouts is, or will be weathered. I say layouts because modelling in N I have a few which means I can run LMS stock through to BR Blue but really LMS was my first love with their Crimson Lake and Black 5’s These are 2 wagons I finished (I think) yesterday.
  9. I wonder that myself some days but at the age of 67 I can still put transfers on N gauge society kits. Finished this pair yesterday
  10. Thanks guys. That makes things simple. Also explains why there’s no mention on any of the headlamp tables I’ve seen.
  11. Hi everyone. I hope you and yours are all keeping safe. I’m currently building an inner city overspill goods yard which is set in LMS days. This is primarily going to involve mainly 3F’s shuffling wagons around, ready for either they or other locos to trip away. I am however unsure as to what lamps a loco would display and wonder if anyone can offer me any guidance here. My best guess is a red lamp front and back displayed over the right hand buffer as you face both the front and rear ends. I don’t recall where that idea came from and of course pictures of LMS days are a bit rare now and all of my very old books which feature LMS times really just focus on the main line workings. Thanks
  12. So in the spirit of you guys have been showing me yours. These are the results of a few days labour. Going from OO to N seemed like a good idea in my 20’s and despite much cussing and blinding I have enjoyed doing these. N gauge society kits and transfers either some of there own produced by Railtec or some very old Modelmasters. I accept wagon numbers Are undoubtedly incorrect but as Sir has said on many occasions, as layout wagons I’m happy that they are the best I can produce with what’s available for us pre grouping fans.
  13. Whilst I model in N I’ve found Peedie models to be by far the best available with 2 sizes on offer. Service is first class and a painted option is available which doesn’t break the bank.
  14. Just back from a very enjoyable morning at the show. So unaccustomed to good weather for this show so well done organisers there! I’m a bit old school and it always does me good to see pre grouping layouts and Clarendon and Hope under Dinsmore are both superb examples and this was the first time I’d seen Scrubbs Lane in operation so worth the entrance money alone for these two layouts. One constructive observation for future years if I may, but would it be possible to have a few chairs in the gym as there were only three on the public side of things and not inside exhibitors barriers. 2 in front of the 009 stands and one at the rear door occupied by a steward. A small thing, but I for one would have appreciated the opportunity to take the weight off as they say for a few minutes while down there.
  15. Will do Howard thanks. It’s interesting that everything before page 90 works fine and if it’s internet related I’d hazard a guess that I’d just see the buffering rather than getting the message that the video was unavailable. I will contact Pocketmags as you suggest but past experiences have all ended up with them telling me to contact you! I was especially pleased with the main dvd this month as I’ve only seen Hornsey Broadway once, but I could only see the top bits as I wasn’t tall enough to see into the trough so that was greatly appreciated.
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