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  1. I don’t have a wonky shed door but the eagle eyed will doubtless recognise the arm from the water crane having a lie down. No over enthusiastic grand son to blame only a clumsy old Buddha (that’ll be me then) who did this some years ago now. Brian
  2. A few pages back you showed a picture of some kindling stacked on your coal stage which set the grey cells a whirring and after a few hours cutting up and painting match sticks I’ve come up with my version. Kindling brought in with some oil and once off loaded the wagon is parked in the siding awaiting the outgoing pick up goods service. All my loads are removable using a magnetic pick up tool.
  3. Such sad news and the railway community will be a much lesser place for his passing. Like many on here, I have many of his books and it’s the ones he wrote on realistic operation that I return to regularly, and the knowledge and wisdom he shared has greatly enhanced my pleasure when operating. My sincere condolences to Bob’s family and friends. The world has lost another Giant of the Railway community. Brian
  4. So sorry to hear your sad news Mike. Brian
  5. Now that’s a tip I need I need to remember if I ever tackle point rodding but as I’m an N modeller that’s one of the few things I’ve rather put in the No Chance column, up until now.
  6. I think someone put it on Tomorrow’s list and you know what they say about tomorrow.
  7. I too really enjoy building kits, and find a spell of wagon building is a sure fire way for me to rekindle a diminished mojo.
  8. Very nice and natural ballasting Andy and being a coastal area I’m thinking you’ll hardly need to do anything other than the lightest touch of weathering.
  9. Cambridge Custom Transfers produce chalk marks and I’ve used them on some of my stock.
  10. Years ago after my divorce I commented to the grandfather figure in my office that I’d started looking at girls again. He said that he couldn’t see anything wrong with that and asked what my problem was? “Damned if I can remember why” was my response
  11. That looks like pieces of masking tape that haven’t been painted
  12. I’m using Safari on iPad and trackers are way above my pay grade I’m afraid but I’m also getting the privacy agreement appear on every layout topic I go to
  13. I reckon Andy is reading the Adverts
  14. Kevin has planned his structures well to omit the chippy as last time I was at the coast I remember they were a flapping nuisance. Must be where Hitchcock got the idea from.
  15. That has to be one of your best yet. So full of atmosphere and you almost hear the seagulls
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