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  1. Just found your thread and looking forward to watching how this develops.
  2. I’d be more worried about catching myself on those corners.
  3. Ah the famous plan B and I’m glad I’m not the only one who found a better use for his weights discs
  4. Cue Robert Shaw “Attack attack attack attack”
  5. I was factoring in car park cost and also a program.
  6. I too was very pleased to get the first exhibition under my belt as it were but was also similarly disappointed by the layouts on offer, with the exception of those you quote above. The Premier Exhibition for N gauge. Well if it’s the only one then possibly but it really was more League 1 standard. I think the greatest benefit I got from the show was the help and advice I received from a couple of the traders and the tease of future products to come when I was looking at the EP of the awaited Diesel Parcels unit. As others have commented mask wearing was limited. I chose to for the bulk of the time merely removing mine to clear the specs or to speak to a trader when we could do so at a safe distance. I certainly avoided the scrum at the second hand traders because that would have been asking for trouble I think.
  7. The trouble with Warley though for me and I suspect so many others is that it is far more expensive than many can afford these days with the way costs for everything seem to be rising. This means free cash for playing trains is just being squeezed and something has to give. Factor in the crush element that can exist at Warley means it’s likely never to see me again. I take your point about traders not having the widgets you need as I had that myself yesterday but was asked to pop them an e Mail as they were sure they had what I wanted back home. This was a replacement pack of transfers I bought from BH Enterprises which I think I bought over 30 years ago!
  8. Really needs a voice from the heavens adding “Oi! You can’t leave that loco there!”
  9. I’m guessing Andy didn’t sell the O gauge spiders on with all the rest of the O gauge items.
  10. Looks like Little Muddle has had a touch of overnight frost on some of those piccies.
  11. Maybe the guys that are tasked with unloading the crate could pick up a hint or two from this picture. Maybe what’s needed is a white coat …………. O’er that’s opening up a can of worms there if Nurse Ratched is around.
  12. There’s a chap on You Tube who posts in the name Mouldy Raspberry and he has posted a video this week including a step by step on tarpaulins which may be of use. Brian
  13. Yes I’ve got my copy and it’s a cracking little book so many thanks Graham. I hope it sells well.
  14. For what its worth Andy I think somewhere between pics 4 & 5 would look best. There’s something about 3 sidings running alongside each other without a bend or deviation that makes them look longer particularly when they just have 2 or 3 wagons left standing around. Brian
  15. Of course he could get far more in if he reverted back to N
  16. Or Jonno for the guys down under. Brian
  17. Well your original title did include the words “for the Eden Project” which suggests paying public …………..
  18. I ordered on Sunday. Fingers crossed my lovely post lady makes me happy chappy this morning
  19. Not just you Tony. There’s lots of Buckingham fans out there glad this piece of Railway history wasn’t lost and that (hopefully) there will be continuing updates in the shape of articles and videos. A video of the movements you describe above would keep me riveted to the screen just as the Reverends original video did, which I believe came out in the 80’s but it unfortunately went to the tip as My system was Betamax and when my machine died I wasn’t able to get it repaired. Brian
  20. Bit worried about my Amazon delivery of The Book. I’ve received notification from Amazon the book is coming by rail and no delivery date has been given
  21. Was the sound of Blues n Twos prototypical of the area when turntables turned?
  22. I think it has to be about the journey and have felt like that for quite a few years. I would think that for most people on here the pleasure our layouts gives is the enjoyment they give while we are building or operating whatever takes our fancy, and within our limitations, be they spacial, financial or time restricted. A few years ago I started sifting through my stash of kits n bits that I had accumulated over 50+ years. Some were confined to the wheelie bin but a lot have been put to good use on one or other of my small layouts, none of which are expected to be completed in my lifetime and certainly aren’t likely to be completed after. Does this bother me at all? Not in the slightest because for me the value I’ve had from my railway modelling is in the Now. Whether that’s the afternoon spent building something, or just shunting some trucks up and down. Take the pleasures we can in the Now moment because as we’ve seen recently with the sad losses of our RMWebb friends all to soon we don’t now how long our Now time is
  23. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a loco modelled with a green roof.
  24. I normally use Ten Commandments loads and drill a hole and put a steel pin in centrally which I disguise with a bit of plastic putty. Once painted you don’t know it’s there. I then use a magnetic pick up tool to lift the load out of the wagon such as when standing in a coal yard so there are then empties waiting to be removed. If using a preformed plastic load I evostick 2 pins on the underside and usual add coal scatter on top but you need to do this sparingly as otherwise you lose some of the attraction You may need to sand the load before painting to unsure smooth exit and I tend to put name of wagon on underside as loads are not one size fits all.
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