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  1. Thanks, do you know if they do those in Midland condition?
  2. Thank you both! Is the D508 coach available from any other supplier or is that something needs to be scratchbuilt? I haven't seen any pics of flatirons on any part of the Buxton to Monsal Dale section but I do think I've seen one at Derby and I think one at Chinley.
  3. Does anyone know if the MR Flatirons would have made it as far as Buxton on their Manchester workings? I'm wanting to have a go with the SEFinecast kit and possibly run it with the Ratio suburbans
  4. The only problem with the Hornby Staniers is the lack of composite corridor stock. A major omission which is key for many train formations. I am not sure if Hornby have released those coaches in pre war LMS livery.
  5. I don't dislike the idea of generic coaches, particularly for people who arent too picky, maybe just getting into it, ideal for a starter set. However, I do wish that given Hattons have already decided to make them, Hornby had made a more prototypical alternative. I can understand repetition will sometimes happen but it looks far more intentional in this instance. Needless repetition of products intended to spite retailers/manufacturers is getting a bit annoying as a customer. It does come across as a little bit arrogant
  6. GWR8700

    2021 hopes

    Have there been any clues in the Engine Shed blog or Signal Box videos that may give some idea as to what is coming on Tuesday?
  7. Those slaters kits can't be reintroduced soon enough! Great modelling as always
  8. GWR8700

    2021 hopes

    I really hope they don't release any coaches or wagons that are available as kits. I also include the soon to be reintroduced Slater's range in that. There is enough room for smaller suppliers and the big manufacturers in this hobby.
  9. Have the collectors club models sold out? Don't want to join if they have done.
  10. GWR8700

    2021 hopes

    I would like for them to bring back the early type of GWR Castle Class that we haven't seen since it was first released. Not necessarily what I hope for (though I do think they would all make great models should Hornby choose to do them) but what I predict is... LSWR T3 Caledonian 439 Class GWR Saint Class LNER Coronation set coaches Class 195 and 331. Some other surprises too. Looking forward to it as it always brightens up a miserable month.
  11. I was also a bit confused on the livery. I hope they do a pre 1915 example at some point. Can't imagine them not doing that really. Looks fantastic, tempted to get a later example too if funds allow.
  12. Thanks, that would explain them suddenly disappearing. Seems to be the same for the Truro Signal Box too.
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