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  1. I was also a bit confused on the livery. I hope they do a pre 1915 example at some point. Can't imagine them not doing that really. Looks fantastic, tempted to get a later example too if funds allow.
  2. Thanks, that would explain them suddenly disappearing. Seems to be the same for the Truro Signal Box too.
  3. That's a shame, I'd been keeping an eye on them for when I had the money available, I was rather surprised to see they have suddenly gone. Pity as I was just about to buy one. Gutted. If anyone is wanting to flog one, let me know...
  4. Just seen the Boscarne Junction Type 3 Signal box is out of stock. I could have sworn they had loads in when I last looked not too long ago. Anyone know if these Bachmann Kernow products are often reissued?
  5. I would be very surprised if they didn’t leave that option open. With minimal changes you can cover more than 500 extra locomotives
  6. Apologies if you’ve answered this but I was wondering what the dimensions of your layout are?
  7. Glad to hear there are more coming up. Really enjoying your series and the latest article in MRJ.
  8. Does that mean they are planning to reintroduce the Midland coach kits in 4mm?
  9. A large Metro in rtr or as a kit would be much appreciated. The new Prairie looks great. Certainly is making me reconsider my Hornby pre-order. I hope that Dapol do further variations in a similar way that they have done for the B4 and GWR railcars for future releases (hint hint 3150 class)
  10. I wasn't aware there were kits for large metros. Who produces them?
  11. Completely agree, I saw an amazing looking P4 layout recently, as a diorama it was superb. However, as soon as any engine approached a set of points it would stall time and again, then wagons would derail even on straight track. It just became frustrating to watch.
  12. Well, I wasn’t expecting that
  13. I wasn’t aware of that, but that’s great news.
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