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  1. Surely as an experiment it would be worth changing all 6 transistors as the cost would not be astronomical and by doing it one at a time it would be possible to discover which was the faulty one and then try just changing that transistor on subsequent "Walkabouts". If there is a common fault it's likely to be just one particular transistor.Because transistors are susceptible to heat you need to be in and out quick with the soldering iron or even use a heat sink. However without wishing to upset T-B-G or his friend, Potentiometer's are prone to failure in H&M controllers.
  2. Clive, your wife may end up getting a job as as CEO like other people. Just remember folks were all in this together just ask Mr J senior.
  3. I was based there in a Portakabin and was working on what was to become Train Overhaul. I knew the Foreman and Reps who worked in the Depot but can't recall the name and Giles is quite an unusual name so I would remember.
  4. To be fair we will all be screwed one day by the Funeral director attaching the lid to the coffin.
  5. Seeing the photograph of "Minoru" reminded me of a phone call I answered when I worked for LT at Golders Green in 1984 . A Lady asked to speak to Rob ***** and I said I am afraid he is not here this afternoon,can I take a message . Yes she said I believe he has a nameplate from a locomotive called "Minoru" (I answered that I had no idea as he is only working here this week) and my husband had the other one. Unfortunately my husband has just died and we had talked about giving the plate to Rob when that happened so that he would have both of them, my phone number is 01-765-2345 if he would like to ring me. I was flabbergasted and we politely ended the call. Next morning Rob was even more flabbergasted when he saw my message and thought it was a wind up. It took some persuading to get him to phone the Lady,but when he did he was a very happy bunny I reckon that each plate was worth about £2000 at that time,but a pair would probably fetch more.
  6. Goods - O2. It was the first use of Gresley’s conjugated valve gear. Passenger - No contest. A4, for several obvious reasons.
  7. Johnathon thanks for your response, I had researched it on the web before asking my question. Mainly talks about horses and does say they can die before the owners are even aware of a problem. Once Ragwort flowers it can be dangerous for Humans and a mask should be worn when pulling it up. The effect on horses is truly horrible as it causes liver failure (As you rightly mentioned) it can also cause Blindness in Horses at least (Humans not sure). best to be extremely careful how you destroy it, DEFRA suggest burning it. Can't find much about it's effects on other animals,but for horses a most unpleasant and sometimes rapid death. Sometimes though it can be a lengthy illness that may be affecting a horse when it is purchased and neither the Seller or Buyer will be aware of existing Liver damage.
  8. A SERIOUS QUESTION:- Is Ragwort poisonous to dogs. I always take my Dogs for their walks on Woodland Trust land which has a designated dog walk. I have always had Border Collies and they are off the lead when walking. 3 years ago we went for a walk in the afternoon and my dog suddenly became unwell and despite a visit to the Vets died. They were unable to find anything wrong but as he was as fit as a fiddle until the dreaded walk,so just wondered about this weed.
  9. Clive, I didn't realise the AL5's were built pre 1914, when I saw them in the early 60's at Willesden Junction I got the impression they were newish especially as BR had built a new depot for them. Regards,Del boy.
  10. As I mentioned earlier several of the Class were shedded at 33A Plaistow & 33B Tilbury . If as I surmise they were shopped @ Doncaster the easiest route would have been through Peterborough or possibly March, Gainsborough & into Doncaster. I only just thought about that as a route.Why don't I leave thinking to others,it only gets me confused.
  11. Gilbert, I was thinking of the large number that were shedded at 33A Plaistow &33B Tilbury during 1958. I am guessing they were shopped at Doncaster, but I am not certain. However if I am right you could easily find a Path for a Light Engine cos you know it makes sense. Regards,Del Boy. PS Is that Old Duck from Retford alright I don't think we have heard from him for a while.
  12. 4MT Standards never worked through PN as far as I know although they were shopped at Doncaster and I once saw one reversing onto the Nottingham line at Grantham on it's return to Neasden via Weekday Junction. I also saw a Standard Class 4 2-6-0 going in the reverse direction and again it was a Neasden Locomotive. It is possible that they worked through PN light engine ?
  13. Maunsell Q class. Built @ Gorton ???
  14. From 1911, the works constructed 130 of Robinson's GCR Class 8K (later O4) 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotives. They were still in use in 1966 so it has to be 8K more commonly known as 04 in my days.
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