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  1. Jim, that is a fantastic achievment and one of which you can be very proud. Keep it up my friend and once more thanks for the time and effort you spend on this thread which has kept me going during my current illness. Regards,Del. PS:- Should I be calling you Slim Jim.
  2. When I worked in Hartlepool the common saying was Labour could put a Monkey up for election and still win. After the last 48 hours I doubt that would still ring true. I stayed in hotels for a large part of my working life and although it sounds great the novelty soon wears off.. Thanks Jim for a wonderful thread. I am not in very good health at the moment and so reading your thread and learning about the present day railway cheers me up no end.
  3. Idiots Corner ;- What is the NMT Please. Lighting up Grantham indeed.
  4. Ordered last weekend arrived today,well packed and no sign of any damage.Not tested it yet as I am unwell,but not expecting any issues. Thanks to Mike and Ben ( I believe) . The finish is excellent as the photographs above show. Heres hoping that this is followed up with another O Gauge locomotive, Heljan 56-049 or 60-047 in Colas Livery as examples.
  5. Thanks guys. I feel sure the information I got was incorrect ,so thanks for your information and time.
  6. Yes ,apparently in 2014 it was purchased by Trainload which I found very strange.
  7. I know 31466 was at the Dean Forest Railway during its time in preservation,however my knowledge of Diesels is limited as I am really an ECML Kettle man.
  8. 31 466 was repainted into EWS colours for the Toton TMD open day in May 1998 and soon became possibly the only one of the class to be in traffic running in the EWS colours until being preserved in February 2001.In preservation it seemed to carry this livery until in 2014 it was purchased and returned to traffic in "Trainload" livery. I am interested tto read that after such a length of time in preservation the Locomotive should be purchased back into the main railway network and also, did it ever return to EWS Livery for open days etc.
  9. Jim, this is one very interesting thread. As a kettle man all my life I have learnt so much in a few days from this thread. Regards,Del.
  10. Easily the Schools Class for me as well.
  11. This can't be real !! R8217 Hornby TrakMat. AND THIS IS A ORIGINAL RELEASE FROM YEAR 2007. WHICH IS HARD TO FIND, ESPECIALLY IN A MINT CONDITION. Hornby R1073 00 DCC Gauge British Pullman Venice Simplon Orient Express Tr £2,999.99 + £499.99 postageainset.
  12. Spalding to Grimsby , the East Lincs line for me as well..
  13. Surprised you never got to the point Tony.
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