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  1. That man gets everywhere Trumping people.
  2. rOY, It was for the wedding of F Katharine Lucy Mary Worsley; to Prince Edward, Duke of Kent @ York Minster on 8th June 1961. There is a photograph in" Top Shed" by Peter Townend it could be that 60003 was the reserve engine or transported guests to the wedding. Regards,Derek.
  3. However at least 60065 with her single chimney has the correct 94a Boiler until February 1960 anyway. Love the photograph of Brancepeth Castle,Gilbert. They were so much more graceful than those that Swindon produced. Ducks for cover.
  4. Having to return a Guide Dog to Bingham yesterday evening I had the misfortune to venture near to your Golf club. The rain was amongst the worst I ever recall seeing in 72 years and so it was no surprise that the A52 was flooded. By pure luck I turned off by the RSPCA and ventured slowly into town,turned left at the Co-op and eventually passed a new housing estate before arriving at the A46 junction to Lowdham. Was I lucky, or was I lucky as having a 4X4 I manage to get through some pretty large PUDDLES safely. I would imaging this route would have been closed later, so Very lucky. Golf this week-end Gilbert Regards,Derek.
  5. Rumoured that Anglian Water are introducing a Hose pipe ban from 1st April 2020.
  6. You think you have problems Jonathon,I struggle with 7 mm ones. Tried to say hello on Sunday morning but you were busy helping 3279 repair the entrance to the North end fiddle yard and then you disappeared . I was not going to mention Middlesborough FC, I promise. Spoke to Boss man Graham and knocked 3 wagons of the track in the fiddle yard, offered to put them back on,until he mentioned 3 link couplings and left him to sort out my mess. Regards,Derek.
  7. An excellent show as always and seemed much busier for a Sunday than in previous years. grantham ran beautifally and was a joy to watch. I also enjoyed "Ladeside" as a good O Gauge layout for one of the Guild's Shows in the future. Good to meet many old friends, in fact most of them are getting Old. The TMC staff were there usual disrespectful selves when speaking of their boss, who was of course absent. Regards,Derek.
  8. Crown £'s = 3 A4'S at the very Least in these days of no NHS Dentists. Their Gain your Pain. Good Luck Gilbert.
  9. I think London was safer in those days than it is today. These people were what I would describe as career criminals and would never want trouble in there local Boozer or on their Manor and so afterwards on the first ocassion I talked about it with my mate Pat whose local it was and realised that I was never in any danger. the second time I was less scared, although still shocked. As recently as 1995 I was driving a new work colleague over Waterloo bridge and there were Met Police officers with Sub machine guns ? (No Expert) on both sides of the road for about 100 yards. and Norman remarked that they were filming the "Bill". when I told him that this was for real he was flabbergasted and so I told him why I kept my car doors locked in London & Mosside amongst other places as they were dangerous he seemed to take it on board. Several weeks later he had his Blazer and Wallet stolen off the back seat of his car whilst stopped at traffic lights in Deptford. I once again expanded on the dangers of London to this man of Kent. however a few weeks later he had his Briefcase & Mobile phone pinched off the front passenger seat in another area of London (which I forget) but then kept his car doors locked. irronically ,one of his main accounts were the Met Police. Sorry Gilbert for this Diversion to Weekend workings. Normal Service now resumes.
  10. My beloved Class 108's these and the 105's have to be my favorite DMU's. Gun's must remind you of your past life Gilbert as they do me living in the smoke in the late 60's & early 70's and seeing them exchanged in Public House Gent's was a rather chilling experience around Middle Row and a certain part of the East side (Know what I mean ). See no evil hear no evil. I once aciddently knocked a guys elbow when he was carrying a tray of drinks away from the bar and he apologised. I was almost moist around the nether regions as he was one of the guys who minutes earlier had done some trading in the Gent's whilst I was discharging.I accepted his apology and he bought me,my mate and our two ladies a drink whilst he re-ordered his spilt round.
  11. There was me expecting a Southern region type Glen of the Mattingley design
  12. Many thanks Gilbert, Igot my straw from the "Isinglass" website,now all I need is to find a Kit in 7MM Scale. Thanks for such a prompt reply. At least our Duck from Retford will be happy in this weather.
  13. Gilbert, could I trouble you for the Diagram of the Gresley 3 Compartment Brake in the last picture. I know it's not a Dia. 175 but other than that I am struggling.My only idea is a Diagram 174,but that's grasping at straws a little. Regards,Derek.
  14. Lest we forget this is a 16 year old young man making his way in this hobby. Oh that I could have constructed civil engineering of such quality at 16 or 61 for that matter. i think we are being a trifle unreasonable with the criticism. Regards,Derek.
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