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  1. 69814,69820, needI go on. A5 Tanks seen not only at Lincoln,Grantham but also in one case @ Kings Cross to move the empty overnight sleepers up Holloway Bank to Ferme Park. I vote A5.
  2. H16 for me as I saw them on the North London line fairly regularly.
  3. Wicky Pedia :- On 17 July 1948, locomotive No. 60508 Duke of Rothesay was hauling a passenger train when it became derailed inside Barnet Tunnel, Hertfordshire due to a combination of faulty track and excessive speed. The whole train was subsequently derailed on points at New Southgate, London. One person was killed.
  4. Northmoor, I agree whole heartedly with your comments, but would had a third "Totnes" .
  5. Tony, I have not made myself clear, I met Roy at a show many years (50) ago in Paddington at the hotel near the staion and after me voicing my opinion that an L1 was not likely to work a Grantham to Peterborough stopper, got told to go away in two words made up from 7 letters as did Sir I understand ! This was with High Dyke. I did my apprenticeship with Ken and Roy's notoriety spread around the CEGB power stations so I heard stories about him when working at various power stations. Ken would often talk about Roy and when asked to do the control panels he asked Roy if I could be involve
  6. Reading comments from t-b-g about Roy's lack of leadership got me thinking about his role as a storekeeper at the local power station which was where Ken Hill ( half of Narrow Road) met Roy many years ago. Getting served at the stores was a bit hit and miss as on occassions work on a coach or loco could not be interrupted to serve some dammed Instrument Engineer who darted around like some demented rabbit in car headlights. There was always tomorrow and behaving like that will only lead to a heart attack. Eventually Ken was one of a few who were welcomed at the stores as he was discovered
  7. 30863 Lord Rodney of course to go with "Del Boy".
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