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  1. I'll be watching! It is one of our jobs in the south box! Tom
  2. Stuart, Good to see your goods shed in the flesh. I think that I will have to go back and look at mine again in due course. It is interesting to see how much information that has been unearthed since I made mine some years ago now. My 'lock down' modelling has been directed towards making wagons for the 1940's version of Ilkley with the odd diversion to build stock from other eras for pleasure . The first shot shows the front line of wagons which are mainly wagons from the Slaters range of kits and the second shot shows wagons from the unpainted Dapol wagons range, chosen the inject some variety into the goods trains and of course the latter ones still needing to be weathered. Tom
  3. Thanks for pointing this out. Any relevant picture of Ilkley is of interest. Tom
  4. I think RL will need to add some more sidings if south Box is expected to assemble and break up trains and accommodate more than 50 of your star wagons. Tom
  5. The yard near Rushton factory is full of your 50 wagons, but you could put it with your van in the siding at the front near South Box. It would be much nearer the admiring crowds and out of our way! Tom
  6. Pete, I had linked into the two local good workings and have scheduled them into my timetable but thanks for pointing them out. I have a sand wagon and a loco coal wagon at my engine shed but had not thought about how they get there or where they go to, if you work that out, I would like to know. Stuart, I like the engine shed and it captures the character of the building. there is a good photograph of the coal stage if you need one which fitted between the two sidings running down to the sand drier. I have been working on the MOS tank wagons for my rake of ammonia wagons (1947 era). I have two photographs, one of the 'stone' coloured wagon which is described in the MRC article that was mention earlier and the other shows a MOS wagon on the Brook Street bridge which looks white. The former wagon has two red painted rings at either end and the later only has one red ring at either end. The attached photograph shows my rendition of two tankers with the stone livery that I have made to see how they worked out. I repainted two Mainline tank wagons to see if I could reproduce the livery as described; also in the photograph is a third stone coloured wagon which was commercially produced. I was pleased with the way the livery turned out but realise that I could do a lot to improve the overall appearance of the tank wagon, if I decide to make more of these. I plan to leave these now until I can resolve which of the two (or both liveries) appeared regularly in Ilkley in the late 1940's. The wagons were seen passing through my model of Ben Rhydding station. Tom
  7. Graham, I favour the idea of a longer viaduct and no road bridge. One smaller compromise rather than two larger ones. A longer viaduct could make a stunning model. Not sure about the loop; to me it depends how you intend to compromise on the operation of Garsdale, will trains just pass through or will you be shunting etc. Tom
  8. It would be a lot easier to leave them on display in the siding near the South Box and not disturb the smooth 'running' in North fiddle yard. Tom
  9. Stuart, Feel free to make contact via the thread or a PM if there is anything else I or other members of the group can help with. Tom
  10. There is a good photograph of the front of the Goods Shed in the Bill Smith and Donald Binns book - Railways in the Notthern Dales - The Skipton and Ilkley Line, on page 48 and another distant one on page 51. That gives you some information on three sides. Hope that helps, Tom
  11. In my self-isolation, I have been working on a few projects. I have finished the first batch of wagons for the Coal and Coke trains that I have mentioned earlier. My photographs show a mix of wagons from white metal, to plastic kits and some RTR, all have been weathered and fitted with 3 link chain couplings. The guard's Van is one I made by carving up two kits to make this LNER van many years ago. As this batch seem to have turned out OK for 'layout running', I am now trying to source enough wagons to make a reasonable length train. I am also on the look out for a photograph of these trains. I have plenty of Ammonia and Oil train photos but nothing with coal or coke.
  12. Stuart, I was at the Grammar School from 58 to 65 so a few years ahead of you and only rose to the dizzy heights of second team captain but it was all good fun! I still have parents in Ilkley so until self isolation arrived, I have driven through Otley on my way to Ilkley on a weekly basis. What amazes me is that the centres of both towns do not seem to have changed much in all that time.
  13. Stuart, I have had a look for photographs of the shed and have only turned up one on this thread. On Page 6 Andrew published an advert for the footbridge and if you look carefully you can see one end of the Goods Shed. I have seen others showing the other side of the building and will keep an eye out. I have a copy of the drawings that 'Sir Douglas' distributed if you need one but that only shows the main shed and not the offices and steps that were attached. My model of the Goods Shed is based partly on memory as I used to walk past it on my way to school in the late '50's early '60's and captures my image of the building. Tom
  14. Hi Stuart, No problem with N gauge, you have a better chance of fitting in all the track work. As Pete said we have lots of information and Pete thanks for reminding me where the shed drawings came from. Tom
  15. Hi ? If you scan through this thread, my model of the goods shed is constructed from photographs and is a reasonable representation and I will try and dig out some others. Since building it, I am sure that someone has found a drawing of the shed and perhaps others can comment. My efforts are concentrating on finishing coal wagons at the moment and I will photograph these when they are complete. Why not post some of your photographs to document your progress. There was an agreement in the early days that we would post anything to do with Ilkley on this thread so we kept all the information together. Tom
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