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  1. Paul, Looking good. When you get round to it please publish your progress, it will be of interest to folk, Tom
  2. RL, Your sketch of the fiddle yard shows a GDS line. Does this link with one of the three sidings on the main board to the outside of the Station building? Tom
  3. RL, Enjoyed watching the station develop. I notice you have put the platform ends back in Central. Are you doing that as a temporary measure or is there a change of plan? Tom
  4. Graham, Just trying to get my mind round the operations involved. Are you moving the long trains from Platforms 2 or 3 into the long sidings using their loco or a station pilot? and are you storing loco with set trains or running off to the shed? Tom
  5. Graham, I use 20 storage sidings plus 6 locos on scene to get through the modest timetable for Ilkley, I think that selective compromise is required. Which are the trains you most recall most vividly?? Tom
  6. Work on coaches has continued and I have almost completed two more. The first a TO for the diverted Leeds-Glasgow passenger train: The second, a scratch built Barnum TO for the Saltburn Blackpool SO holiday train. Both need some more detailing when the transfers are delivered, the roof on both need attaching and a mild amount of weathering will complete. Tom PS As many people, I have had to use mail order and have been really pleased with the service received from several suppliers.
  7. I have been working well outside my comfort zone over the last few weeks trying to make three Gresley coaches in teak finish. I had 3 Gresley Sleeping cars and bought 3 sets of etched sides from MJT. I have endeavoured to make a D 23 TK, a D34 BCKL and a D27 TO. Lots of new skills involved and a decision that I would concentrate on the coach bodies and leave the under gubbins this time. I used the process for 'painting' described by Mike Trice on an RMWeb thread for the first two coaches and experimented with a variation for the TO but finished with a m
  8. I could lift some of Barry's load by offering to run Garsdale !! Not much ballasting there more scenic to keep me busy.
  9. If you look carefully you will find the contents of tea bags used as scenic material on both Shap and Grantham but we did go to the expense of using a fresh bag on each layout and it was Yorkshire tea.
  10. Baz, Good to see you have a test track working and look forward to seeing all that ballasting completed. Tom
  11. I have managed a little more progress with wagons for the 1940's. Looking at photographs, i have been interested to see wagon and vans that are sheeted. Looking more closely I note that that all sorts of sheets are being used and that the tethering is also quite random. In order to create a little more interest I have modelled four examples. The first photo of a van with sheet presumably to cover a leak in the roof and an open wagon with folded sheet, awaiting load. The second shows a couple of sheeted wagons, which I found in a photo, which may have cov
  12. During the 'lockdown' I have continued to build wagon kits, modify RTR wagon and doing some scratch building. As a result I now have completed six rakes of wagons. The first two are LMS good trains, one in each direction, which represent trains which are diverted up the Wharfedale line when there were diversions from the Leeds/Skipton line up the Aire Valley. Both are a mixture of wagons which are typical of the random mixture of good wagons seen in photographs of the time. There is still some work to do weathering and adding loads but it is good to see them running!
  13. The scenic team, are ready to go and looking forward to the challenge when RL is ready and once the current restrictions allow. Tom
  14. I'll be watching! It is one of our jobs in the south box! Tom
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