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  1. No, I was hoping someone could shed some light. My reference was the book Railways in Wensleydale. Tom
  2. I agree with you, most of the milk from Wensleydale moved east and I have found a number photographs of small numbers of tankers propelled by G5 locos heading to Leyburn or Northallerton but the LMS owned the line from Hawes to Garsdale and one book I have read suggests milk was also moved by the LMS to Garsdale but as yet I have not seen any evidence to support that or an explanation of where it went to from Garsdale. Tom
  3. I have enjoyed reading about milk trains on S and C and WCML. I am looking for photographs to aide my modelling. I have one photograph of a milk train leaving Carlisle but it focuses on the loco. Can anyone help please? I am also trying to understand the milk traffic which operated under LMS (or early BR days) west along Wensleydale to Garsdale and the onto the S and C. Again please can anyone help or point me towards relevant literature or pictures? Thanks, Tom
  4. Andrew, I was at the Grammar School from 58 to 65. Your mum's name rings a bell, the only Palmer I remember was the French teacher. Maybe a PM if you want to expand on this topic. I have also been relatively quiet as I have stripped Ilkley layout down in the last couple of months, pending a house move and it is and is likely to be in storage for some time to come. Tom
  5. Tony, I agree with Mark. I have a Cotswold kit of the L and Y 2-4-× T and the box and it looks familiar. Cannot do detailed check at the moment as they are packed away. Tom D
  6. Agree with Baz. Great to run the railway, great to see the team again and the bells worked and were needed. Tom
  7. ..... and there was me thinking Garsdale was a quiet country station!!!!
  8. Paul, Looking good. May yet see it in the 'flesh. Tom
  9. Really enjoyed the video. Gave a good feel on how the layout will operate and the work that needs doing. Tom
  10. Looks great! Like the culvert shot. Tom
  11. Tony, I have sent a PM re B1 tender, Tom
  12. Looks good Paul. Helps to emphasise the height of the viaduct. Tom
  13. Trees look great. RL has a point. Maybe you could consider lowering the whole canopy a bit when you have have been able to see both sides. Cheers, Tom
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