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  1. I was fortunate enough to watch Kestrel pass My school on Lincoln Avoiding line twice a day for a few months. It always got my attention and I had to write its number down every time I saw it....usually on school books. It seemed a quiet loco to me, but I cant recall the sound as often the speed seemed to be around 20mph which did not make it work hard at all. As far as I know I did not take any photos. I seem to remember it went south in the morning and returned early or mid afternoon. It did visit Holmes yard at least once on MGR empties as part of tests. Interestingly around the same
  2. Hi Alan, As your Lincoln Exhibition is my nearest and having visited it last year, I found the Lincoln Showground and hall to be most acceptable for the show. Plenty of room around the exhibits, easy to get to and a good cup of tea. I can not comment on the costs involved for you to stage the show at the venues, as I don't know them. My main reason for preferring Lincoln is purely time. I do like to support local events but also have limited time to do so. Last year it was a quick visit to Lincoln, but I enjoyed it and picked up a few items. This year I could have done the same but I al
  3. Why at this early date is the show already booked for Newark ? Why is it not at Lincoln ? If it goes to Newark then it should be called the Newark Show. Once again Lincoln is forgotten
  4. According to the Railway Observer of December 1970 page 409. The open day took place on 17th October. Steam locos included 53808, 4555, 2818 11 Classes of diesels on display included, 03, 08, 22, 31, 35, 37, 42, 45, 46, 47 , 52 and one electric E3044. Sorry it did not list the Diesels numbers
  5. As a spotter who frequented such places, i would suggest a few locations to look at like, Leyton, Chesterton junction, Beighton, Nothampton , Crewe gresty green, Three Bridges, Horsham, Tonbridge, Guide Bridge. Most of these were termed CCE yards or PADs There was no better place on a hot day to smell tar and creosote. Usually most place were quiet on saturday as the trains had already gone for weekend trackwork. Late sunday and into the next week arrivals would be old track coming into the depots for stripping into various components some were scrap others re used. Track assembly of po
  6. As a collector of wagon builders plates, of which I have had many hundreds, the Blue spot fish van was always discussed. Usually a coach or parcels coach just had a lot No plate with date and builder, however a wagon had a "D" plate that also had the wagon number. Most BR build wagons had a standard design "D" plate, but why did Blue Spots which were Parcels Stock / Coaching have a "D" wagon plate ? Well when the wagon carried a load it ran at Passenger / Fast Parcels speed but on its empty journey it ran as a goods or slower speed. The same applied to some Milk Tanks and a few LMS Parcels
  7. Looking at the photo the wagon number indicates a Midland Railway truck 756 or 796. I will check my books to see what can be found
  8. The machine appears to be DR85001..a Trenching unit. Made on an old Bogie Weltrol with and a Hunslet power unit...which gives it that shunter look. Made in 1962 and mainly worked on the Western Region. A smaller unit DR85000 appears to have been made on a 4 wheel well wagon in 1959. I observed both at Radyr Yard, a fabulous place for anyone interested in older stock as much of it was condemned and on its way to the scrapyard.
  9. According to my notes at the Toton Rail Fair of 29-8-98 the numbers were, 08994, 511, 569 26004, 27001..this could have been A 77 or a 27, 31452, 31466 33030 37417, 073, 403, 383, 216, 408, 350. 702, 211, 380, 258 47799, 798, 825, 484, 114, 004, 822, 145, 348, 308, 596, 624, 016, 839, 851, 052 56091, 095 57001 58050, 012, 033, 037, 040, 002 59101, 203 60083, 006, 097, 056, 66001, 003, 004, 005 73131 86631 87101 90028 92001 preserved..D8000, D345, D9019, D1023, D444, D5580, D172, D200, D821 50015, 50033 , 44004, 45060 Steam...80098, 48773 On shuttles to the fair, 4797
  10. I think the vehicle you recall was last seen by me near to Grosmont engine shed under restoration. It is numbered DE 301559 and is the same as Martyns model. DE 58033 is a much earlier NER vehicle, and I think much shorter.
  11. Your model is excellent, i only wish we had a RTR version. I have always had an interest in P/way vehicles as they formed very interesting make consists. I spent many happy hours wandering around p/w yards....with permission...of course. Just the smell of creosoted sleepers on a hot day was memorable. I enjoyed trying to find as many old wagon types before they were scrapped, many had already gone. Today there is not one yard left that holds any stock of interest and so a chapter has come to a close. It would appear I shall no longer add to my spotting notes and the camera will not recor
  12. Hi Paul, I assume you mean wagon plates. well I had a very large collection of those, in excess of two and a half ton. Some were restored the others were ex wagon. Most collectors like myself prefer ex wagon, however some will only buy them restored. I prefer all those years of muck and paint and the smell of the tar backing that most had. I have since sold around half of my plates and now collect different ones from each diagram number. As for the value, it does not make any difference if restored or ex wagon. The value is in its rarity as in some cases 7500 wagons were built to a lot
  13. I just searched a few flickr pages for Tanfield and found a picture of one of those wagons/ coaches. It did have a Pickering builders plate on it, but I don't know why they would destroy 2 ex Ballast Brake Vans which are fairly rare, unless they got 2 burnt out ones from a scrap yard. I have just searched through some more info and although not complete says , 301555 was a ZPO built at Pickering 1948 disposed of at Booths 301556 was a ZTO built at Pickering 1948 301557 was a ZTO built at Pickering 1948 301558 was a ZPP built at Pickering 1948 301559 was a ZPO built at Pickering 1948
  14. Regarding the 2 mentioned at the Tanfield Railway. If i remember correctly they were ex SR Utility Vans with added seats...but dont shoot me down if i remember wrongly. As for preserved examples i can only find, 301559 at the North Yorkshire moors and it was usualy near grosmont loco shed if you walk round the back and under restoration. 470818 at the NRM at Shildon...one of the best ex service preserved examples. 470819 at Mangapps Farm...although it is said to be a "Shark" which it is not. 634355 at Boness as mentioned. As for the Vacuum or through piped, I am not that sure, how
  15. According to my books, B870073 still survives at Bodmin and Wenford railway. It was previously numbered 083315 which was a southern allocated internal user although I can not remember where it was based. so its probably the one Aberdeen Bill remembers.
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