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  1. Hello there, what's new about Tony's layout? Is the quality has been upgraded? It can be interesting to follow this. I don't have Model Railroader.
  2. These buildings give a new view to the layout. that's good
  3. I have several boxcars (40') from Atlas/Roco and Atlas. I have to make grain doors. And several PS-2 covered hoppers from Weaver and Atlas.
  4. Yes, I'll use 40' boxcars and early PS-2 covered hoppers. I model the early 60's. I'll make a hopper modified into covered hopper like ATSF has done.
  5. Yes, I know this video. It's a very nice one. Good for inspiration and nice atmosphere.
  6. Thank you my friends. The doors are open so I have to detail inside of the building. Thanks to Google and a special group on Facebook, I've found all the informations I needed to detail the interior. I go to try to explain you. On each side of the "corridor", there are the bins. These last are made of wooden planks. There is a door access for each of the bins. In the center, you can see the wheel to select the destination bin and just behind, the "leg": the elevator of the grain. Behind the leg, there is a big hopper (up) where the grain arrives from the bins. Underneath, a small scale hopper to weight the grain they sell. This is not easy to explain with words and especially for me (I'm French). Some pictures can help to understand the way of the grain from the trucks to the trains. Here is a schematic view of an elevator with the internal layout description.
  7. Thank you for your kind comments. My son is making good modeling. He is inspired by military modeling. That's very good.
  8. Great Dan! I like AK interactive products. They give very good result and the result is always a success.
  9. I've build him a bridge using recycled calendars.
  10. Sorry for the delay: more work on the elevator. The doors.
  11. Yes, I could cut it in different heights and to keep nice proportions but it should be more difficult to reconnect the parts together because of the clapboard and the size should be more close to HO than O scale. I took a long period before to cut it. After a lot of time of checking, my conclusion was: the upper edge of the layout will hide the head of the elevator. We will focus on the cars loading and the bottom part of the building. We'll can't see the top of the elevator... I hope. This solution wasn't easy to decide but I couldn't keep this building to its normal size: the ceiling of the boards are too low (45 cm high). Too low because I was ought to have smallest as possible boards. The main difficulty is to carry them from the basement to the car. Not easy, heavy and big. So I found that solution good for me. And thank you for the weathering. I'll post more photos soon to show the progress. I'm pleased with the result of this weathering.
  12. These shorty cars look very good and nice!
  13. I've tried to paint and weather my grain elevator using MIG acrylics and black ink. I've tested the techniques on the head of the elevator... After validation of the way to do it, I began to do that on the elevator
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