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  1. Why not to mix Tamiya paints to obtain the "good" colour?
  2. Nice green on the Bobber. I can read something like "NORTHROADER"
  3. More work: the third building now... Before and after concrete treatment:
  4. More work... the "big" brass lock is used only when we carry the module. The "small" lock shares the current to the good track and lock the track in place. A wire will connect the rail to this lock.
  5. Oh! What a crime to paint a graffiti on such a nice caboose like that! I hope the police will find the graffer soon!
  6. Yes a nice disimmetry of the ends. And with Arch Bar trucks, it'll be better.
  7. This Photoshoped caboose will be certainly the next car I'll scratchbuild for my layout.
  8. The bobber caboose is pretty and I think it can be a nice transfer caboose on a shortline. Why not? It's the "modeler licence". As I always say: "it's your layout, you have to do what you want and what you like". I like this one too from <<Northroader>> for a shortline, it's very good!
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