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  1. Hello there, News from my son's layout:
  2. Hello there! I've worked a little bit recently: here are the photos. It's the small office for he coal and fuel dealer.
  3. Just a little work. From two months, I'm working on a narrow gauge 1:24 new project. I've started to make a house
  4. That's very good! I like the idea of this well known name on the cab!
  5. Nice sound! I like the 2 stroke motors' sounds.
  6. they make enough racket between them growling around the layout!!! Ha, ha, ha: that's right. They have a "Caterpillar diesel" sound track included from Roco
  7. Yes, something like that
  8. More work on the coal dealer
  9. I find Zis Zery good and Ze way oV writing is funny!
  10. With its weathering, this hopper looks great!
  11. Ray, I like very much your kitbashed Walthers structures.
  12. A 4' x 1' micro layout or an Inglenook concept in O scale, with a Beep can be an interesting addition to your layout Jordan. It can be a"connected industry" to your existent layout. A 4'x1' can have a high level of detail because of it's small size. And this 4'x1' can be a nice layout for exhibitions. That gives me ideas........
  13. Yes it is a lot of work and you have to be careful the posts stay always vertical all the time the glue is drying. I remember to have make that several times in HO and N scale. It can be a nightmare to do.
  14. Nice dock upside and underneath! I like a lot!
  15. Thank you Dan (and F-UnitMad), I'm glad and proud he makes nice modeling. I learnt him a part (the basics) and he develops himself how to do. I think he has the sense for the weathering and for the scenery. He is patient. So that's good. Here are photos of his work for scenery and just beside, you can see the new module. The layout is growing! We have decided to put off the bridge at the end of the module to widen the view. I made the woodwork, tracklaying and the electricity (often it's only a 2 wires difficulty). And I let my son to do the scenery. His choice! He loves!
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