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  1. More work on the Waynesville Terminal (my son's work)
  2. Now the base of the bungalow. Coffee stirrurs are obviously very useful!
  3. These cars are really nice and finely detailed like European stock at that scale.
  4. The advertising is drawn on a computer and printer on thick paper for sketches
  5. Yes, Facebook is more interesting for several points but I continue to post on this forum. I like it!
  6. A better photo, with the wooden support for the advertising
  7. Coming back to the coal dealer... I've built the roof using thin cardboard and styrene strips. The chimney is a small aluminium tube.
  8. I've bought a lot of things from Power hobby. They are good quality sellers and they have cheap shipping fees.
  9. These gondolas are really nice! I like the weathering!
  10. A photo modified with a real backdrop scene on my son's layout and one of my Alcos
  11. Sorry, no time to work on my layout from a while because of other work: HOn30 for a friend, On30 for another one... But I have welcomed two new "old friends" from a kind Englishman One of the gears of the RS-3 (on the wheelsets) was cracked but I don't pull a lot of cars, so with only 3 geared wheelsets it's ok. These two locos run very well and smoothly.
  12. << Electronic components and electric pick-ups aren't reliable for the life >> always says my old father. He is an electronics from the end of the 1940's (with lamps at that time, TSF, and only 1 channel black & white television). I have a NCE too. I find it very reliable. I bought it in England from NGTrains during an exhibition there is a long time ago. This controller sleeps all the year in my basement. The conditions aren't the best but it's always "ready to run". But we have to know electronic components aren't built to resist for a long time. One day, the
  13. Thank you Jordan, you're right, my model needs a big tidy-up. The gers aren't splitted. I'm lucky.
  14. my Plymouth is running slowly with my KFS controller but it's noisy. The motor isn't good. I think a new drive and a new motor will help a lot. At this time my locomotives are still DC controlled. I have to spend money for sound decoders. About the beacon, a slower rotation will be perfect. Covid-19 is a big sh... !
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