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  1. First two Kadees fitted to Gondola, F9 next I am going for body mounting unless anyone has other ideas?
  2. I have read that engineers preferred F units for comfort but I am not sure whether it is an urban myth?
  3. I would just like to say a public thank you to JasonD a parcel arrived today containing lots of things required for progress. At a time when the black dog is chewing my ankles I have something to smile about.
  4. From memory a bit like fitting sumps to Caterpillar engines then...
  5. I will pm a list in the morning. Jason Thanks Jordan I will scour ebay.
  6. I have a switch to replace ties on and yes coffee stirrers it will be.
  7. That is what we have been waiting for. I hope you are proud of your work.
  8. After much dragging of feet I sold more H0 wagons and acquired two more long wagons another PRR gon and a SF pulp wood car. Then I got 5 40' cars and a stock car. I bought kadees #745s from Gaugemaster but I failed to buy screws/nuts & bolts and they now show as out of stock. I will be cutting the Atlas couplings from the bogies and fitting the KDs to the bodies. Does anyone have suggestions for suitable fasteners? Not cable ties (:,) I looked at the lockdown garden railway topic so a mocked up concrete block and old decking planks may appear...
  9. Best hope Beth wasn't reading that... You may be next in.
  10. I can understand that feeling I sometimes want to sell all the rtr 00, US H0, British and US 0 and revert back to the L&Y in P4 bits of brass that need soldering together. No disposable income rules out Germany east or west. Mick
  11. It would be possible to fit a cantilever box on the end of the garage to take the 2ft of layout as coachman did at the end of his shed. IIRC the biggest problem he had was keeping it watertight but the details disappeared when he left. It wouldn't block the 45mm line unless the elevations clashed.
  12. I think the question is do you want a layout that you can leave ready to operate either on your own or with a couple of friends or do you want to exhibit SWS? If you want to exhibit a layout possibly in 2022 at the earliest and maybe 2023 would it be SWS as it is? The first exhibitions will probably be minimum expense ventures so that if cancelled or restricted the organisers don't bankrupt their club. This may restrict invitations until a new normal emerges. If SWS were mine I would lop off a length so it would fit in the garage and make a corner section and attach the
  13. The two snakes I was most pleased that Matthew moved on before going to university were a false water cobra (rear fang venomous) and a dwarf reticulated python he left a boa for me to look after that was bigger than the reticulated python but it was much more placid except at feeding time of course.
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