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  1. Pete the mole probably knows and where the pictures are. You can find him on the early risers thread in the wheel tappers topic. Use the PM function to contact him.
  2. ''Looks like they did indeed specially design the autos for these vehicles. Cheers,'' Badly by the sound of things...
  3. Sad actually didn't look better worse in fact, I was about to try and sell it...
  4. IIRC Cat engines are all 4 stroke engines Detroit diesels were two stroke.
  5. I am hoping this means your health has improved?
  6. That deserves more than just a simple like, Congratulations. Mick
  7. Dismantled mine today, think I may try a fork layout instead.
  8. The OP does mention 'loco programming' .
  9. Lots of them are analogue and may have operators who prefer making to driving?
  10. Hi Wendell Can you tell me what the steel work is for in the second photograph?
  11. Go to a pet shop and ask for a small bag of chinchilla dust it should be very cheap. Do a small test first, slowly pouring the resin, too fast and the dust may be carried downstream...
  12. IIRC it was an assembly plant using imported parts at first.
  13. I wish you both well, noobs like me need inspiration! Do either of you use USA forums instead?
  14. Pictures would help I think. It might be for a pulp wood load?
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