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  1. Not so much plaits as slices cut from a bale of straw looking at that picture.
  2. Did the US railroads use plaited straw like we used for earthenware?
  3. I did get a parcel once and a very nice parcel it was. I hope he is OK.
  4. Did he eat the sandwich? I would like to see a list too.
  5. Shiny stainless steel a chimney small tubes large tubes ducting and tanks in bunds. memories of a chemical plant near Bradford.
  6. Send me your address by PM and I will get them posted. Mick
  7. If you are still interested I found them today!
  8. First two Kadees fitted to Gondola, F9 next I am going for body mounting unless anyone has other ideas?
  9. I have read that engineers preferred F units for comfort but I am not sure whether it is an urban myth?
  10. I would just like to say a public thank you to JasonD a parcel arrived today containing lots of things required for progress. At a time when the black dog is chewing my ankles I have something to smile about.
  11. From memory a bit like fitting sumps to Caterpillar engines then...
  12. I will pm a list in the morning. Jason Thanks Jordan I will scour ebay.
  13. I have a switch to replace ties on and yes coffee stirrers it will be.
  14. That is what we have been waiting for. I hope you are proud of your work.
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