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  1. Hi Wendell Can you tell me what the steel work is for in the second photograph?
  2. Go to a pet shop and ask for a small bag of chinchilla dust it should be very cheap. Do a small test first, slowly pouring the resin, too fast and the dust may be carried downstream...
  3. IIRC it was an assembly plant using imported parts at first.
  4. I wish you both well, noobs like me need inspiration! Do either of you use USA forums instead?
  5. Pictures would help I think. It might be for a pulp wood load?
  6. Yes I have a set left over from a P4 conversion the tricky bit will be finding them. I have to go to work now I'll be in touch later. Mick
  7. More pictures please I need a bucket load of inspiration!
  8. It seems to come and go at random.

  9. I knew I had read something useful.
  10. I am not sure how long ago I suggested getting one circuit completed to be able to complete the whole layout. Passing trains should be the next target as suggested above. Congratulations Gordon.
  11. I think they attended Armitage or the conference and the bloke seemed an enthusiast.
  12. Really sad I couldn't attend but I have no plans for a heart attack next year or bypass surgery so hopefully next year... As someone who was just a day visitor last year it was a very welcoming group of people.
  13. That is a proper job no doubt about it. I did worry that you wouldn't be able to carry on but you have and it is great.
  14. These two will be on tomorrow night providing nothing else goes wrong...
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