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  1. Blimey Charlie seemed to have opened a bit of a can of worms. Still...not complaining. Extremely informative (as usual here on RMWeb), and as i too continue to refuse to have anything to do with DCC, i'll not worry about a loco having a split chassis as long as it's working well. Always a bit of a lottery buying used stuff, as i've already discovered. As for knowledge of mechanics, i was thinking of acquiring a non runner to take apart and explore. I'd already thought that it might be as well to learn about the workings. Still trying to find a model rail club where i might find someone who can teach me about model locos, although the few people i've met who are, possibly not surprisingly, into HO Swedish themed electric and diesel. On a side note, if anyone's interested, there was still steam in limited use here in the mid seventies. The last steam pulled passenger service ran in 1965. Thanks, all. Everything i needed to know and more.
  2. Greetings one and all, Some of the pre-owned models i've looked at are advertised as having 'split chassis', and i have a vague notion that these are not entirely desirable after reading here somewhere about Bachmann's Standard 2MT Tank (a new release without said split chassis, possibly? Don't really remember, as i only skimmed it). Can someone explain to me what is meant by the term? I've absolutely no mechanical knowledge of models, and want to know if it's something to avoid or not. Kindest regards adrian
  3. Sorry chaps. Didn't make myself clear. The two questions were entirely unrelated in terms of my modelling ambitions. No, i don't model Cambrian, and i wouldn't put a 26 on it if i did. I don't model any specific region, because there are far too many different pretty locos for me to attach myself to any one region, although i do favour Midland, with a bit of Western thrown in, so the Cambrian is an interesting subject, being an odd blend of GW and LMS. I'm building a garden layout on which i'll run various things, within Era 5, (well, mostly) as they take my fancy, such as the Class 26 mentioned, but with as much accuracy as can be managed. Still and all, very helpful, and made me chuckle in parts. Thanks very much. Lots to think about, and much information, as usual. Adrian
  4. Greetings one and all, Hope you're having a pleasant weekend. I need a little coaching with...er, coaching (i wish i was the very first to say that) Firstly, i've been looking at PlumbLoco's pictures of the Cambrian line, taken during steam's twilight years, and although i know that former LMS coaching stock was used, some of them appear to be marked 'W' (both Hawksworths and Collets?). Looks like very mixed coaching stock. Am i right in thinking there are Staniers and Mk1s in there too? Also, would it be reasonable to assume that coaches could easily appear in neighbouring areas after nationalisation, or did they stray further afield? Secondly, i'm considering buying a (green) Heljan Class 26/0 (D5317 with small yellow panels), and am wondering what coaches to put behind it? There are almost always photos of any loco of any class you care to search for, but almost never any descriptions of the rake they're pulling, except maybe now and again to tell you it's a the regular mineral train to such-and-such, or something like. Seldom a word about which kind of coaches. I suppose the author assumes you're only interested in the loco, or can tell at a glance what the coaches are. I'm curious and want to learn, so any information would be very much appreciated. https://plumbloco.smugmug.com/Trains/CambrianCoastLines/i-49XrCjC Kindest regards Adrian
  5. Greetings one and all, Recieved today a (used) Hornby 14XX, advertised as 'like new', which it was...except for the traction tyres, one of which it shed after running a few foot in what is best described as a bumpy fashion. In my eagerness, i didn't check before running (lesson learnt). Can i run the loco with the remnants of the tyres removed, or is it not advisable? The usual Hornby bumph wasn't included with the loco (previous owner presumably having kept or chucked it), so i've no diagram to work from in order to dismantle it to replace the tyres. i've never actually attempted so much as removing a locomotive body. Would it be difficult to replace the tyres? The connecting rods etc. are relatively more simple than a larger loco.... Apologies for what could be construed as a silly question, but i'm fairly new to the hobby, and always get good advice/tips/help here. Cheers! Adrian PS, if it's of any consequence, the receipt for the original sale was in the box, and it was sold new in 2014...
  6. Wow! Brill. Thanks very much. Extremely helpful, and exactly what i was hoping for.
  7. Greetings one and all, I've laid the tracks on my first 00 layout, and i'm at a loss as to where to put the signal posts, and no knowledge at all as to where home or distant should stand. My preference is Midland Region, Era 5. I mention this since i have a vague notion that there are some regional or era differences to be taken into account. Can anyone tell me, or at least suggest how i should place signal posts, and even suggest where i might place a signal box, please? I'm probably going to go for the LCUT small signal box, or possibly a platform one. The platform in the photo isn't the one i'm using. It's purely for reference, so that you know where the station will be. There is, as yet, no 'up' or 'down', although i tend to run goods trains in the direction they come out of the yard, if you see what i mean. Clockwise, as you look at the photo. Apologies for it being on it's side, but i haven't worked out how to right it, as it were. I realise this is probably a bit vague, and that there are possibly a lot of variations, but if someone could at least tell me how they'd do it, i'd appreciate it greatly! : Adrian
  8. Greetings! Been casting around for ideas for a station, and i wondered how good a Peco country station kit could be made to look. I'm inspired! Brill....
  9. Grand. Lots of extremely useful advice. I knew it would be a good idea to ask here before i bought a the Peco pack, especially since i do have room for wider curves on my layout. I have to admit to having no idea what Insulfrog or Electrofrog mean, however. As the time i can spend building is somewhat limited between work, membership of a military band, as well as a Brass sextet, and having a toddler to raise, i have to go for the simpler option if i want to have a working layout (relatively) quickly, and i do. Besides which, i'm really not a good handyman, at least where electrics, electronics and wiring are concerned, and there is no local talent to bring in to help. As far as i know, there is no club in the area. One of the things that drew me to N gauge is the availability of Manors. I've always been interested in the Cambrian, and they seem to be the very spirit of the Cambrian, and as far as i can tell, none of the major manufacturers are making Manors in 00, at least not currently. Anyone tell me how good Dapol are? Is there anything i need to look out for? Any models which should be avoided, especially by a newbie?
  10. Greetings! I hope you've all had a splendid summer. Having built my base, i will be starting construction of my N gauge layout, but there's lots i need to know before proceeding. Let's start with track: I am intending a single road layout, splitting into two tracks for the planned station, behind which will be a goods yard with sidings for rolling stock, and a two road shed. There's a baffling array of track available, and i don't know what's best. I almost bought the Peco starter pack, and then expanding it, but then thought i'd try asking here, usually a mine of information and experience. Moving swiftly on: Power. I will be running single trains into or out of the shed or goods yard, if they aren't running around the loop. Is DCC really necessary? Recommendations of make and model of controller appreciated, whatever your taste. Lastly, signals. What are the different types of semaphore, and where would they found on the layout described above? My theme is going to be Cambrian. Thanks once again (in advance) for your patience. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say! Kind regards Adrian
  11. Greetings one and all, I'd like some tips on building the framework for a layout. It'll be about 6'x8', give or take a few inches. Tell me about how you built yours, what sort of lumber you use(d), whether to use ply or plank etc. Any and all suggestions willingly read/listened to/looked at Adrian
  12. Oh, what about 56XXs? I read another thread here that they were still in limited use, along with some panniers, long after other regions had rid themselves of steam. If i remember correctly, it also said that it was mostly piloting, shunting and so on. Adrian
  13. Excellent stuff, Ray. Looked up and duly bookmarked! I'll have a good root around later. Love the Chris Evans site. I wish i had the skills to make my own layout look half as good! Anywaaay, thanks again. Most helpful Adrian
  14. ''The Birkenhead line had 2-6-4Ts - I cannot remember the designer but not BR Standards'' Fowler, maybe? .
  15. Morning all... Nice! Lots to go on, there. I have googled quite a bit without success, but that's always best when you can be specific, of course. Luckily, several of the locos mentioned are on my ''must have'' list: Black Five, 8F, Diesel classes 08, 24 and 25., for example. I'm quite keen on Ivatt's locos too. Strangely, i find LNER locos largely unattractive, (apart from the Pacifics, of course, but who doesn't like them? hehe....), which is what sought me to look westward from my home area, as it were. My mother is from Shropshire, so there was more than a bit of nostalgia in my choice of location, not to mention the fact that i love Wales. Still, i now have more of a direction. Thanks, chaps!
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