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  1. This cheers me up no end. Very smooth. Can't wait for my factory sound version to arrive!
  2. I have about 150 yards of track, about 40 locos (of which about half are sound fitted) plus coaches with lighting. I run the track off a Roco Z21 (3 amps) with no problems. I do find the DCC Concepts Alpha Meter very helpful and reassuring. I have 62 sets of points plus a TT which I run off an accessories bus via a Roco 3 amp booster. I don’t think you will have a problem but fitting power districts is always a good idea.
  3. I think Dapol use Zimo decoders in the factory sound fitted locos so I am hopeful!
  4. Things move on... interesting!
  5. Any news? I am getting a bit like a small child who can’t wait for Xmas now!
  6. Looking at the review you have posted, it appears to be like Sam’s in as much the loco stalls on Insulfrog points. My points are all Electrofrog wired for DCC so I hope that will help……… we shall see…..
  7. I have ordered a sound fitted version and will reserve judgement until I have it in my sticky paws. What I do know is that my sound fitted Mogul ran perfectly straight out of the box and still does. I will post a video when the Prairie arrives. I for one always watch Sam’s reviews. Yes, his layout on the carpet leaves a lot to be desired (he says that himself) but I find it to be a good indicator of how a loco will run. If it runs OK on Sam’s layout it will probably go OK on mine! Yes his style is a bit gushy but his obsession with mechanisms I find to be helpful as at least we get a look at what is inside!
  8. TT all sorted now thanks. The Heljan control box clearly fell out with iTrain resulting in the bridge just keeping going round and round! I gave it a stern talking to, juggled the track output settings and they are now playing nicely. I may have to consult the forum if I can’t figure out the three way point settings!
  9. As a newbie to iTrain I have been avidly watching these excellent videos. I have one last accessory to set up on my layout and have failed to spot if it is covered in any of the tutorials. Basically I have a Heljan turntable that was set up with my last software (Railmaster Pro) with three exits programmed with addresses 225, 226 and 227. I have got the TT icon on the switchboard. At this stage of my iTrain experience I am not into block detection so am just trying to get the turntable to work as it did with RM. Any pointers would be much appreciated. I must say that with Iain and Bob’s help, the setting up of iTrain by someone like me who when it comes to IT is at best an apprentice light switch operator (3rd Grade), has been a stress free experience with amazing results!
  10. Great! That will save me a lot of time, as will the “Turnout Inversion” facility. There is a lot to be said for this RTFM lark! Despite these little setting up teething issues (largely due to my own incompetence), I can already enjoy the lack of lock up and instant response of iTrain. Thanks again John
  11. Thanks Iain. All sorted now - cock up on the IP address front! I shall now move boldly forward to the next challenge i.e. to discover why when I click on one pair of points another set change!
  12. Right.... Z21 and booster arrived and connected to the layout and I have to say loco control via iPhone and iPad is excellent. However, my IT skills have let me down and I cannot get iTrain to talk to the Z21's TPlink router. I keep getting the "time out on initialisation" message. I am using Windows 10 and plugging a lead from the PC Ethernet port to a yellow port in the router. When I go into the router I get the "cable unplugged" message despite having tried various cables I guess it is something to do with IP addresses or other things I don't understand. I have trawled through the iTrain manual but so far no joy on a fix. Any ideas anyone?
  13. Excellent! It is safe for me to buy some now then.....
  14. Hi Iain,

    Just a message by way of a personal thank you for all the work you and Bob Fuller have done on the iTrain videos. I have downloaded the trial version of iTrains and am now busy constructing my Switchboard. All is going well thanks to the video tutorials - it would have been a much longer job without! I just need to get my head around including my Heljan turntable into the track plan and how to import loco pictures. Hopefully my Z21 gear will arrive from Hattons soon!


    Again, many thanks.


  15. Well, the deed is done! I have just ordered a Roco Z21 and 10806 booster. As soon as they arrive and I have got them set up I will order iTrain. Here's hoping! I have decided to hang on to my Hornby gear as back up and maybe for creating a test track not in the railway loft.
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