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  1. As a resident of France I also suffered this problem. However, Hattons have registered for VAT in France and consequently they charge UK VAT, label the packaging accordingly and nothing gets charged to the customer in the EU when it is delivered. I have received several orders from Hattons on this basis without problem. For this reason I have pre-ordered my Accurascale Manor from Hattons.
  2. Hi, I have LED flashing and flickering devices but I am looking to "pulse" some LEDs. Anyone know where I can get ready to use items? To put the use into context, I have an ordinary looking village church and graveyard on my 00 layout but to amuse the kids/grandkids (OK, probably me as well!) I want to make the church and some of the graves pulse with eerie lighting. The slower the pulsing the better! Cheers John
  3. JST

    Troublesome Trucks

    I have had the same issue with my Dapol trucks. I don't like tension lock couplings so always replace them with Kadees. When doing this I tighten up the Dapol NEM pocket mounting screw (inserting a washer if necessary) to cure the "droop". The result is the coupling is at the right height and the Kadee provides enough sideways flexibility to make up for the "tightened" NEM pocket. I also tend to add a bit of weight to the trucks. The result of this is they all run fine now. Given that I convert all my trucks to Kadees anyway (Dapol or otherwise) the additional cost of making the Dapols ru
  4. JST

    Dapol 'Western'

    Bit late and maybe not very helpful but here is a video of my factory sound fitted Dapol Western. Start up, slow running, horns and flange squeal but better than nothing.
  5. OK... I am convinced. I have now ditched my Dapol plan and pre-ordered an Accuracscale Erlestoke Manor with sound fitted. Great way of buying locos this - I now feel that I have a new loco on the way but don't need to pay for it until the end of the year!
  6. Apologies if I have missed this but is there any information on how the tender is connected to the loco? Given that the decoder is in the tender I assume there will be an electrical socket of some kind. I rather like the tender connection arrangement on my Dapol Mogul and wonder if Accurascale will be doing something similar. I am now thinking I will go for this version of the Manor.
  7. I don't think CVs are able to "adjust" sensitivity to ABC braking - more an on/off situation and then adjust the braking time/distance. However, I did experience a similar thing with one of my similarly equipped locos but cured it by the tried and trusted method of cleaning the track and wheels. How this solved the problem I have no idea but can only guess that dirty track was messing with the signal. Also, maybe there is an intermittent problem with the ABC unit itself.
  8. Brexit has screwed up importing things from the UK to those of us living in France. My latest Hattons parcel turned up with an extra bill from DPD for €35 (on goods that cost £47) in respect of French TVA (VAT to you) and admin fees. I emailed Hattons and by return they refunded the €35 together with an explanation of what went wrong. Top bananas! For others living France (I know there are a few on this forum), Hattons tell me that as they have a VAT "presence" in France (i.e. registered for TVA) they can charge UK VAT for things being sent to France which are posted DDP (Delivery
  9. Whoa! Such memories! The photo at Dulverton really struck a chord with me. As a lad I used to travel regularly from Exeter to Dulverton on the train (relatives farmed on Exmoor) and I remember great excitement one day seeing two Moguls there at the same time as my Exeter 14xx. I could have been on that train! And yes... I concur with Miss Prism.
  10. That is true. Hornby TTS decoders are like that but the more expensive sound decoders are "tune-able" to get the chuff rate right. Not everyone bothers though.
  11. I have a class 03 shunter with sound and two of the sound effects are the crew's voice.... ever so posh! An upper class shunter! Coming back to the Mogul sound, whereas the sound will never be totally convincing, I guess no 4mm model will ever be totally convincing unless you have all the "real" elements e.g. steam coming out of various orifices, crew moving, water dripping etc. So I have decided that sound is just a miniature representation of the real thing. If a 4mm loco did produce the bass sound of the full size loco it would be a bit scary........ a bit like my small cats suddenly
  12. I agree that sound in 4mm can never be totally convincing............. to us. However, try telling that to the non railway modeller friends and family who love to visit my layout. They are just blown away by the sound! It seems the factory fitted Mogul sound is as good as it gets. BTW, I have a two year old granddaughter who plays with her Brio railway and makes “choo choo” noises. She has never seen a steam engine....... perhaps it is in the genes!
  13. I had the same issue. Turned out to be the back to back on the pony truck was out. Easy fix.
  14. JST

    Dapol 'Western'

    The answer is I am not sure how I avoided light bleed... if indeed, I did to your standard! However, it seems fine. I guess I got the head code slightly larger than the panel and pushed it into place. At some point I will try and get a photo. Sadly I need to change the head code as I messed up the "1A" I wanted to fit and put "1M" in instead. Need to order another 1A I am somewhat older than you so much so that as a trainspotter I bunked Swindon works and saw the Westerns being built. Awesome days!
  15. JST

    Dapol 'Western'

    I managed to fit mine without removing the cab. I just pulled the foam below pad the lights down a bit and slid the head codes in with tweezers having cut them to size first. Yes they need to be slightly smaller than the panel and like you I did it bit by bit until they were right. I don't seem to have any light bleed problems.
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