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  1. Just a belated aside, but you can cut off these and still use Peco point motors as long as you use the extended pin version (PL10E I think) and the associated under baseboard mounting plates.
  2. Excellent! I asked Hattons but they didn't know.
  3. I await the arrival of my sound fitted version but when it arrives I will still run it in. I know Dapol say this is not necessary but I guess they mean the motor. My thinking is that any mass produced 00 scale loco is likely to have varying tolerances in the gear train with attendant high spots/stiffness. I have a Bachmann pannier which now runs beautifully but only after a year of “running in” including a trip back to Bachmann so if my Mogul does not run super smooth straight out of the box I will not throw my toys out of the pram. As far as I am concerned it is a beautiful model and I
  4. The running plate on my positively geriatric N class disintegrated about 3 years ago but Bachmann still replaced it FOC. I was well impressed with their customer service attitude. I hope you find the same.
  5. Very nice!... but what does the cat think of it? PS Fern now has two successors.
  6. Rats! ah well.... a Christmas present to myself! (as well as the sound fitted Dapol class 52 which arrived today ).
  7. That would be excellent! Many thanks. I have sent you a PM. John
  8. It's all about operation. When you are running six sound locos at the same time, clicking on one button is quicker and easier than two.
  9. I have been trying to search for (without success) some details of the above. In particular a list of the sound functions and specifically the horn function. I don’t like separate high and low horns and prefer high/low on one function. Does anyone here have one of the latest factory sound fitted models and if so what are your views on it? Thanks
  10. Already in lockdown here in France - I will be spending most of it in my railway room!
  11. Just tried my Class 08 with and ESU stay alive in it on my Heljan turntable - works fine with no sound loss.
  12. Yes, I saw that. I am hoping they have upped their game since then but I will check.
  13. I am watching with interest the videos of the helix Charlie Bishop is building at Chadwick model railways. Worth a look.
  14. Rails say next week (woohoo!) but mine is pre-ordered with Hattons so wait and see! I have ordered the sound fitted version so hope it is half decent. I will use it to run "specials" to Fernhead!
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